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Cannabidiol (CBD) ist ein Bestandteil der Hanfpflanze. 

CBD in Lebensmitteln hat keine Zulassung als neuartiges Lebensmittel, somit ist es verboten

CBD-Produkte einzunehmen und als Lebensmittel

zu verkaufen.

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In a study from 2010, those willing to lose weight drank half a liter of water

before meals, just as in the above study. They lost 44 percent more weight over

the course of 12 weeks than the control group who did not drink water before

meals (24).


Frequent urinary tract infections and bladder and kidney stones can be signs of

a lack of water When you're dehydrated, that is, when you're not drinking

enough water, your kidneys are holding back as much water as possible to at

least keep their own functions going. If there is not even enough water left,

kidney stones can develop much more easily.


Bladder stones

can also arise.


If you drink little water, your urine will turn dark in color and also have a

strong odor. As soon as you regularly drink water again, the urine becomes

almost odorless and colorless and your risk of kidney and bladder stones as

well as urinary tract infections drops to almost zero!


Note: If you take vitamin B supplements, the urine will stay bright yellow. (Of

course there are also foods or drugs that can change the appearance of the

urine, e.g. beetroot (reddish urine) or the pain reliever indomethacin (green



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Avoid water shortages while driving Anyone who has a long drive ahead of them

tends to drink little in order to avoid the not always pleasant toilets at rest

stops. But now we know that not only fatigue and missing breaks increase the

risk of accidents, but also a lack of water. A study from 2015 showed that

dehydration during long car journeys led to driving and concentration errors

and thus increased the risk of accidents (4).


So drink enough water regularly while you are driving, as otherwise an


The rules for proper drinking of water What does one understand by proper

drinking of water? How much should you drink daily in order to have a good

supply of water? Mostly one reads that one should definitely drink xy liters of

water daily. However, general information in liters is not helpful because



The individual water requirement depends on the following factors, among



The water content of your diet (if you eat plenty of salads, vegetables and

fruits, you need less water) The salt and seasoning content of your diet (salt

and seasonings increase the water requirement) The sugar content of your diet (

sugar makes you thirsty) The temperature (sweating increases the need for

water) Your activity (rest, sport, work, etc.) Your state of health (the worse

you are, the more water you need) The following recommendations could serve as

a rough guide: 

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