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The cabbage soup diet from a health perspective Overall, the cabbage soup diet

looks rather haphazard. Sometimes you are allowed to eat potatoes, sometimes

not, sometimes you are allowed to eat bananas, sometimes they are strictly

forbidden, sometimes fruit goes, sometimes not and finally you should "drink as

much fruit juice as you like". There also seems to be no meaningful explanation

Additional tips for the cabbage soup diet Of course there are also the usual

additional tips for the cabbage soup diet:

Don't forget to drink several glasses of still water every day. Herbal tea and

green tea are also possible. One should drink little coffee and black tea.

Alcohol, sodas, energy drinks etc. are taboo! Get as much exercise as possible!

In the presence of chronic or acute illnesses, carry out the cabbage soup diet

only after consulting your doctor. How does the cabbage soup diet work? The

explanation why you can lose so much and so much with the cabbage soup diet and

without starving is very interesting: The cabbage is so difficult to digest

that the body uses more calories (energy) to digest it than you can with pick

up the cabbage. In this case one speaks of so-called negative calories and

describes the cabbage soup as a real fat burner. Yes, the fact is that the more

you eat cabbage soup, the more you lose weight (2).

On some pages, it is pointed out (2) that it is essential to comply with the

That would

not even be the case after a week of fasting, i.e. a zero diet.

At one point the explanation for why bananas should be eaten in one day is:

But this is not

very obvious, since white cabbage alone provides more protein than bananas and

almost five times the amount of calcium.

If you have not lost 7 to 8 kilograms, it is said that it is because you

cheated! However, you still get a chance because you can repeat the diet -

after a break of 7 to 14 days. Of course, only if you are healthy or your

doctor does not mind.

In this way, you not only

lose weight, but also keep it permanently. Our 15 tips for losing weight will

help you

Start with the purely vegan purification cure : the four-week purification

cure - vegan and excess base , which you can also combine very well with an

intestinal cleansing ! Because without a healthy intestinal flora, successful

weight loss is almost impossible.

Distance education as a holistic nutritionist Are you interested in what's in

Do you want a healthy life for yourself, your family and others? Dietitians are

popular - but counseling often neglects the holistic aspect that is needed for

sustainable health. At the Academy of Naturopathy, get to know the connections

The Academy of Naturopathy trains interested people like you to become a

holistic nutritionist in around 16 months . Order the free information brochure

here .

Hormone Diets: Fad or Weight Loss Miracle? A hormone diet should be able to

influence the hormone balance in such a way that losing weight is child's play.

What is it about the hormone diet? Is it recommended? Or does it even have side


Read out Have it read aloud with webReader Author: Sybille Müller Specialist

examination: Dr. med. Jochen Handel Updated: October 15, 2019 Do Hormone Diets

Really Help You Lose Weight? When it comes to shedding the pounds, new diets

come into circulation almost continuously. For some time now, the so-called

hormone diets have been recommended and promoted by numerous doctors, such as

Germany's once most successful diet guru Dr. Detlef Pape, who became famous for

In the US, it is Natasha Turner in particular who tries to convince people of

the hormone diet with her books and lectures. But do hormone diets really do

what is promised? Can you actually lose weight with a hormone diet?

What is a hormone diet? Hormones are messenger substances that transmit

messages in the body and tell organs or cells what to do. Hormone diets are

particularly about these seven hormones:

Estrogens insulin Leptin Cortisol Thyroid hormones Growth hormones testosterone

Supporters of hormone diets now assume that there are disorders in the area of

​​these hormones, which are the main reason that it is particularly difficult

for women to lose weight.

ow do hormone diets work? There are different diet models depending on the

author, but the key to losing weight is always to correct the hormonal

imbalance in the body with the actually tried and tested weight loss concept

"change of diet plus exercise and sufficient sleep and relaxation". 

According to Sara Gottfried, it takes about 72 hours per hormone - and the

hormonal balance is reached again.