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CBD Blüten Cannatonic x Harlequin, Apple Glashaus


Versand: nur Schweiz und Liechtenstein


Cannatonic x Harlequin CBD

CBD  17.50-19.50 %

THC  < 1%


CBD Blüten Cannatonic x Harlequin, aus dem Treibhaus/Glashaus zum TOP Preis!


Zwei Cup Gewinner treffen aufeinander.

Eine Kreuzung zwischen Cannatonic, Harlequin und Apple.

Nur bei Vaporspirit. Das Beste aus 3 Sorten. 

      8gr       25.00.-
    15gr       45.00.-
    20gr       55.00.-
    30gr       70.00.-
    40gr       80.00.-
  100gr      190.00.-
  250gr      450.00.-


Äusserst potente CBD Sorte!


Mehr gibt es nicht zu sagen als: lassen Sie sich überraschen.


Unsere CBD Pflanzen werden unter den besten Bedingungen in einem hochmodernen Gewächshaus in der Schweiz angebaut. Alle unsere Blüten werden handgepflückt und handgeschnitten, um allen unseren Kunden konstante und höchste Qualität mit dem besten Geschmack zu bieten.


Cannabisblüten auf höchstem Niveau.

Schonende Verarbeitung für feinsten und reinsten Geschmack.


Sie werden begeistert sein.


Ab 18 Jahren


Es wird nicht empfohlen, nach dem Verzehr dieses Produktes ein Fahrzeug zu fahren,

da dies die Fahrtüchtigkeit beeinträchtigen kann.

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to a chronic magnesium deficiency . But magnesium deficiency prevents weight 
loss. With a magnesium deficiency one gets fatter and sicker. 

Dr. Carolyn Dean described the most important links between magnesium 
deficiency and obesity in her book The Magnesium Miracle : 

Magnesium deficiency leads to binge eating If the body lacks minerals because 
they are no longer present in the industrially processed foods that are 
preferred to be consumed today, then it often develops a downright overeating 
with binge eating. In some cases, however, both only express a simple desire 
for minerals such as B. Magnesium from. 

So you are eating more and more of these processed foods, more and more empty 
calories that add more and more pounds, but fail to satisfy your need for 
nutrients. If there are also diets and slimming cures on the program, which are 
often very low in magnesium, then the devil is driven out with the Beelzebub. 

But that's just the beginning. A magnesium deficiency has far more far-reaching 
consequences - not just for your body weight, but for your entire metabolism. 

Magnesium deficiency inhibits fat digestion Magnesium and the vitamins of the B 
complex work closely together to control digestion, the absorption and 
utilization of proteins , fats and carbohydrates . They do this by activating 
special enzymes . If magnesium is missing or there is simply not enough of this 
mineral, then this can lead to incorrect processing of the food. As a result, 
very different complaints can develop. These primarily include fluctuations in 
blood sugar, which sooner or later can lead to obesity - as described below. 

* You can find a selection of magnesium supplements here under this link . 

Magnesium deficiency blocks fat loss Magnesium is an indispensable "foreman" of 
insulin. Insulin is a hormone of the pancreas that is supposed to channel sugar 
from food (glucose) into the body's cells so that there the glucose can be used 
for energy supply. Without magnesium, however, insulin cannot open the cell and 
therefore cannot release the glucose to the cell. 

It is then said that the cells are insulin-resistant because they no longer 
respond to insulin and no longer absorb glucose. Often, however, the only 
reason they don't do this is because there is simply too little magnesium 
available. As a result, more and more insulin is released in the hope of still

being able to break down the meanwhile high blood sugar level and transport

the glucose into the body cells. The insulin level rises. However, insulin has the

property of inhibiting fat breakdown and also promoting the storage of fat in the

fat cells. This means that often high insulin levels can make you fat. The high

blood sugar level at the same time ensures that the excess glucose, which cannot

reach the cells to burn energy, is now converted into fat and shifted to the fat cells.

Both insulin resistance and high blood sugar levels are all serious harbingers of

type 2 diabetes. A permanently high blood sugar level can also cause tissue damage

to the nerves and blood vessels in the body. The risk of heart disease increases.

Magnesium is again required for tissue repair. But there is none or too little, since its absence was the trigger for this chain of reactions. Magnesium against insulin

resistance and diabetes So one of the reasons the cells stop responding to insulin

may be a lack ofhave a serious magnesium deficiency. However, the higher the levels of magnesiumin the body rise, the greater the sensitivity of the cells to insulin - and the probabilitythat the problem can be reversed increases. The following is a summary of 

Cannatonic x Harlequin x Apple Glashaus | Ab: CHF 1.80/gr. | 8gr.-250gr.

Preisab 25,00 CHF
inkl. MwSt.
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