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Without a competent consultant or coach, most personality profiles cannot

really interpret the results of the diagnosis. The certification industry,

which underlies many of the models, means that there are several sellers in the

market who are consistently trying to sell the tool for which they are

certified. This makes sense from the point of view of the seller / consultant,

but can be a disadvantage if his view is very limited - comparable to a doctor

who can only X-ray and therefore uses an X-ray image even when there is really

nothing to do with it. The results of the various personality tests can be

misinterpreted as stamps: "That's me". But every model is a simplification. And

to simplify, something has to be left out. A personality profile always depicts

only one facet of the person and offers a language that may not have been

available before. One should therefore never be right about the perspective


Brief description The test is based on 34 possible strengths, which are

determined using Donald Clifton's strength finder. Clifton is one of the

founders of strength-oriented psychology and inventor of the CliftonStrengths

test. An online questionnaire, which sometimes asks questions where several

answers can fit, but one has to be selected, outlines the 5 strengths that are

most pronounced in the person. This alone can show a good overall picture of

your own personality. In addition, 10 recommendations for action are given in

order to deal with these strengths, to use and expand them. In addition, the

individual definitions of strengths help to better classify and understand

them. Terms "striving for harmony" thus have an understandable meaning. How

does the diagnosis work? By purchasing the Strengths Finder book, you can

purchase an access code for the online test. After you have carried out this

test online, the evaluation will be sent immediately by email and will include

almost 20 pdf pages. In addition, specializations can be agreed. Assessment /

criticism Since the test can be carried out online, no consultant is necessary.

This has advantages and disadvantages. In any case, we recommend that you

reflect on the test result with your partner or friends in order to put the

result in a relevant context, compare it and discuss it. The StrengthsFinder

provides reasonable consideration for the low price, but definitely lags behind

profiles such as the MBTI, Insights, Reiss etc. Relevant links The Gallup

Strengths Center StrenghtsFinder 2.0 book including online code for the

assessment More personality tests We have researched the following personality

tests for you and tested them some time ago. For a detailed description and

evaluation, however, we lack the sufficient personal experience.

Big5 / Big-Five Brief description The Big5 model developed in the 1930s is one

of the oldest and most popular personality tests worldwide. Many other tests

relate to these 5 factors. It is also referred to in English as the OCEAN

model, as an acronym for Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion,

Agreeableness, Neuroticism . According to this model, there are five main

dimensions that can be classified on a scale: openness to experience (open-

mindedness), conscientiousness (perfectionism), extraversion (sociability),

tolerance (consideration, willingness to cooperate, empathy) and neuroticism (

emotional instability and vulnerability ). How does the diagnosis work? The

short test (NEO-FFI) consists of 60 statements, which must be assessed on the

basis of 5 characteristics. A longer version of the test (NEO-PI-R) consists of

240 statements, in which the five factors are each divided into six subscales:

neuroticism (anxiety, irritability, depression, social bias, impulsiveness and

vulnerability), extraversion (warmth, sociability) , Assertiveness, activity,

thirst for experience and cheerfulness), openness (for imagination, aesthetics,

feelings, actions, ideas and regarding the system of norms and values),

conscientiousness (competence, orderliness, sense of duty, striving for

achievement, self-discipline and prudence), tolerance (trust, Frankness,

altruism, courtesy, humility and kindness).The starting point for the NEO-FFI

was the psycho-lexical approach with 17,953 terms to describe individual

differences (Webster's International Dictionary). These were reduced to 35

clusters by factor analysis, which in turn were reduced to five factors: the

so- called "Big Five". Relevant links Big Five model

Bochum inventory for job-related personality description (BIP®) Brief

description GDP is a questionnaire that systematically records 17 job-related

aspects of personality as a self-image of a candidate with regard to specific

job requirements. It was developed in the 1990s by the Ruhr University Bochum

in cooperation with companies. How does the diagnosis work? There are 251

questions to be answered, which are assigned to a total of 17 job-related key

competencies from four areas: The professional orientation comprises three key


Grasiger Zahnbürstenhalter Ohne Titel 4 Containerlager Verschönern Sie Ihre

Badezimmertheke mit einem Zahnbürstenhalter, der wie ein Stück Gras aussieht.

Es ist auch ein großartiger Nachttisch für Gläser und Stifte. Kommt in grün und


Grassy Zahnbürstenhalter, 8,99 $

Toilettenpapier Caddy Caddie Wegmesse Halten Sie Ihren Toilettenpapierhalter

mit diesem schlanken Caddy bestückt. Es fasst vier Rollen und hat einen


Toilettenpapier Caddy, 65,99 $

Baby Shampoo Guard Baby eCrater Beseitigen Sie Tränen in der Badezeit und

halten Sie das Shampoo mit dieser Duschhaube von den Augen Ihres Kindes fern.

