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Unsere Top-Seller in der Kategorie Barolo

should be able to breathe for several hours. Decanting helps the aromas to open

and combine with the tannins to create a perfect pleasure. If you want to enjoy

the wine, ideally use a bulbous burgundy glass. This is where the barol comes

into its own. The wine can be drunk for several days if it is kept well closed

in the cool in the meantime. If the enjoyment is spread over two or three days,

wine drinkers can always look forward to new taste experiences.

hardness and become a pleasure to drink. On the other hand, if the wine was

produced according to modern criteria and the contact with the grape skin was

not so long, a shorter storage period of six to eight years is sufficient.

Ideally, wine lovers store their wines in a damp, cool cellar. The ideal

temperature is 10 to 12 degrees. If you don't have a cellar, you can use a wine

cabinet. If there is no cellar or wine cellar, another cool place should be

found. For example, wine can be stored in the bedroom under the bed. It is

important that the temperatures do not rise above 20 degrees and that the wines

If the wine is closed with a cork, it is

stored horizontally. Wine bottles with

screw caps or plastic corks may also be stored upright. Once wine is open, it

can be kept in the fridge for a few days. For this, the bottle should be closed

with a cork or the like. 

What makes the Barolo so special? Barolo wine is characterized by its special

taste. These wines are full-bodied, have fruity, berry aromas and offer a

unique variety of flavors. The flavors of a barolo can include blackberries,

cherries, plums, raisins, violets, truffles, tobacco, leather and tar. It is

characteristic of this wine that it is heavy and full, but at the same time

harmonious and elegant. This combination of different properties makes the

Barolo so unique. However, the wine only shows its uniqueness if the vintner

How is Barolo wine drunk? The cuisine

It is shaped by the aromas of the

forest. This includes risottos with wild mushrooms, dishes with game, truffles,

tarts with hazelnuts and chestnuts and Toma cheese. These aromatic, intense


glass of Barolo or Barbaresco goes perfectly with spicy dishes. The intense

taste of these wines emphasizes strong meat dishes. These wines are drunk with

game, goulash and roast beef, for example. The wine also goes well with spicy

mushroom dishes and dishes with truffles. If a cheese is to be served with a

strong Piedmont wine, a spicy hard cheese like Parmesan is perfect. Due to the

high fat and salt content of spicy cheeses, the tannins are bound in the red

wine. The strong, tannin-rich red wine should never be drunk too cool. If the

red wine is taken from the cellar, it can be transferred to a decanter. Here he

however, it depends on how the wine was produced. Modern wines are often made

so that they can be drunk straight away. These wines often do not get a long

storage period. Therefore, whether red wine from Piedmont can be stored for a

long time depends on how it was produced. Traditionally made Barolo wines

should be stored for 10 to 15 years anyway so that they lose their tannin