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program. The remaining 38 belonged to the control group. The ESMMWL

participants who had learned to eat mindfully and consciously were able to lose

significantly more (1.9 kg) than the control group (0.3 kg), which was

described as a significant difference. Mindful and conscious eating should

therefore be an additional component in any weight loss program. You can find

more tips for healthy weight loss here: 16 tips for weight loss Distance

education as a holistic nutritionist Are you interested in what's in our food

and want to know how nutrients and vital substances affect the body? Do you

want a healthy life for yourself, your family and others? Dietitians are

popular - but counseling often neglects the holistic aspect that is needed for

sustainable health. At the Academy of Naturopathy, get to know the connections

between lifestyle and diet as well as physical and psychological well-being.

The Academy of Naturopathy trains interested people like you to become a

holistic nutritionist in around 16 months . Order the free information brochure

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C, Mindful eating may help people lose weight, study finds, Medical News Today,

May 19, 2017, (Mindful eating helps people lose weight, according to a study)

Sulforaphane - How the broccoli fabric fights obesity Sulforaphane is a

phytochemical that is found in particularly large amounts in broccoli sprouts

and broccoli. Sulforaphane has a detoxifying and antioxidant effect and is

therefore considered a natural anti-cancer agent. Recent research suggests that

sulforaphane can also help you lose weight.

Read out Have it read aloud with webReader Author: Center of Health Updated:

July 6, 2020 Sulforaphane - The health-care agent also helps you lose weight

Sulforaphane is a highly effective plant substance , about which we have

already reported a lot and which, according to a new study (March 2017),

should also help to lose weight. It has long been known that sulforaphane can always

be useful if the organism is to be protected from illnesses or if healing

processes have to be activated in the event of an illness. After all, the

broccoli fabric has a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect.

Since almost every chronic disease is associated with inflammatory processes,

the anti-inflammatory properties of sulforaphane can be used in the context of

a holistic therapy for most chronic conditions.

Chronic inflammatory processes do not only take place in the case of diseases,

but also permanently in the so-called white adipose tissue if you are

overweight. The white adipose tissue stores fat. It is found under the skin, in

the abdomen and around the internal organs. White adipose tissue is considered

a risk factor for e.g. B. cardiovascular diseases, some cancers, diabetes and

* Sulforaphane in capsules can be found here under this link .

White and brown fat: the difference In addition to the white adipose tissue,

there is also the brown adipose tissue. Babies in particular have this type of

adipose tissue. However, with increasing age and also with increasing obesity,

the brown adipose tissue shrinks more and more and gives way to the white

adipose tissue.

This is quite unfavorable because the brown adipose tissue is much healthier

While white fat cells consist of 90 percent fat

and only store the fat, brown fat cells consist only of 50 percent fat and also

burn the fat for energy, preferably for thermal energy.

Brown fat cells are brown because they are full of mitochondria. These are

small power plants that can convert fat to energy. If you have brown adipose

tissue , you cannot easily become overweight because the fat is constantly used

for energy.

Sulforaphane converts white fat to brown fat Until now, it was believed that

adults hardly have any brown adipose tissue. However, it is now known that, for

example, athletes, i.e. physically active people, have significantly more brown

fat cells than inactive people. Anyone who not only sits in the warm apartment,

but is always exposed to cold stimuli, has more brown adipose tissue, since it

It has also been shown that white fat cells can even be converted into brown

fat cells - a mechanism that is now being tried to treat obesity. One speaks of

the so-called browning of white fat cells.

Sulforaphane should now be able to help with this tanning. It activates the

conversion of white fat cells into brown fat cells. Sulforaphane also reduces

metabolic endotoxinemia.

Sulforaphane relieves the body's poisoning Metabolic endotoxinemia is a kind of

internal poisoning that has its origin in the so-called leaky gut syndrome ,

i.e. in a permeable intestinal mucosa, from which many people today suffer

(mostly without knowing it). Leaky Gut Syndrome is suspected to be the cause of

allergies, autoimmune diseases and many other chronic complaints.

In leaky gut syndrome, toxic substances from the intestine that should actually

be excreted in the stool now get into the bloodstream via the permeable

intestinal mucosa and cause latent inflammatory processes there.

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