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​The success rate with hay fever is high (at least 70%). The change of floor from the 
upper airways to the lungs, which many hay fever allergy sufferers go through, can be 
avoided. Hay fever allergy sufferers hardly have the option of maternity leave, as the 
pollen is flying around everywhere. Hay fever allergy sufferers can expect an increase in 
their quality of life, since after successful therapy they need significantly less or no 
medication. Therapy usually begins in the pollen-free period, i.e. in autumn. There are 
two procedures: With SCIT subcutaneous immunotherapy , the allergen is injected under the 
skin, with SLIT sublingual immunotherapygiven as a tablet or drop under the tongue. Both 
desensitizations take several years. Subcutaneous immunotherapy is more complex, since 
the patient has to see a doctor for each treatment - at the beginning weekly until the 
maintenance dose is reached. A monthly or bi-monthly visit to the doctor is then 
sufficient. The patient remains under medical supervision for 30 minutes each time to 
await a possible allergic reaction. Up to three allergen extracts can be immunized at the 
same time. With sublingual immunotherapy, only the first application takes place under 
medical supervision. The patient can then perform SLIT alone at home. There are always 
side effects such as itching in the mouth or swollen mucous membranes. Thesublingual 
immunotherapy is not yet available for all pollen allergies , but is considered to be 
particularly effective for certain grasses. Short-term therapy procedures are new. They 
consist of four to eight injections just before the pollen season. Do you have sneezing 
attacks? Does the nose, mouth and throat itch? Tears in your eyes These symptoms are 
typical of an allergic runny nose ( allergic rhinitis ) caused by pollen flying around. 
Sneezing attacks, runny nose, a stuffy nose and itching in the mouth and throat - 
sometimes also in the ears - are among the symptoms of hay fever. In addition, there is 
tiredness and a general feeling of illness. The eyes usually itch and water, they are 
reddened and sensitive to light, and even the eyelids can be swollen (allergic 
conjunctivitis or conjunctivitis). If symptoms occur in the nose and eyes at the same 
time, doctors speak of rhinoconjunctivitis.The If symptoms such as coughing and wheezing, 
rattling breath, possibly combined with shortness of breath, occur in addition to the hay 
fever symptoms described , it may be allergic asthma. The allergy has migrated from the 
upper airways down to the lungs. Doctors call this shifting of symptoms. Sometimes the 
symptoms of colds do not stop even though the flowering and pollen season is long over. 
Sneezing attacks, a runny nose or sore eyes persist throughout the year. The triggers for 
such a chronic cold can usually be found inside the house. They are mostly domestic 
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That is 3.42 percent. What is particularly interesting at this point is the exact dose of 
vitamin C that the men took. The study states: Men who took fewer than 7 tablets per week 
had a 66 percent higher risk and only those who took more than 7 tablets had the 
aforementioned twice as high risk. The risk only doubled with a daily dose of more than 
7000 mg vitamin C. The researchers give an estimated vitamin C dose per tablet of 1000 
mg, which means that only those men who took more than 7 grams of vitamin C a day had 
twice the risk of kidney stones - a dose that hardly anyone takes, at least not in the 
long run. Normally you take 200 to 1000 mg vitamin C, in case of illness over a few days 
sometimes 3000 to 4000 mg per day. One consequence of this study and the corresponding 
reports in the media ( “Vitamin C causes kidney stones”) was, unfortunately, that many 
people no longer took vitamin C at all (3). Even with a very high intake of vitamin C, 
the risk of kidney stones is low If we now assume that 1.8 percent of men would have got 
kidney stones anyway, i.e. 16 men (as in the group of men who never took nutritional 
supplements), then the allegedly increased kidney stone risk from vitamin C would have 
been just 15 shown by 907 men, so that not even a very high intake of vitamin C in terms 
of kidney stones is a particular problem. Other risk factors are much more important! 
Dazu kommt, dass es sich um eine reine Beobachtungsstudie handelt, die lediglich 
Korrelationen feststellt ( gleichzeitig vorhandene Faktoren, die auch zufällig oder aus 
anderen Gründen gleichzeitig vorhanden sein könnten), aber keine ursächlichen 
Zusammenhänge belegen kann. So hatte man beispielsweise nicht untersucht, ob diese Männer 
nicht vielleicht regelmässig auch zu wenig Wasser getrunken hatten. Genau das aber ist 
eine der häufigsten Ursachen von Nierensteinen (gemeinsam mit einer genetisch bedingten 
Veranlagung). Denn je weniger getrunken wird, umso höher ist die Gefahr, dass Salze (z. 
