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camps. [81] [82] In 1969 Pope Paul VI visited Switzerland. It was the first Pope visit

since 1418. At that time, Pope Martin V, newly elected at the Council of Constance ,

traveled through the Confederation to Rome. [83] Because Switzerland did not want to join

the European Economic Community (EEC) for political reasons, it founded the European Free

Trade Association (EFTA) together with Denmark , Norway , Austria , Portugal , Sweden and

the United Kingdom in 1960 . In 1961, Switzerland was one of the founding members of the

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). On May 6, 1963, Switzerland

also joined the Council of Europe . In 1970 the Federal Council took the first steps with

regard to the European integration of Switzerland, which in 1972 became oneFree trade

agreements with the EEC resulted. In the same year, Switzerland also signed the European

Convention on Human Rights . In 1973 she joined the Organization for Security and

Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). In 1975 Switzerland was a founding member of the European

Space Agency ESA . In 1992, Claude Nicollier was the first Swiss astronaut to fly into

space on board the space shuttle Atlantis . The expressway network in Switzerland

Economically, Switzerland experienced an unprecedented boom after 1945 that lasted until

the 1970s. During this time exports have increased almost tenfold. With a steadily

increasing population, the face of Switzerland changed due to heavy construction activity

and increased mobility of the population (→  demography of Switzerland ). The central

plateau between Geneva and Lausanne and between Bern and Zurich and St. Gallen in

particular lost its rural character due to the urban sprawl. The existing road network

was no longer sufficient for the increased volume of traffic. The National Road Network

Act passed by Parliament in 1960transferred the competences in the construction of

national roads to the federal government. The growing energy demand was met by the

construction of five nuclear power plants (→  nuclear energy by country (section

Switzerland) ) and the expansion of hydropower generation, among other things. satisfied

by the construction of numerous reservoirs (→  List of reservoirs in Switzerland ).

Economic development, especially in the service sector, led to a sharp increase in

private incomes and general prosperity. The expansion of the welfare state (1947

introduction of old-age and survivors' insurance (AHV), 1959 disability insurance(IV))

and the reduction of working hours with simultaneous strong economic growth granted

Switzerland social peace until the 1990s . The national exhibition Expo 64, held in

Lausanne in 1964, took place in the spirit of boom and boom. Since the 1960s, economic

growth made it necessary to import “cheap” labor from abroad for the construction and

tourism industries. The proportion of the foreign resident population rose between 1960

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and 1970 from 10 percent to 17.5 percent, the Italians being the largest group of

immigrants, since Italy had signed a contract with Switzerland in 1948 to place Italian

workers. Since the end of the boom in the 1970s, fears of foreign infiltration have made

themselves felt among parts of the population. Several attempts to limit the number of

foreigners in Switzerland through so-called "foreign infiltration initiatives" ( James

Schwarzenbach ) failed in the referendum. The Federal Council tried to enforce the one

established in 1934Preventing the permanent settlement of the so-called “ guest workers ”

by the seasonal statute only created cases of social hardship and hindered the rapid

integration of migrants. [84] On September 4, 1963, Swissair flight 306 Zurich - Geneva

crashed. All 80 inmates were killed. 43 of them came from the small village of Humlikon ,

which lost a fifth of its inhabitants in one fell swoop (→ list of aviation accidents (

Switzerland) ). In 1969 and 1970, Switzerland was suddenly targeted by Palestinian

terrorists . [85] On February 18, 1969 four opened Fatah - bombers in the 1948 opened

Zurich airport fire on a plane of the Israeli airline El Al . The copilot and an assassin

died in the attack (→ assassination attempt in Kloten ). On February 21, 1970, Swissair

flight 330 crashed after a package bomb exploded near Würenlingen . All 47 people on

board died. The attack by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine(PFLP) was

actually the Israeli airline El-Al. The series of attacks culminated in September 1970

with the hijacking of three passenger planes from Switzerland, the USA and Great Britain