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ligne peuvent nous faire contracted the coronavirus in Switzerland so far,

1678 people have died in connection with Covid-19.

Another death occurred on Tuesday after the federal government had not

recorded any new cases for several days.

In total, 465,722 people have already been tested for the corona virus in this country,

with 8 percent the result was positive.

3996 people have been hospitalized because of Covid 19 disease.

Ex-advisor Bolton unpacks That's in the explosive disclosure book about Trump

On 600 pages, Donald Trump's ex-security advisor John Bolton makes serious

allegations. Explosive: Trump is particularly concerned about a second term -

he even asked the President of China for help. Daniel Kestenholz Bolton: Trump

has repeatedly hindered criminal investigations He is said to have asked

China's President Xi Jinping for election assistance He didn't know that

Britain was a nuclear power White House wants to take legal action against

AFP 1/9 Trump's former security adviser John

Bolton hits the US president with heavy cannon. AFP 2/9 Trump is said to have

asked China for help with his re-election. AFP 3/9 In addition, according to

Bolton, Trump has expressed the conviction that the American people want him to

be president for more than two terms. AFP 8/9 A picture from better days - how

badly does Bolton's allegations damage Trump's re-election opportunities in

November? AFP 9/9 In the United States, there is concern that Trump would not

leave the stage without a fight in the event of an election slump.

It is explosive new material that John Bolton (71), the cut-off national

security advisor to US President Donald Trump (74), is now presenting in a

revelation book: Trump was not averse to a constitutional coup in order not to

have to resign after two terms in office .

The key points from the book to be released next week:


China's election aid At a meeting in December 2018 with China's President Xi

Jinping (67) in Buenos Aires, the president expressed willingness to change the

constitution. This is so that he can stay in office as long as he wants. And

even the struggle with China for a trade agreement, Trump wanted to use openly

According to the "Wall Street Journal", which published

the book's advantages, Xi said that Trump said he would work with him for

another six years. Trump replied: "People say that the constitutional limit of

two terms for presidents should be lifted for him."

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