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give,Cooking is like flying ... just nicer.

A really chic restaurant was announced. The

interior, subtle and unobtrusive. Color compositions that only the very best

interior designer can achieve and the high-gloss polished glasses in

combination with the sparkling silver cutlery almost took his breath away. The

friend of Irgendwo and Gottardo were received by a waiter and led to the only

free table in the middle of the room. The man just had to be genetically

related to Prince Charles because that dignity, that noblesse, could only come

from blue blood. Gottardo and his companion, dressed in the best that their

closets gave, took a seat. The all-round society, consisting only of the very

top floor of the world of finance, local politics and art, registered the

newcomers indifferently. Gottardo dared to take the initiative and asked the

black and white telephone bar: "Can you recommend something solid"? With a look

at his waiter, who said something like: Huston, we have a problem, the prince

with a face that seemed to be freshly mummified, laid down without a word two

leather-bound menus on the table. Together, they created a two-course

composition of exquisite dishes. Most likely only men can pay here, because his

good friend from somewhere asked: "Honey, there are no prices on my card at all

?!" But in that of Gottardo already, and how ... He already imagined how she

had to put a few bills through the table when he was paying.

From the chef's point of view, the entire menu definitely had an authentic

taste, but Gottardo could not see what it was in any création. The Maître de

He was

certainly supported by a brigade of ten when he converted a wafer-thin slice of

veal kidney into an unforgettable culinary experience. Or filleted a green

asparagus so artfully that star surgeons immediately quit their jobs. Someone

who made a complete side dish from three wheat grains and sixteen millet

grains that makes every gourmet's heart beat faster, that simply hovers at the

zenith of its ability. When paying the very artistically designed bill, it came

as it should. Under the table, a financial transaction took place, which of

With a

head full of deeply seared culinary impressions but an empty stomach, Gottardo

calmed himself and his companion, who is no longer so solvent, with a large pot

of home-cooked "Tagliatelle alla Nonna di Gottardo".

Let’s try to do something of our own. Would have been laughing if we couldn't

do it. You will see that it is a lot of fun to stand at the stove and swing the

pans yourself. Gottardo will try to take you to Italy for culinary delights.

The country where food was invented. And wherever you eat, you also cook.

Rosemary and his cronies

However, a pizza should not only taste animal-like, an Italian salad dressing

should not only spread swarms of garlic, and a Saltinbocca alla Romana should

not be so impregnated with sage that it will curl your toenails back. Rather,

all the wonderful herbs serve to underline the unique taste of meat, fish,

vegetables and pasta and ultimately to be fed into the gourmet palate in an

elegant overall composition. Even when Gottardo was pounding around the kitchen

of his nonna as a teenage villain, he was always told: "Listen to me piccolo

Gottardino. Should I ever find out that you are any of these maligned, so-

called Italian, To date, the good Nonna has had no reason to interrupt her

grave rest to give her student and protégé a juicy slap in the face. Italian

Of course, our good Nicolina


also to this guild, because their culinary art was simply to be classified as

"divine". But now enough of the wise forewords. Fasten seat belts. We are

What spices

are needed? Quite a few actually! If possible, get fresh herbs. If that doesn't

work, then dried ones do too, but they should smell of something. Buy only as

much of fresh herbs

Rosemary / Sage Thyme / Basil Tarragon Saffron Onion and Garlic (Didn't know

that these are also spices?) Laurel leaves Origano (you should handle the

journeyman carefully, because too much of it means that he still speaks happily

after belching even after two days)

Furthermore, the basic equipment also includes: , Sea salt and pepper from the

Let's just have a look. Let's make the mother of all sauces. You will be amazed

at how easy it is. You don't have to tie everything up to your guests. Simply

collect the compliments, remain silent and enjoy.

Sugo di Pomodoro (Without much spice theater)

Leave your fingers

on it, because the red comes later. Look for a reasonably large pot, not one of

those little stinkers with which you can simmer an asparagus sauce

Now a hearty dash of olive oil in the good piece and up on the stove. Add the

chopped onions, garlic and a good dash of tomato paste from the tube and braise

enough liquid. You know: "Hammer and chisel!" If necessary, some water and

wine. Not enough red? Quite simply, a hearty sausage of tomato paste and the

thing is done.

1 This lawaimsto reduce greenhouse gas emissions, in particular CO 2 

emissions, which can be attributed to the energetic use of fossil fuels (fuels) 

with the aim of contributing to the global temperature rise to less than 2 

degrees Restrict Celsius. 

Art. 2 terms 1 Fuels are fossil fuels that are used to generate heat, to 

generate light, in thermal plants for electricity production or for the 

The reduction target is primarily to be achieved through measures under this 


2 Measures according to other legislation that reduce greenhouse gas emissions 

should also contribute to the reduction, particularly in the areas of the 

environment, energy, agriculture, forestry and timber management, road traffic 

and mineral oil taxation, as well as voluntary measures. 

3 The voluntary measures also include declarations in which consumers of 

4 The Federal Council may commission suitable organizations to support and 

implement voluntary measures.

2 Fuels are fossil fuels that are used in internal combustion engines to 

generate power. 

3 Emission rights are tradable allowances for greenhouse gas emissions that 

are allocated or auctioned free of charge by the federal government or by 

states or communities of states using emissions trading systems (ETS) 

4 Emission reduction certificates are internationally recognized tradable 

1 version according to Annex No. II 2 of the Energy Act of September 30, 2016, 

in force since January 1, 2018 ( AS 2017 6839 ; BBl 2013 7561 ). 2 Version 

Between Switzerland and the EU for linking the emissions trading systems and on 

its implementation, in force since January 1, 2020 ( AS 2019 4327 ; BBl 2018 

411 ). 3rdInserted by annex to the BB of March 22, 2019 on the approval of the 

abbr. Between Switzerland and the EU for linking the emissions trading systems 

and on its implementation, in force since January 1, 2020 ( AS 2019 4327 ; BBl 

2018 411 ). 

Art. 3 Reduction target 1 Overall, greenhouse gas emissions in Germany should 

be reduced by 20 percent by 2020 compared to 1990. The Federal Council can set 

interim sectoral targets. 

2 The Federal Council may increase the reduction target to 40 percent in 

accordance with international agreements. A maximum of 75 percent of these 

additional reductions in greenhouse gas emissions may be achieved through 

3 The total amount of greenhouse gas emissions is calculated based on the 

Emissions from aviation fuel for 

international flights are not taken into account. 

3bis The Federal Council determines the extent to which emission rights from 

states or communities of states with ETS recognized by the Federal Council are 

taken into account in order to achieve the reduction target set out in 

paragraph 1. 1

spread. Capito?!

Let's say everything worked. The plates are full of the wonderful pasta, the

sugo crowns on top. Now all that's missing is the icing on the cake, in the

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