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How to eat pasta and still lose weight For a long time, pasta was considered a

fattening agent or at least unhealthy. Do noodles really make you fat? Read

with us how you can make pasta with fewer calories using certain preparation

methods. Read outHave it read aloud with webReaderFocus • Author: Carina

Rehberg • Updated: May 18, 2020 Can pasta make you fat? Many people believe

that pasta makes you fat and should not be eaten if you want to lose weight. Is

that correct? Are you getting fat from noodles? Since there are now countless

types of pasta, you can hardly speak of THE pasta itself. For example, there

are: • Pasta made from common wheat or durum wheat • Whole grain pasta and

white flour pasta • Pasta made from spelled or ancient grain (e.g. Emmer,

Einkorn, Urroggen) • Pasta with or without an egg • Gluten-free, low-carb

noodles made from lentils, chickpeas and soybeans • Gluten-free pasta made from

corn, rice or buckwheat • Gluten and calorie free konjac noodles • etc. etc.

Since the term pasta or pasta mostly refers to pasta made from cereals, we will

When noodles can

actually make you fat Pasta can actually make you fat, but only under certain

circumstances - namely then • if you eat them too often, • if you eat too much

of it, • if you eat too little fruit, vegetables and fiber at the same time

and • if you do not move, that is, do no sport. Since whole-grain pasta has a

higher fiber and vital substance content and a lower glycemic index (GI) * than

pasta made from white flour, they are always the better choice. Anyone who

destroys a 500 g packet of spaghetti with two people consumes 875 kcal (whole

grain pasta) to 940 kcal (white flour pasta) per person, which for an average

woman would already cover half of the daily energy requirement (for a man

Third) - not even including the sauce. However, if you don't eat pasta as the

main ingredient in a meal, you just eat z. B. 150 g of cooked pasta as an

accompaniment to a vegetable dish, then the pasta only delivers around 210 to

225 kcal and is not a problem. How can you make pasta low in calories? However,

it also depends on how to prepare the noodles, because there are at least four

tricks that help to make noodles low in calories or to ensure that noodles do

not contribute to obesity: 1. Always choose whole grain pasta 2. Prepare pasta

al dente 3. Let the pasta cool down and serve cold the next day (e.g. as a

pasta salad) or reheat the next day 4. Do not serve high-fat sauces with the

pasta 1. Why you should choose whole wheat pasta We have already mentioned the

advantages of whole grain pasta above: • Lower GI • More vital substances •

More fiber A 2008 study showed that a higher consumption of whole grains (three

servings a day) goes hand in hand with a lower BMI (1), which suggests that

eating whole noodles is best. However, it turned out that people who like to

eat whole grains also lived healthier overall. They smoked less, ate less fat

and high in fiber, and exercised more than those who preferred to eat white

flour products. In March 2016, it was also found that eating whole grain pasta

was very satisfying and reduced the feeling of hunger, which of course also

Distance education as a holistic nutritionist Are you interested in what's in 

Do you want a healthy life for yourself, your family and others? Dietitians are 

popular - but counseling often neglects the holistic aspect that is needed for 

sustainable health. At the Academy of Naturopathy, get to know the connections 

The Academy of Naturopathy trains interested people like you to become a 

holistic nutritionist in around 16 months . Order the free information brochure 

here . Is this article worth reading? YesNo Share this article swell • (1) 

Harland JI, Garton LE, Whole-grain intake as a marker of healthy body weight 

2008 Jun; 11 (6): 554-63. Epub 2007 Nov 16 

· (3) Cioffi I et al., Whole-grain pasta reduces appetite and meal-induced

thermogenesis acutely: a pilot study, Appl Physiol Nutr Metab, March 2016

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