B. Oxalat) im Harn auskristallisieren und nicht mehr in Lösung gehalten werden können (
12, 13, 20). Auch wurde der pH-Wert des Urins dieser Männer nicht untersucht. Ein 
permanent saurer Urin (z. B. durch eine ungesunde Ernährungsweise) weist jedoch auf ein 
höheres Nierensteinrisiko hin. Vitamin C hat mehr Vorteile als mögliche Nachteile 
Genausowenig erfährt man in der schwedischen Studie andere Details zum Gesundheitszustand 
der Männer nach Ablauf der Untersuchung. So könnte es beispielsweise sein, dass die 
Vitamin-C- Gruppe mittlerweile ein gesünderes Herz-Kreislauf-System als die andere Gruppe 
hatte, ein stärkeres Immunsystem, eine ausgewogenere Darmflora, eine bessere Zahn- und 
Knochengesundheit usw. usf. Es hätte also sein können, dass die Vitamin-C-Einnahme so 
viele weitreichende Vorteile mit sich brachte, dass man dafür gerne ein wirklich minimal 
erhöhtes Nierensteinrisiko in Kauf hätte nehmen können, wobei letzteres ja auch noch über 
die genannten Faktoren verringerbar wäre (mehr trinken und gesund essen und/oder 
Basencitrate einnehmen, um einen permanent sauren Urin-pH- Wert zu vermeiden). ANZEIGE 
effective effective nature Vitamin-B-Komplex 35,90 EUR effective effective nature 
Chlorella&Spirulina 19,90 EUR Studien 1996 und 1999: Auch bei täglich 1500 mg Vitamin C 
kein erhöhtes Risiko für Nierensteine Interessant ist zudem, dass in einer früheren (
1996) und deutlich grösseren Studie zu diesem Thema ein ganz anderes Ergebnis 
herausgekommen war (2). Damals When do they occur? More in the morning or in the evening? 
In the apartment or in nature? Are they seasonal, i.e. only in spring, summer or autumn? 
An allergy diary will help the doctor make a diagnosis. Once the preliminary discussion ( 
anamnesis) is over, the next step will likely be a skin test, a so-called prick test,
make. He drips various allergens onto his forearm. The skin below the drops is then 
scratched or pierced with a fine lancet or needle, which is generally painless. If itchy 
wheals or redness form in certain marked areas, the allergist can read off which 
sensitizations have occurred. In the case of young children, the specialists do without 
these skin tests and do a blood test straight away . Blood tests show the presence of 
category E antibodies ( immunoglobulin E, IgE). The total amount of IgE antibodies can be 
determined ( RIST test). Since the total amount of IgE antibodies is increased not only 
in allergies but also in other diseases, its value only serves as a guide. In a second 
blood test (RAST test) the blood can be examined for specific antibodies that have been 
formed against certain pollen. If the diagnosis is difficult, there is the option of 
performing a provocation test. The doctor tries to provoke an allergic reaction under 
supervision in a practice or clinic . The allergen is dripped onto the nasal mucosa, for 
example. treatment If the tests are successful and the pollen that causes the hay fever 
has been identified, countermeasures can be taken. Therapy is based on several legs: 
avoidance ( pollen avoidance), treatment of symptoms with medication and specific 
immunotherapy. In addition to conventional medicine, there are also alternative healing 
methods. Avoiding pollen is hardly feasible. If trees, grass or grain are in bloom, the 
pollen flies for miles over town and country. That is why many pollen allergy sufferers 
would prefer to lock themselves in with the windows closed, because they believe that 
they cannot get rid of the symptoms otherwise. There are a few tips and tricks that can 
help reduce your pollen exposure (see «Prevention») . Medication Many symptoms can be 
relieved with medication. Most preparations use the messenger substances histamine and 
leukotriene. These messenger substances are released by the so-called mast cells in 
allergic reactions and are responsible for the hay fever symptoms. The drugs have two 
options for intervening in the allergic process: either they prevent the mast cells from 
secreting the messenger substances, or they prevent the messenger substances from 
developing their effect. Antihistamines ( histamine receptor blockers, histamine receptor 
antagonists) can be used both for local therapy and systemically for the whole body. 
Typical hay fever complaints in the nose and eyes respond quickly to antihistamine sprays 
and drops. Both nasal sprays and eye drops often contain preservatives, which can also 
cause allergies. Without preservatives, eye drops can often only be kept for four weeks. 
