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smoking on immune responsiveness: Up and down or upside down ?. Oncotarget .

2017; 8 (1): 268-284. doi: 10.18632 / oncotarget.13613 Kruger K, Mooren FC,

Pilat C. The Immunomodulatory Effects of Physical Activity.

Spices that strengthen the immune system If you regularly season your meals

with ginger, cinnamon, caraway seeds, oregano and (if you like it spicy)

cayenne pepper / chilli, you can strengthen your body so that it can better

manage infections and other diseases. You can also make very effective teas

from the spices mentioned (with the exception of cayenne pepper).

Cayenne pepper (capsaicin), ginger, oregano and cinnamon can also be taken as

capsules. If you already have a cold and only then read these lines, the

mentioned spices will help you to overcome your cold faster.

Summary: Our tips for strengthening the immune system Here is a summary of all

the tips, measures and means that will help you if you want or need to

strengthen your immune system:

Exercise regularly. Whenever possible,

avoid drugs of any kind. ) Avoid stress and

take care of good stress management, e.g. B. with relaxation techniques that

help to strengthen your immune system. Eat a healthy diet with lots of fruits,

vegetables, herbs and spices. Here are the rules for a healthy diet . In times

of rampant infections, choose one or two remedies that relieve your immune

system (e.g. natural antibiotics, oregano oil, olive leaf extract, etc.)

Strengthen your immune system with selected home remedies that can be easily

integrated into your daily routine (e.g. wild plant salads, drinking lemon

water early in the morning, etc.) Strengthen your immune system by optimizing

your supply of vital substances: Take vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc and selenium.

Strengthen your immune system by choosing selected natural supplements, such

as: B. sulforaphane, ashwagandha, aloe vera juice or the like, of which you

choose one or two, which you can then use for a short period of time. If you

only follow a handful of our tips now, your energy level will increase

enormously and you will be able to successfully strengthen your immune system

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In another study, 40 MS patients received 10,400 IU of vitamin D daily for half

It was then found that the immune cells produced less interleukin-17.


the group of patients who took the usually recommended 800 IU vitamin D, there

was no such positive influence on the immune system (15).

Since a vitamin D deficiency is common, keep an eye on your vitamin D levels

and take vitamin D when necessary (!).

sources Cassa Macedo A, Oliveira Vilela de Faria A, Ghezzi P. Boosting the

Immune System, From Science to Myth: Analysis the Infosphere With Google. Front

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system, accessed on September 26, 2020, https:

//www.amboss.com/de/wissen/Immunsystem Besedovsky L, Lange T, Haack M. The

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mutation. Cell. Mol. Life Sci. 2016; 73: 4433-4448. Guillin OM et al.,

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Hoffmann PR, Berry MJ, The influence of selenium on immune responses, Mol Nutr

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of zinc on immune cells. 2008; 14 (5-6): 353-357. doi: 10.2119 /

2008-00033.Prasad Seiler A., ​​Fagundes CP, Christian LM (2020) The Impact of

Everyday Stressors on the Immune System and Health. In: Choukèr A. (eds) Stress

Challenges and Immunity in Space. Springer, Cham. Peterfalvi A, Miko E, Nagy T,

et al. Much More Than a Pleasant Scent: A Review on Essential Oils Supporting

the Immune System. Molecules . 2019; 24 (24): 4530. Published 2019 Dec 11. doi:

10.3390 / molecules24244530 Qiu F, Liang CL, Liu H, et al. Impacts of cigarette