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5 Stk. Pre Roll

gefüllt mit purem Swiss Kush CBD ohne Tabak

oder weiteren Zustätze.


CBD Cannabisblüten - Swiss Kush - Kush CBD


CBD  21.66 – 23.50 %  

THC  0.77 – 0.88 %  


Unsere Vaporspirit Swiss Kush CBD Blüten haben einen

außergewöhnlich milchigen Erdgeschmack.


Ein reines natur Produkt zum geniessen.

1 Stück ist mit über 1.2 Gramm CBD pur gefüllt!


Unsere CBD Pflanzen werden unter den besten Bedingungen in einem

hochmodernen Indoor-Werk in der Schweiz angebaut. Alle unsere Blüten

werden von Hand gepflückt und handgeschnitten, um allen unseren

Kunden konstante und höchste Qualität mit dem besten

Geschmack zu bieten.


Cannabisblüten auf höchstem Niveau, schonende Verarbeitung für

feinsten und reinsten Geschmack.


Sie werden begeistert sein.


Ab 18 Jahren


Es wird nicht empfohlen, nach dem Verzehr dieses Produkts ein

Fahrzeug zu fahren,

da dies die Fahrtüchtigkeit beeinträchtigen kann.


Unsere Produkte sind vom Bundesamt für Gesundheit geprüft und zugelassen.

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cancer), but still stay in the sun long enough for vitamin D to form. The

inhibiting effect of sunscreens on vitamin D formation, on the other hand, is

probably only a problem with very high sun protection factors (from SPF 50).

This is how you can store vitamin D for the winter Fortunately, the body can

store vitamin D over the summer months and store it for the long winter. Of

course, only if you regularly go into the sun - without sunscreen or (depending

on where you are) only with a sunscreen with a low sun protection factor.

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin and is therefore stored in body fat. If the

vitamin D stores are full, then you can get through the winter quite easily

However, this does not work with obesity: although vitamin D is stored in body

fat, when you are overweight it is often no longer released into the blood.

This is why overweight people are particularly susceptible to vitamin D

deficiency. vitamin D production. When ,1 stk pre roll,

And a weight gain of 10 percent can lead to the vitamin D level falling by more

than four percent, which can be serious if the level is already low.

Tips for the correct vitamin D supply in summer In the summer months, from

April to September, you can soak up the sun. But not too often and not too

And so it is advisable to expose your arms and face to sunbathing for at

least ten to fifteen minutes a day, although full body tanning would of course

However, dark-skinned people have to stay in the sun significantly longer than

light-skinned people in order to get the same amount of vitamin D, namely up to

two hours. The evening sun is of little use here, as the sun should be

relatively high so that the necessary UVB radiation also reaches the earth and

Lunchtime (12 noon - 3 p.m.) is therefore ideal for endogenous

the windows in the car or house are closed, the skin cannot produce vitamin D.

Tips for the correct vitamin D supply in winter From October to March, the body

lacks the sun to synthesize vitamin D with the help of UVB radiation. Even when

the sun shines in winter, it is too deep for sufficient UV radiation with which

the skin forms the precursor of vitamin D. In winter, a healthy person

therefore lives on their vitamin D stores in adipose tissue. The longer the

winter lasts, the sooner this supply dwindles. That is why flu waves may occur

predominantly in February and March. 

Only in regions south of the 41st / 42nd The necessary UVB radiation can also

be used in winter, so that a winter holiday in the Mediterranean or in the

The daily requirement of vitamin D: This is how much vitamin D you need The

official daily requirement of vitamin D is estimated (according to the German

Nutrition Society (7), among others ) as follows (assuming a lack of

endogenous (endogenous) vitamin D formation): 

Pure CBD Pre Roll 5 Stk. Swiss Kush | CBD Joint

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