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DRUG CONSUMPTION Why we should legalize cannabis Four questions to Hubert

THC is mainly obtained from the hemp plant (cannabis). The unfertilized female

inflorescences are particularly rich in THC (about 6 to 20%); the THC content

of the other parts of the plant is much lower (just under 1%). There is no THC

in the seeds of the plant. The leaves near the flower contain about 5 to 6%

THC. In contrast to female plants, male plants contain very little THC. There

are four stereoisomers of the Δ 9 tetrahydrocannabinol : (-) - Δ 9 - trans

tetrahydrocannabinol and (+) - Δ 9 - trans tetrahydrocannabinol as well (-) - Δ

9 - cis- tetrahydrocannabinol and (+) - Δ 9 - cis- tetrahydrocannabinol. The

main psychoactive isomer is the (-) - Δ 9 - trans -THC ( dronabinol ), which is

6 to 100 times more potent than the (+) - Δ 9 - trans -THC. [9] The cis forms

have no psychoactive effectiveness, there are differentWimber,

president of the police force, co-founder of the German branch of

LEAP ( Law Enforcement Against Prohibition), translates for example: law

enforcement against prohibition Fred Langer Share: Become a Facebook fan

now cannabis DRATHEVERLIVING / Fotolia GEO: Why do police officers,

prosecutors, judges want to decriminalize drugs? WIMBER: During my time as

police chief in Münster, I had to permanently employ 25 to 30 qualified

employees alone to prosecute drug offenses - without being able to do anything

positive. Nationwide, more than 280,000 drug offenses were persecuted last

year, more than 200,000 of these not against dealers. The state's repression

policy has failed across the board. So what do you suggest? A high crime rate

is the result of the drug ban, not drug use. So the drug ban has to go. . The

state . What do you expect from it? If drugs are legally available, then

dealers cannot do business, and criminal structuresdissolved. In a state-

regulated market, prices are falling, and so is procurement crime. The health

of consumers is protected by quality control. decriminalize cannabis? Cannabis

would be a good starting point - also because 60 percent of the offenses are

about . Portugal went further in 2001, where possession of small amounts of all

drugs is no longer punishable. ADDICTIVE SUBSTANCES Drugs: Why teenagers get

addicted A puff of cigarette, a sip of beer - what can be harmful? In the

beginning, drugs often seem wonderfully harmless. But the addictive substances

work with nasty tricks: they lure with nice feelings and change the brain -

until people can no longer do without them Stefan Greschik Joint in hand

Colourbox In this article Joints: foggy out of boredom Built-in motivational

artist Drugs work in the brain The effect wears off marijuana Mushrooms Ecstasy

heroin Joints: foggy out of boredom Joint - Julia heard the name for the first

time a year ago. Back then, one of her friends had brought marijuana to a

party, dried cannabis plants. He had rolled them into a leaflet like a

cigarette, lit them and offered them to the others. The 13-year-old also . She

breathed in. Out. One more time. The joint didn't taste great, but it was very

relaxing, and so the girl smoked more often with her clique: in the afternoon

when it was super boring again. Or during the school break. Julia never noticed

that her notes tumbled down a flight of stairs - two, three, four, five. Okay,

thinking felt a bit foggy. And she couldn't concentrate on math anymore. But it

really didn't matter, she thought. Every fifth smokes At some point Julia's

parents were pissed off by the bad grades. But they were really horrified when

they found out that their daughter was using drugs. They brought her straight

to the addiction prevention center in Hamburg, where students with drug

problems are given advice. And that's a whole lot: More than 25 percent of

young people in marijuana or hashish. One in five of 12- to 15-year- olds smoke

cigarettes regularly. Many girls and boys drink beer, wine, sparkling wine or

schnapps at parties until they are completely intoxicated. Three teenagers

smoke Colourbox Young people smoke in the school playground As different as the

drugs are, they all work in a similar way: some of their components float with

the blood into the brain (in cannabis it is a substance called THC). There they

stimulate the reward center - a part of the upper room that provides us with

nice feelings. As soon as it is switched on, it sends the message: "You feel

good!" Yes, sometimes we are really happy. Built-in motivational artist A

reward for drugs? What a stupid idea!

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