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against back pain The Munich start-up wants to expand strongly with the capital

in the USA. Your app is designed to help back pain sufferers with AI and

special exercises. Jürgen Klöckner 06/18/2020 - 04:00 p.m. Comment Share now

Kaia Health founder Konstantin Mehl. Source: picture alliance / ZB Konstantin

Mehl Kaia Health founder Konstantin Mehl.

(Photo: picture alliance / ZB)

Berlin Konstantin Mehl almost got in the way of the corona crisis. In November

last year, the founder started a financing round for his start-up Kaia Health.

It offers telemedicine for back pain. "In the meantime it was not clear to us

how the crisis would affect the investment," Mehl told the Handelsblatt.

Not only that investors suddenly become frugal in the crisis. The 32-year-old's

donors are spread across Europe and the USA, and personal meetings were

impossible during the shutdown. With hours of video conferencing it worked.

Mehl and his team were able to complete a round of financing of $ 28 million (€

23 million), the Handelsblatt learned in advance. In the end, the start-up even

benefited from the corona crisis. "It has given digital health applications a

boost, since people could almost only be treated at home," says Mehl.

Donors include the venture capitalist Optum Ventures, which is part of the

United States insurance company United Health, and the Austrian fund