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Appropriate nutrition, which does not produce as much uric acid at all , would

also be important, especially if there are already joint problems or a tendency

For example, cherries are highly recommended.

6. Detoxified lemon water Lemon water has a slightly diuretic (draining) effect

and therefore accelerates the excretion of excess water as well as harmful and

toxic substances in the urine. You can benefit from the detoxifying abilities

of lemon water if you drink a glass of lemon water every day.

If you want to use the lemon juice as a cure for targeted detoxification and

purification over a short period of time, then the lemon juice cure (Master

Cleanse) is ideal. For example, you can do it once a year. You can find details

about the lemon juice cure here: The lemon juice cure

7. Deacidified lemon water Lemon juice tastes acidic, but has an alkaline

effect according to the acid-base model. The sour-tasting fruit acids are

quickly broken down into carbon dioxide and water in the organism, the basic

minerals of the lemon remain.

At the same time, the lemon and thus the lemon water have a basic effect on 8

levels and thus meet our requirements for a basic or base-forming and healthy

You can find details on the 8 levels of a basic food here: Basic

nutrition .

The lemon behaves 8 times basic:

The lemon is relatively rich in bases (potassium, magnesium ). The lemon is low

in acid-forming amino acids. The lemon stimulates the body's own base

formation (promotes the formation of bile in the liver and bile is basic). The

lemon does not slag, so it does not leave any stressful metabolic residues that

the organism would have to painstakingly neutralize and drain. Lemon contains

certain substances that give the body benefits: antioxidants, vitamin C and

activating fruit acids The lemon is extremely water-rich and therefore helps to

. The lemon has an anti-inflammatory effect. The

lemon promotes gastrointestinal health by promoting digestion and helping to

regenerate mucous membranes (see 9.). 8. Lemon water helps you lose weight

Because of the diuretic, digestive, deacidifying and detoxifying effects

described, lemon water naturally also makes it easier to lose weight . Yes, the

lemon water is certainly one of the cheapest components of any program that is

We have described how to prepare and carry out the lemon-garlic cure here: The

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Tucu V, Kemahli E, Ozbay B, Polat H, Tai AI. Can lemon juice be an alternative

to potassium citrate in the treatment of urinary calcium stones in patients

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