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It's quick to build an Aldi branch Fresher, clearer and more relaxed: the hard

discounter Aldi Suisse has a new branch concept. The time-lapse video shows how

a shop is created. from Fabian Pöschl That's what it's about Aldi Suisse has a

new store concept that the hard discounter wants to use in 30 branches in

German-speaking Switzerland. The new branches should offer more space and a

better overview. If the concept is well received, a Swiss-wide rollout is

planned. Aldi Suisse has a new shop concept. It can already be seen in two test

Aadorf and Sirnach. Now the hard discounter wants to apply the

concept initially in speaking Switzerland. The rollout

The affected branches (see box below) should each close for one week and reopen

on Saturday at the end of the week. If the response is positive, all 214 Aldi

Suisse branches shoul

Like competitor Lidl , Aldi also promises a higher-quality product presentation

with the new store concept. For example, the fruit and vegetable department

should be reminiscent of a market place. New color and lettering concepts

should improve the overview. In addition, Aldi will offer more space in the

checkout area for more relaxed packing.

30 BRANCHES Aldi is the first to convert these branches Aldi Suisse expects to

invest CHF 20 million in the renovation of the 30 branches in German-speaking

Switzerland. The following branches are being converted in chronological order:

Sirnach (TG), Uznach (SG), Samedan (GR), Niederuzwil (SG), Siebnen (SZ),

Embrach (ZH), Schänis (SG), Turbenthal (ZH), Winterthur- Grüze (ZH), St.Gallen-

Lerchentalstrasse (SG), Herisau (AR), Uster (ZH), Dübendorf (ZH), Bazenheid (

SG), Näfels (GL), Hinwil (ZH), St.Gallen-Fürstenlandstrasse ( SG), Rüti (ZH),

Volketswil (ZH), Mönchaltdorf (ZH), Wattwil (SG), Stäfa (ZH), Oerlikon-

Baumackerstrasse (ZH), Rümlang (ZH), Männedorf (ZH), Zurich-Seebach (ZH ),

WinterthurArchhöfe (ZH), Pfäffikon (ZH), Regensdorf (ZH), Winterthur-

Industriestrasse (ZH).

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Thank you very much for your

His flickering gaze rested only briefly on the huddled figure next to his

resting place. A smile that was more like a grimace distorted his sharp

features. "Nefer," came almost inaudibly over his chapped lips. The young woman

lifted her head in disbelief and jumped to her feet. Was it possible that

Pharaoh was actually awake? "My king," she put aside a fan of ostrich feathers

with which she had fanned the patient's air and carefully reached for his dry,

hot hand, which was resting on a thin linen blanket. He had closed his eyes

tired again. The young woman

whom he had called Nefer began to doubt; had her mind torn with worry and hope

played a trick on her? But then she heard the hot whisper again and saw that

the pharaoh hardly noticed the dry but still full lips. She brought her ear so

close to his face that she almost touched it. The guard who was guarding the

bedroom door stared at her suspiciously. He was one of the few left. Most of

the soldiers had already fled back to Thebes or to one of the other cities in

the empire, only the dark-skinned Medjay and a few regular soldiers remained in

Achetaton. The Medjay were directly subordinate to General Haremhab and loyal

to him. As long as the comb stood by his pharaoh, the warriors would persevere

in the almost deserted city. Again the weakened king started to speak and this

time Nefer understood the words: "Nefer, you came to me?" Again the strained

smile distorted his suffering features. "It's too dangerous ..... you have to

..." The rest of the words went down in a sigh and the patient's head tilted to

one side on his artfully crafted wood and ivory neck support. The young woman

groped fearfully for the pulse, the soldier had also taken a troubled step into

the room, but moved back to his place when Nefer signaled that everything was

all right. It was her ... “The rest of the words went down in a sigh and the

patient's head tipped to the side on his elaborate wood and ivory neck support.

The young woman groped fearfully for the pulse, the soldier had also taken a

troubled step into the room, but moved back to his place when Nefer made a sign

that everything was OK. It was her ... “The rest of the words went down in a

sigh and the patient's head tipped to the side on his elaborate wood and ivory

neck support. The young woman groped fearfully for the pulse, the soldier had

also taken a troubled step into the room, but moved back to his place when

Nefer made a sign that everything was OK. It was her ...

painfully aware that there was nothing more she could do for her former master.

Oh, she was desperate and angry, helpless and powerless. She couldn't stop the

injustice that had taken place here. Although she had learned a lot about

poisons, herbs, remedies and medical tricks from childhood, her knowledge

failed here. The slow-acting poison, which had obviously been used here, was

unknown to her. None of in any way.

When she noticed that he was sliding back into the deep unconsciousness from

which he had only emerged briefly, she let herself sink back onto the polished

limestone floor. It was decorated with bright flowers and shiny gold and silver

fish. She briefly let her absent gaze slide over the walls painted with lotus

and other brightly colored plants, nodded to the guard who was wiping a bow tie

from his polished breastplate, and then tiredly rested her head on her drawn

knees. Nefer had long watched over her sick ruler and was now overwhelmed with

tiredness. Confused thoughts flicked through her head and to calm down she

started thinking about the past - how it all started.

The slave hunters The little girl played with the other children on the banks

of the wide, river. The glaring sunlight was a golden reflection of the

gentle waves that continued to simmer downriver, where the river was broken by

rocks and islands. It was noticeable that the other children stayed away from

her and kept looking at her somewhat anxiously and appraisingly in between.

While the dark-skinned children played with their woolly hair with straw dolls

and colored stones, the lonely child fiddled with different herbs, which she

. Her

skin was a light brown, her eyes were not black or dark brown like those of the

boys and girls watching her, but yellow, like that of a lioness. Her hair was

different too; it was not ruffled, but flowed gently down to the round

pretended not to mind being ignored, as she occasionally gave the crowd of

children on the bank stealthy longing looks. When she had finished sorting her

herbs, she stowed them in a rush basket she had brought with her and hurriedly

walked to the village to be seen from the river. The settlement lay in the

green belt lining the water, but the last huts stood in the yellow sand of the

beginning desert. The child crossed the place in the middle of which there was

a kind of village square.

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