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Advertisement 11. Lose weight with bitter substances Bitter substances promote

the liver functions and in this way boost the metabolism. Bitter substances

also change the sense of taste in the long term, so that sweets soon no longer

taste good, which of course has a very beneficial effect on weight loss. Bitter

substances can be absorbed with the help of different preparations.

It is particularly ideal if you choose those bitter substance preparations that

have proven themselves particularly in terms of weight loss, such as B. the

artichoke extract.

The artichoke extract, on the other hand, is of course caffeine-free and works

as a slimming agent on very different levels: artichoke extract helps detoxify

and purify (the fewer toxins and waste products, the faster the body

decreases), directly accelerates fat breakdown, moderates the blood sugar level

after eating and prevents Hunger pangs. All of these qualities are more than

Advertisement 12. Lose weight with saffron extract and vitamin D. Saffron has

completely different effects on the body, but they also help with weight loss.

Saffron, for example, increases the feeling of satiety, suppresses the appetite

and automatically reduces the number of snacks. The reason for these practical

properties is the saffron-related increase in serotonin levels. The more

balanced the serotonin level, the happier, more satisfied and less depressed

you feel and the fewer binge eating will overtake you.

In 2010, a study with 60 overweight women was carried out on this subject. They

took 175 mg of saffron extract (or a placebo supplement) daily. And although

the women were not on a diet, the saffron group had lost much more weight than

the placebo group after 8 weeks.

It is well known that vitamin D also affects the mood of a person. Deficiency,

on the other hand, is associated with depression. Vitamin D is therefore an

ideal companion for saffron. Because just like saffron, vitamin D not only

It also seems to have an impact on a person's body weight.

Overweight people suffer more often from a vitamin D deficiency. If this is

remedied, it was observed that weight loss is easier - e.g. B. in those people

who have already tried umpteen diets and simply no longer lose weight.

You should therefore check your vitamin D level and then correct any deficiency

by taking vitamin D. You can find information on this here: Your vitamin D

level - what you need to know

13. Lose weight by taking long breaks between meals You can read here why long

breaks between larger meals are more likely to contribute to weight loss than

the many small meals that are often postulated: Daily fasting period regulates

weight and also here: Intermittent fasting

It is therefore ideal to have the first meal in the late morning (e.g. at 11

A third meal is

omitted. Not everyone feels comfortable with this rhythm. Give it a try.

Because if you are one of those who love intermittent fasting,

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