Practical alternatives are single-dose preparations. Antihistamines in tablet form fight 
symptoms by using the bloodstream throughout the body. Therefore, they not only help with 
hay fever, butalso relieve symptoms such as allergic asthma or food allergies. Modern 
antihistamines such as cetirizine or loratadine have hardly any side effects such as 
tiredness and drowsiness. However, users react very differently. It is therefore 
advisable to try out the products before taking part in road traffic. To be on the safe 
side, they should also be taken before bed, as their effects generally last 24 hours. 
Older antihistamines make you tired, which can be desirable for children before going to 
bed. Mast cell stabilizers (cromone, eg cromoglicic acid) prevent the mast cells from 
secreting histamines or other messenger substances. To do this, the drugs need a certain 
lead time, which means that they do not work immediately but with a delay. The use of 
these nasal sprays or eye drops should therefore be started at least one week before the 
expected pollen count. Glucocorticoids (e.g. cortisone) are active substances that are 
chemically derived from the hormones in the adrenal cortex. They have a strong anti-
inflammatory effect . That is why they are only used for severe complaints, especially 
when antihistamines and mast cell stabilizers are too weak. As a nasal spray, they need a 
few days before they are fully effective. There are now also low-dose nasal sprays that 
do not require a prescription. However, these should only be used over a longer period 
with professional advice. Alpha-sympathomimetics (e.g. oxymetazoline, xylometazoline) are 
used as active ingredients in nasal sprays that make the mucous membranes swell. These 
nasal sprays should not be used for more than seven days as they dry out the nasal 
membranes and lead to permanent nasal congestion. Beta-2 sympathomimetics (e.g. 
salbutamol, fenoterol, salmeterol) dilate the bronchi. They are contained in asthma 
sprays for acute attacks or in longer-acting agents for long-term therapy. Leukotriene 
antagonists (e.g. montelukast) block the docking points of the leukotrienes so that they 
can no longer work. Leukotrienes are among the inflammatory messengers that are mainly 
held responsible for allergic asthma, but also for hay fever. Leuctriene antagonists are 
taken as tablets or chewable tablets and require a prescription. Specific immunotherapy 
or desensitization In full it is called allergen- specific systemic immunotherapy (ASIT, 
also SIT for short). Other names are desensitization, desensitization, or hay fever 
vaccination. Doctors consider it the only hay fever therapy that addresses the cause and 
not just treats symptoms. With slowly increasing doses of the allergenic substance, the 
immune system gets used to tolerating the allergen. There are several reasons for ASIT 
for hay fever: symptoms can be so annoying that a peaceful and restful sleep is out of 
the question. When is it hay fever, when is it a cold? Many symptoms are the same as 
those of a cold , but there are differences. Colds are usually announced with a headache 
or a scratchy throat , an

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​allergy suddenly starts with sneezing attacks. The itching in the nose, eyes and mouth 
associated with hay fever is often absent with a cold. In addition, the nasal secretion 
is very thick in the case of an infection and thin in the case of allergies. And the most 
important point of differentiation: hay fever only occurs when pollen is flying. What 
happens in the body with hay fever? Why do some people react with unpleasant complaints 
to substances that are harmless in themselves, such as pollen? This has to do with the 
fact that the human immune system has an important task to perform. It is supposed to 
protect the body from attackers. If he ingests a foreign substance through his nose, skin 
or gastrointestinal tract, his immune system begins to check it. Is the foreign substance 
harmless or dangerous? If the immune system detects danger, such as from bacteria and 
viruses, it is its job to start a defense reaction. In allergy sufferers, the immune 
system is not always able to differentiate between harmful and harmless environmental 
substances. It classifies some harmless substances, such as pollen, as dangerous. It 
forms from the first contactAntibodies that are class E immunoglobulins (IgE). This phase 
is called sensitization, because the allergic symptoms are still absent. The defensive 
work, which is associated with sneezing and sniffing, does not begin until there is 
renewed contact with the alleged attacker . Only when a person comes into contact with 
pollen for the second time, for example, do the IgE antibodies cause so-called mast cells 
to act. They release inflammatory messengers. The best known is histamine. Within a few 
minutes, but at the latest after two hours, histamine causes the typical symptoms of 
itchy eyes and sniffling noses. This means that hay fever belongs to the immediate 
allergic type (type I reaction). In the Alps, the pollen concentration decreases at an 
altitude of 1500 to 1800 meters, but the pollen flight times are different on the north 
and south side of the Alps. The grasses of the alpine meadows only bloom briefly (but 
intensely), so that a quasi pollen-free zone begins from July at an altitude of 2000 
meters. Those who do not like to travel to the mountains can also spend their holidays