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Mark or mus? The two apple porridge variants look the same, but differ in one

ingredient - sugar.

Rice pudding, potato pancakes, pancakes - a dollop of apple porridge is simply

part of it. T. 25 products tested:

applesauce, apple pulp, squeezes Shred apples, steam them, pass them - the

method of boiling apples and making them durable is ancient. However,

households used to prepare the fruit puree themselves; today, the industry is

largely responsible for this. Your glasses, boxes and squeeze bags are in every

grocery store. We tested 25 products, including classic and inexpensive

applesauce with added sugar, apple pulp without added sweetness and fruit

apples in squeeze bags. We checked for pollutants such as pesticides and

whether only really perfect apples were processed and how much aroma is still

contained in the apple. We checked the apple pulp - it often costs more than

puree - for added sugar. In the taste test, we determined whether it tasted so

different from apple sauce.

Clear differences in taste ... The test quality judgments range from good to

just sufficient. One reason: the products sometimes differ significantly in

taste. The three best in this test point taste aromatic, complex, strong apple

and slightly sweet. Others, on the other hand, had little use for the apple,

they were about bland. Some also had annoying storage or cooking notes.

... and the sugar levels Every apple naturally contains sugar, which is then

included in the product - but how much sugar is there in the apple sauce that

is also sugared? We determined the total sugar levels and found differences

between the groups. In our Quetschies Special we deepen the question of whether

the sugar content in Quetschies is acceptable for children and whether the

contents of the sachet can be an alternative to fresh fruit.

Packaging waste: screw jars, printed boxes, squeeze bags When the fruity apple

content is eaten, the packaging goes into the trash. Which type of packaging

has which advantages? Glass offers several advantages: There are no substances

in the food, it is relatively easy to recycle, the lids can be disposed of in

the waste. Minuses from the glass: it is heavy and fragile. Composite boxes are

lighter and shatterproof, but in the test they consisted of different layers of

film - this makes recycling more difficult, for which plastics that are as pure

as possible are a prerequisite. The squeeze bags are also made of this

composite material. There are now squeeze bags for refilling, which we have

also checked. In this way waste can be avoided and the environment protected.

Bad for teeth and speech

Pinchies should be taboo for babies. Larger children are allowed to access - now and then. The Stiftung Warentest has compiled the most important facts about the practical fruit jam bags. There are three reusable squeeze bags in the test - garbage-saving and inexpensive alternatives to ready-made squeeze bags.

In addition to pure fruit mixtures, often with apple and banana, sometimes with berries or exotic ingredients such as passion or dragon fruit, the shelves also contain preparations with yoghurt, cereals or occasionally with cookies. We have compared the ingredient lists of 27 pre-selected ready-made squeezers from the trade, often organic goods: calorie content, sugar content, prices. Practical fruit meal or unhealthy candy? We have put together the most important facts for parents and grandparents.

In addition, we examined two squeeze bags and a squeeze bottle for self-filling in the laboratory. Our quick test shows that this purchase is worthwhile. You can find out what's best in our self-made recipe.

Tests around children and family on test.de

Child car seats. Test results for 491 child seats, of which 248 are currently available, can be found in our test car seats.

Music player. We tested 13 music players for children, including classic CD players and modern models like the popular Toniebox.

Strollers. The strollers in the test cost between 169 and 1,520 euros, including models from Bugaboo, Cybex and Joolz.

High chairs. Parents find 20 models in our highchairs test. Terrifying: Eleven chairs are deficient.

The nutrition commission of the German Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine (DGKJ) generally advises against squeezers in its statement "Complementary products made from squeeze bags" - especially when it comes to under-one year olds. Because babies and toddlers who are offered apple slices or carrots, for example, practice chewing and train the entire mouth and jaw muscles - important for learning to speak. That is eliminated with squeezers.

The 27 pinchies in our check - mostly in a 100-gram bag - consist predominantly of fruits of different varieties. Some are a mix with cereals, yogurt, or both. "Without added sugar" - that's how some providers advertise, for example for Rewe Bio Strawberry & Pear. In fact, according to the list of ingredients, many products manage without added sweetness. However, they naturally contain fruit-specific sugar: the squeezes in our check average 11 grams per 100 grams. That's as much sugar as in classic cola. There it is clogged, but

Squeezers can give fruit and vegetable muffle a taste

Some children steadfastly refuse fresh fruit and vegetables. Most don't say no to squishies. The purees are not

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