Es passt sich dem Kopf Ihres Babys genau an, sodass Sie das Shampoo problemlos

aus den Haaren Ihres Babys waschen können.

Shampoo Dusche Badekappe, $ 4,50 für 3

LED Kosmetikspiegel Spiegel Amazonas Dieser Schminkspiegel verfügt über eine 5-

fache Vergrößerung und einen LED-Lichtschein, der das Sonnenlicht nachahmt.

Damit ist er das perfekte Vorbereitungswerkzeug für einen Tag bei der Arbeit

oder in der Nacht. Der Spiegel ist schnurlos und hat eine Basis, die mit einem

USB-Kabel aufgeladen werden kann.

LED Kosmetikspiegel, 199 $

Intelligente Waage 7124vfDSkZL._SL1080_ Amazonas Eine intelligente Waage, die

Gewicht, Muskelmasse, Körperfettanteil und Body-Mass-Index erfasst. Die Waage

stellt über WLAN eine Verbindung zu fitbit.com her, sodass Sie Ihren

Fortschritt leicht verfolgen und Daten für bis zu acht Personen verfolgen


Intelligente Waage: 107,31 USD

U-Boot-Zubehörhalter Ohne Titel 3 Wegmesse Dieser Badorganisator aus Porzellan

bringt Farbe in jedes Badezimmer. Es ist in vier Module unterteilt, darunter

ein Zahnbürstenhalter, ein Gelspender, eine große Schachtel für Wattebäusche

und eine kleine Schachtel für Haarbänder. Magnete halten das U-Boot zusammen.

You get a language for subliminal but difficult to articulate feelings. It is

easier to understand what is the cause of your own dissatisfaction,

frustration, fears but also fun, motivation, desire and hope. It is easier to

find jobs where you can realize yourself and perform better. You come up with

suggestions and ideas on how to develop and improve. Disagreements with

colleagues or their life partner can be better understood. Instead of

misunderstanding and reproaches, a factual handling of mutual needs can occur.

Disadvantages and dangers of personality tests Personality tests also have some

disadvantages or dangers that you should always be aware of.

The differences are getting smaller Key facts at a glance: a high pixel density

guarantees a sharp image Even simple chipsets allow smooth operation today

Sensor, aperture and software are more important than the megapixels of a

camera the endurance strongly depends on the display and chipset Which test

results are really helpful for me? Top models from different manufacturers (

source: amazon.de) Top models from different manufacturers (source: amazon.de)

Smartphones are among the most tested devices on the market. Sometimes 20 or 30

magazines vie for the reader's favor - at least with the top devices.

Accordingly, they outdo each other with ever longer and more precise analyzes,

the attention to detail of which has only very limited benefits for the

inclined buyer. But what information should you pay attention to, which test

results are really helpful? Basically you should pay attention to information

about the "big three": display, camera and battery. There are currently the

biggest differences on the market. It may be a bit surprising that device

performance and voice quality are not included - but we will also say a few

words about this below.

The display in the test: what is the importance of colors, sharpness and

brightness? The displays are of course the focus of the test activities. The

easiest way is to determine the pixel density, which results from the number of

luminous pixels in relation to the display area. But here, too, the testers

often take a closer look: Despite the nominally high level of sharpness, the

display of fonts can appear washed out. In general, however, a resolution at

Full HD level, i.e. 1920 x 1080 pixels and comparable values, is completely

sufficient for smartphones from 5 inches. Everything about it is basically

gimmick and only relevant for oversized displays. It is a shame that many test

magazines succumb to the technology frenzy and even praise it - although this

also has disadvantages for the user. Sure, the highest resolution also offers

the popular top models. The importance of the display can also be seen in the

top-rated brands: Samsung has been boasting absolute top displays in all price

ranges for many years and can beat its competitors in comparison, especially in

this discipline. Display technology: IPS-LCD or AMOLED? Since the touchscreen

technology now seems so exhausted, companies such as Apple or LG Electronics

are increasingly turning to the brightness, pixel density (sharpness) and

display technology of their displays. The latter, in particular, is a

competition that has been raging since the beginning of the touchscreen era:

the question is whether LCD panels or OLEDs are ahead, what in ever new

technologies such as Super-IPS-LCD and Super-AMOLED-Plus accumulated. IPS have

the edge in terms of service life and price.

