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now activate the brown adipose tissue. We have explained the details here:

Coenzyme Q10: Effects and properties

In a Japanese study, it was discovered that taking sulforaphane promotes the

conversion of white adipose tissue to brown adipose tissue. In mice,

sulforaphane was even able to reduce the weight gain on a high-fat diet by 15

percent (compared to mice that also ate high-fat but did not receive

sulforaphane). In the sulforaphane animals, the percentage of abdominal fat

also decreased and the fatty liver that had already formed receded.

Sulforaphane could therefore be integrated into a weight loss program for

* You can get high-dose sulforaphane here: Sulforaphane capsules

Coenzyme Q10 activates the brown adipose tissue Coenzyme Q10 is also a well-

known antioxidant that has so far been used primarily as a natural anti-aging

agent. However, it is now known that coenzyme Q10 also leads to increased fat

burning - by activating certain proteins (so-called UCPs), which in turn can

* Coenzyme Q10 is available here: Coenzyme Q10 capsules

Capsaicin activates brown adipose tissue Another natural substance that can

activate brown adipose tissue is capsaicin - the hot plant substance made from

cayenne pepper or chilli. Capsaicin has long been known to boost fat burning.

In 2016, Baskaran et al. For example, that capsaicin was able to promote the

tanning of white adipose tissue in a number of different ways. So if you like

to eat spicy food, you can use it to activate your brown adipose tissue to some

extent (12).

In the same year, a study in mice showed that the combination of cooler

temperatures with capsaicin could promote the development of brown fat cells,

so that different measures should always be combined to achieve even better

In a study from 2009, it was also discovered that it is not just the pungent

substances in the chili pepper that help you lose weight, but also the so-

called capsinoids, substances that are structurally very similar to capsaicin,

Overweight people were given 6 capsules with 1 mg capsinoids each day for 12

weeks (3 capsules before breakfast, 3 capsules before dinner). In comparison to

the placebo group, the capsinoid group experienced a decrease in belly fat and

an increase in fat burning, which was explained at least in part by an

activation of the brown adipose tissue.

It is therefore better to take a holistic preparation that could also work via

the capsinoids it contains and not just a pure capsaicin preparation.

* Chilli capsules (with capsaicin and capsinoids) can be found here: Chilli


Resveratrol promotes the formation of brown adipose tissue Resveratrol is the

plant substance that is said to make red wine so healthy. Resveratrol is in the

skin of red grapes, but also in mulberries, plums, raspberries and many other

fruits. An activating effect on the brown adipose tissue was also found here -

at least in mice.

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