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Die gesetzliche Mehrwertsteuer ist bereits im angegebenen Verkaufspreis mit eingerechnet. Bei einer Bestellung kommen noch die Versandkosten dazu.


Die Versandkosten für Bestellungen aus der Schweiz betragen pauschal CHF 4.50 pro Sendung.

Lieferungen ab CHF 100.– werden kostenlos von uns eingeschrieben versendet, ohne Aufpreis für die Kunden.
Die Sendungen werden mit einem Post-Tracking-Code versehen. Damit können Sie ihr Paket jederzeit online verfolgen.

Versandkosten ausserhalb Schweiz werden automatisch im Online Shop und angezeigt.


Die Bezahlung erfolgt mittels Vorkasse (Überweisung) oder per Kreditkarte.

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​CBD Shop Switzerland - the No. 1 To the shop In the CBD Shop of Vaporspirit.ch 
you will find high quality CBD products from Switzerland - tested by accredited 
laboratories and notified to the Federal Office of Public Health. Beside CBD 
flowers / CBD hemp you can also buy CBD oil / hemp oil, CBD cuttings and 
suitable accessories. Comfortably order online and pay by invoice. You will 
also find regularly interesting articles about CBD in our blog. 
CBD Shop come from Swiss manufacturers, are laboratory tested and registered 
with the Federal Office of Public Health! 
CBD flowers, CBD cuttings or CBD drops - we will deliver your order free of 
postage from a minimum order value of 99 CHF! 
CBD Switzerland Shop QUALITY AT GOOD PRICES Are you a savings fox and want as 
much as possible for little money? Or do you prefer high quality? With us you 
will definitely find your right CBD product! 
CBD flowers / CBD hemp Switzerland CBD hemp / CBD flowers are dried raw 
materials, which are obtained from 100% legal cannabis plants. All our CBD 
flowers are grown in Switzerland and are lovingly produced from cuttings to 
dried CBD flowers. When selecting our hemp flowers, we make sure that no 
herbicides or pesticides are used during cultivation. Before the products are 
sold in our CBD Shop, all CBD varieties are tested for their THC and CBD values 
in a laboratory approved by the Federal Office of Public Health. This is the 
only way we can guarantee you high quality! 
CBD oil / CBD drops / Hemp oil Switzerland The CBD oil or CBD drops from 
Vaporspirit.ch are produced from different, very high-quality CBD hemp 
varieties. The hemp oil from Switzerland contains several different 
cannabinoids, which are obtained by means of specific extraction processes. All 
our CBD oils / extracts contain important ingredients such as Omega-3 and Omega-
6 fatty acids, vitamin E and iron. In general it can be said that the fatty 
acids are responsible for cell renewal and have a positive effect on blood 
pressure. Vitamin E has an antioxidant effect and can therefore have several 
positive properties. 
*This text does not represent a promise of healing but only gives information 
about the general properties of the ingredients. 
CBD flowers notified to the BAG All our products are tested for their THC and 
CBD values by accredited laboratories in Switzerland before sale. We guarantee 
that the products comply 100% with Swiss legislation and can be consumed 
legally! If you still have a queasy feeling, you can always ask us for the 
corresponding laboratory certificates - so that you can enjoy your CBD without 
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cannabidiol cbd, You will find a wide range of CBD products in our shop! 
Buy laboratory-tested CBD flowers in the CBD Shop Buy CBD Flowers Switzerland 
100 % CBD hemp from Switzerland All CBD products which you find on 
Vaporspirit.ch are produced with love and expertise in Switzerland. Our 
suppliers are specialized in the production of cannabis products with a THC 
value of less than 1 % and do completely without fungicides and herbicides. 
The CBD flowers, cuttings and drops are subject to 
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