In turn, the OLEDs have the better black value, thus offer the better

contrasts, and convince with their readability in sunlight. In addition, they

are significantly more energy-efficient on the road, which is essential for so-

called always-on functions such as showing the time and notifications. And last

but not least, some users find the bright colors even more appealing than the

supposedly paler IPS screens. The smartphones with the highest resolution: Sony

Xperia 1 II 643 ppi Sony Xperia 1 II Testberichte.de logo Good 1.7 Sony Xperia

1 643 ppi Sony Xperia 1 Testberichte.de logo Good 1.8 € 749.00 * at real, -

online shop Samsung Galaxy S9 568 ppi Samsung Galaxy S9 Testberichte.de logo

Good 1.9 € 562.13 * at Amazon.de

Of course, a quad HD display for eagle eyes that hold the display directly in

front of the nose is even nicer to look at - but at the normal stopping

distance, this difference is in fact imperceptible. On the other hand, every

illuminated pixel draws electricity. And with Quad HD there are twice as many

as with Full HD. The battery suffers extremely. After all, the display should

also shine brightly and be easy to read even in sunlight - this is also a

standard test of the magazines. This is where color fidelity and viewing angle

stability come into play, which play a key role in legibility. What do testers

look for in cameras? Huawei P10 dual camera The dual camera of a Huawei P10 (

Source: Huawei.de)

The quality of photos is particularly in the eye of the beholder. The magazines

try to approach this differently. The renowned names tend to rely on sober

laboratory tests. The photos are examined using color and contrast tables and

the light-dark dynamics are analyzed technically. However, this is only useful

to a limited extent, as some users find the over-strong green of one lawn photo

appealing to another, which another criticizes as unnatural. The statements

about the noise behavior are more valuable

The processor: A lot of space in the test, little meaningfulness for the user?

As mentioned at the beginning, the chipset hardly plays a role for the user

today. The test magazines still give the benchmarks a lot of space - and they

can be extremely confusing because there are umpteen different measurement

options. And is a cellphone with 15,000 points really better than a cellphone

with 13,500? Only on paper, as the honest test magazines admit. Today there are

basically only two groups of devices: some can handle demanding 3D games in

high resolution, others cannot. However, since the majority of users play

simple games anyway and otherwise require smooth operation, this hardly

matters. Because even the entry-level chipsets are completely sufficient for

smooth operation. Only in the lowest price segment around 100 euros are there

any outliers. Are the call quality and SIM properties also tested? Dual SIM

slot on Oppo F1sDual SIM slot on Oppo F1s (source: oppo.com)

Call quality is still part of the standard repertoire for the large magazines -

but no longer for many online magazines. How come? Well, on the one hand, it is

very difficult to measure reliably, on the other hand, the quality level is

almost always at a very high level these days. Basically, it is only worth

paying special attention to if the device actually fails. Last but not least,

the device used on the other side and the network quality have such a high

influence that reliable statements are almost impossible. Tests that include

aspects such as dual SIM use are more interesting - there are big differences

in how the use of two SIM cards was implemented. As this option is becoming

increasingly popular, a look at this point is worthwhile.

The best dual SIM smartphones: Gold Award - Basic Tutorials OnePlus 8 Pro

OnePlus 8 Pro Testberichte.de logo Very well 1.3 € 899.00 * at Amazon.de

Samsung Galaxy Note10 + Samsung Galaxy Note10 + Testberichte.de logo Very well

1.3 € 879.00 * at Media Markt Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Testberichte.de logo Very well 1.4 € 1,209.00 * at Media Markt

The future revolution takes place in the software The modern hardware hardly

offers much room for improvement. There will certainly be exciting concepts

such as the foldable or even rollable displays, but smartphones are largely

exhausted solely by the performance and quality of the components. Developments

in the area of ​​apps are currently more exciting, as more and more

manufacturers are experimenting extensively with widgets and configurable

launchers that deviate from the tried-and-tested icon grid with one app icon

next to the next. For example, widgets allow access to information without

first having to open the associated app. With Xiaomi, for example, a complete

start screen is reserved only for such widgets; HTC has even integrated it

completely on the main screen as a continuous news band. Samsung also wants to

stand out from the popular Galaxy smartphones and always gives its Android

operating system its own, more playful look and a lot of small controls. Apple,

in turn, differentiates itself completely from the Android-dominated market

environment with its iOS operating system. The manufacturer individually adapts

the in-house system to the hardware of the iPhones. In addition, the

integration of smartphones into other networks plays an increasingly important

role. Because as an all-rounder par excellence, the smartphone plays a special

role as a remote control. In the smart home area in particular, the smartphone

is the control center where all the threads come together. It can be used to

activate lamps, shutters up and down, regulate the temperature, call up smart

surveillance cameras or operate the door intercom. Thanks to geofencing, much

of this is even possible automatically: you leave your apartment and don't feel

like getting the key? No problem: the smartphone recognizes that it has left

the apartment perimeter and automatically sends the lock signal to the door

lock. Timeline: smartphone history - the test winners and kings of the


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