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CBD Alkohol-Tropfen


CBD Alkohol-Tropfen hoch konzentriert, bis 4% (400mg) in 10ml.


(kein Schnittabfall etc.)


Sie werden begeistert sein!


Wir garantieren unseren Kunden nur das beste CBD.


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Unsere CBD Öle unterstehen gemäss europäischer und schweizerischer Chemikaliengesetzgebung und müssen mit folgenden Gefahrenhinweise gekennzeichnet sein:


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soy is used for the animal feed industry and oil production and consequently

enters the food chain of people who eat meat and dairy products via cattle

feed, but not into those of people who live vegan. ANZEIGE effective effective

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them ina bowl with plenty of water overnight. 2) Pour off the water and puree 

thesoaked soybeans with 0.5 l of water for a few minutes. 3) Heat 200 ml of 

waterin a large saucepan, add the soybeans and let them cook for 10 minutes. 

Thewater boils over slightly so stay near and stir occasionally to prevent 

skinfrom forming. Then take the pot off the stove and let it cool a little. 4) 

Thenput the soy mixture in the strainer and squeeze it out well over a 

saucepan.What is then left in the pot is the soy milk. 5) The soy milk is now 

brieflyboiled with 1 ¼ l lukewarm water. Then reduce the heat and let the soy 

milksimmer for about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Now set the saucepan 

asideso that the soy milk cools down a bit (for the next steps it should be 

between75 and 80 ° C). If you use store-bought soy milk, heat 1 l of it to 75 

to 80 °C and start making tofu from point 6 (the result can vary greatly 

depending onthe soy milk): 6) Dissolve 1 ½ teaspoons of nigari in 100 ml of 

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lid on it andwait about 15 minutes for the soy milk to curdle (protein has 

separated fromnp. The latter offers Nigari from Europe,otherwise it mostly 

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tofu with eggplantand spinach We wish you good appetite. * Our adda little salt 

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for the preparation of desserts. The tofu will keep for about aweek in the 

refrigerator (about 4 days without salt). Do the same withpurchased tofu if you 

don't need the whole block of tofu for a recipe. Recipeswith tofu How you 

season and marinate tofu depends entirely on what dish youwant to

now soybeans from Germany, but cultivation is currently only possible in the

south. The tofu manufacturer Taifun, however, is developing its own organic

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Geneti soy is not production, as used for food in the EU. Genetic

Stinky tofu is usually deep-fried so that it is crispy on the outside, but


CBD Alkohol-Tropfen 10ml

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