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According to alternative practitioner Wolf-Alexander Melhorn, dipl. pol.,

with excerpts from his article:

"Heresies about Heart Attack and Stroke"

(http://www.melhorn.de/Herzinfarkt) and the references there, as well as Rolf-

Jürgen Petry (http://strophanthin.twoday.net)


successfully for 120 years. The "heart pope" Prof. Dr. In the 1930s, Eden

described it as a "malpractice" not to give strophanthin to the seriously ill,

as this apparently miraculously helps safely and without side effects. It is

now known that strophanthin is an endogenous hormone produced in a therapeutic

dose, comparable to the known insulin! (See: http:


But the active ingredient strophanthin is too cheap to be profitable and is too

well researched to be able to acquire profitable property rights for medicines

or to achieve medical fame. In addition, his therapeutic success exposes

persistent heresies about the development and treatment of myocardial

infarction. Therefore, the large pharmaceutical industry and medical capacities

have been fighting strophanthin relentlessly for decades and have almost

managed to push this sensational remedy out of the market. Because it's about


teaching for decades that small pads and clots would form in the arteries,

which would eventually close the vessel. The cause and risk factors of an

infarction are stubbornly lack of exercise and high blood pressure, obesity and

cigarette consumption. Closing the vessel leads to reduced blood flow to the

tissue behind this bottleneck and finally to a heart attack. This blockage of

the coronary arteries must therefore be removed, for example by means of blood

thinners, dilatation or bypass. However, such pads only form in the larger,

exposed arteries, never in the small arterioles of the organs and never in the

In addition, a blood vessel alone never takes care of the “connected”

tissue! Even immediately behind a vascular occlusion there are optimal blood

flow conditions. For this reason alone, bypass and stent surgery avoid the

problem of a heart attack and anticoagulant medications for the heart attack

In reality, the problems only seem to lie in occasional blockage of the

coronary arteries; they are rather the result of a metabolic derailment of the

Cardiologists stubbornly regard the

occlusion of occlusions in the heart as a proof of their "occlusion theory",

but it is not. (In particular, Dr. med. Berthold Kern: "Heart attack and

bypass" - http://www.melhorn.de/Bypass/).

In fact, the infarct always has its cause in an overacidification of the

organism. This can arise as a result of individually different physical and

nervous overexertion, but mostly through acid-forming food intake in the form

of animal protein. Only in about 1 percent of cases is the cause of a vascular



teaches that 85 percent of the stroke is due to a blockage in the arteries of

the brain, which leads to deficient supply of brain areas. In 15 percent of the

cases, the supply disorder is triggered by a cerebral hemorrhage that cuts off

the supply by exerting pressure.

In fact, 85 percent of strokes are triggered by an immediate acid disaster in

the brain tissue. This leads to an erythrocyte rigidity, with the result that

the red blood cells that carry the oxygen can no longer flow into the capillary

vessels of the brain tissue. As a result, the cellular metabolism quickly

changes from an oxygen change to a fermentation metabolism, which, however, is

only equivalent to an “emergency generator” in terms of energy. With further

stress, the event ends in the collapse of the stroke of the infarction.

In 15 percent of the cases, hemorrhage (due to a broken vein) affects the

primary supply of the surrounding tissue, but this only becomes critical when

the brain cells switch to acidic fermentation metabolism (comparable to an

emergency generator) as a result of the reduced supply, which ultimately leads

to red blood cell rigidity and thus leads to disaster. Rapid and permanent

deacidification with a urine pH of 8.0 defuses this development and contributes

significantly to healing.

THE SIMILARITIES OF HEART ATTACK AND STROKE In the case of a heart attack such

as a stroke, the actual triggering of the catastrophe is the development of

overacidification after a metabolic disorder. Therefore, only measures that

quickly normalize the metabolism can be effective in both cases: For heart

attacks and their preliminary stages: deacidification and strophanthine. In the

case of a brain infarction (= stroke) and its preliminary stages:

deacidification and minerals, whereby the protective effect is also believed to

be effective here.

influencing blood clotting! The dangers of giving digitalis offspring before or

even after a heart attack have been known for years. If patients were treated

with digitalis, about twice as many died from the infarction as from the group

of those who received no medication at all during the heart attack! For this,

they even coined the term "Digitalis infarction!"

In contrast, there is no case of heart attack that would have been fatal with

strophanthin. This was confirmed by Dr. KERN in his "Stuttgart study"! (For

this: http://www.melhorn.de/Infarktwege/index.htm and http:


An indication of the acidity of the organism is the pH value of the urine. If

you are below 7.0, you are overacid and urgently need to do something! A pH

value of 7.5 is correct. Values ​​up to 8.5 are not critical in the short term.

HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE In order to ensure cell metabolism equally everywhere,

oxygen in particular has to be brought into the smallest vessels (capillaries)

One of the main reasons why this becomes more and more difficult

with increasing age is the so-called arterial calcification, that is, the

deposition in the vessels. It is now primarily the result of incorrect protein-

rich foods! - Nutrition. Figuratively speaking, imagine the blood vessel as a

tube, the diameter of which is reduced as in a calcifying water tube.