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1Non-prescription gastro intestinal agents Pharmacies offer various over-the-

counter products that can help with gas trointestinal complaints. Many of them

are based on medicinal plants. For example, there are juices, tablets and drops

based on Uzara . Thanks to its ingredients, this medicinal plant is said to

have an anti spasmodic effect and also reduce intestinal activity.

Cola and pretzel sticks - a suitable gast rointestinal home remedy? If you had

gastroi ntestinal flu as a child, mom often had cola and pretzel sticks as home

remedies. The idea behind it: The liquid and electro lytes that are lost through

vomiting and diarrhea should be replaced by the sweet drink and the salty

But are cola and pretzel sticks really a good tip for gastrointe stinal

Of course, cola is a form of liquid, but it hardly contains any ele ctrolytes.

In addition, the soft drink contains a lot of sugar and caffeine in the regular

version, which is also irritating to the stomach and intestines.

Salt sticks are just as unsuitable for gas trointestinal flu. Although they are

well tolerated per se, they can not replace the lost minerals on their own.

Because they provide a lot of sodium (as a component of sodium chloride = table

salt), but no potassium . This is also increasingly lost in the case of

diarrhea. The right ratio of sodium to potassium is also very important for our


Conclusion: Cola and pretzel sticks are not a suitable gastrointe stinal home


Eat properly with gastrointest inal flu Keeping food with you in case of

gastr ointestinal flu is often hardly possible. In addition, many sufferers lack

appetite. Therefore, they often do not eat anything for a few hours and instead

If you do not want to do without food completely or want to eat something after

a few hours of fasting, you should choose something that is easy to digest. For

example, the following are suitable:

Soup broth White bread, rusks Oatmeal Potatoes rice Baby porridge Laboratory

value checker icon NetDoktor laboratory value checker What do my laboratory

values ​​mean? Gast rointestinal home remedies: when is it better to go to the

So there are numerous ways to make the time of the disease more

bearable with gastrointesti nal home remedies and the right nutrition.

Sometimes, however, a visit to the doctor cannot be avoided:

In principle, you should in most cases consult a doctor at the beginning of the

illness. Firstly, because you or your children urgently need to stay away from

community facilities (workplace, school, kindergarten, etc.) due to the high

risk of infection and usually require sick leave. On the other hand, of course,

because only the doctor can safely assess how dangerous gastrointe stinal flu

As a rule, it is an uncomfortable but relatively harmless illness. However,

this can sometimes be very difficult, for example with high fever , bloody

diarrhea or generally very severe diarrhea and vomiting. Gastr ointestinal flu

can quickly become dangerous, especially in older people and small children.

In such cases, gastroint estinal home remedies alone are not enough. Instead,

additional medication that the doctor must prescribe may be necessary. These

can be, for example, infusions (for severe water and salt loss), anti biotics (

for bacterial infections) or medication for severe abdominal cramps.

Even if there is a possible connection with a trip abroad, a visit to the

doctor for gastroi ntestinal flu is recommended. Home remedies are often not

sufficient here as sole treatment either.

acupuncture From , Doctor and homeopath and , Medical editor August 3, 2018

Lose weight with acupuncture A so-called "Fat Burning Acupuncture" should also

Small needles are often attached to the ear with

TCM doctors advise that, in

addition to the needles, you should also choose a TCM-type diet and herbal

therapy in order to lose weight permanently with acupuncture.

It is

also recommended here to combine acupuncture with Chinese herbal therapy and a

Tuina treatment or cupping therapy.

This includes:

Pain relief Regulation of muscle tension Effect on the immune system Influence

on hormone cycles decongestant effect circulation-promoting effect Effect on

the autonomic nervous system Balancing effect in the mental area