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Ecology & Agriculture Cover ecology & agriculture The magazine Ökologie &

Landbau appeals primarily to experts. It is aimed at agricultural scientists,

students and experts from agricultural policy, advice, agricultural practice

and the food sector.

The German Foundation for Ecology & Agriculture (SÖL) is the publisher; the

magazine is published by oekom verlag. There has been a cooperation with FiBL

since 1997: Each of the four editions each year contains contributions from

FiBL employees and the "News from FiBL" section. Ecology & Agriculture has been

published by oekom verlag since 2004. The magazine is available both online and

as a print subscription.

FiBL contributions from ecology & agriculture can be researched in the Organic

Eprints archive. All articles published in Ecology & Agriculture from 2012 are

available via the Genios database (subject to a fee).

Subscribe to ecology & agriculture subscription Ecology and agriculture can be

ordered in Germany through oekom and in Switzerland through FiBL.

I am regularly contacted about sample bottles that winegrowers or wine dealers

would like to send me. Certain of these requests initially make me skeptical.

Especially if the request does not come directly from winegrowers or wine

dealers, but from a PR office. It simply smells of marketing. And of course

it's marketing too. However, as a former co-owner of a media agency who is

still involved in the advertising and media cake in Switzerland, I am of course

not allowed to object to this type of communication per se, and so I agreed to

try the "marketing baby".

The entrepreneurs Thiemo Dürbaum and Philipp Bongartz are behind THE SPLASH.

According to the website, they do “THE SPLASH. The wine that celebrates life. »

This life-celebrating wine is made from grapes that are harvested by hand on

the steep slopes of the Moselle. Afterwards, the talented Nik Weis, whose wines

I have already reported on here, presses a Riesling that should do its terroir

credit. And as with any good marketing story, corporate social responsibility

should not be missing with a pinch of sustainability: For every bottle sold, 50

cents are donated to water projects in countries in need. That is 1.43% of the

sales price and therefore 43% more value than an average "Cumulus point" at the

Swiss distributor with the "M" in the name ...

THE SPLASH: Mosel-Riesling (c) I tried the wine together with Marcio

Hamann, my Riesling conscience, so to speak. Because I don't want anyone to

blame me for being misused as an advertising medium on my non-commercial blog.

So I served Marcio the wine blindly, let him judge it and have it described in

his words. Based on his impressions and statements, I wrote the short note


N / A, THE SPLASH. Mosel Riesling, Alte Reben, Made in Germany (Riesling,

vinified by Nik Weis, St-Urbans-Hof). Medium yellow. Initially restrained in

the nose, with more air it shows a clear fruit, lots of flowers, grapefruit,

curry herb and this unmistakable slate flavor that is only found on the

Moselle, Saar and Ruwer. Soft to start with, but very straightforward,

delicate, but with enamel, a fascinating sweet and acidic play, neat structure

and a long-lasting finish with a clear sugar tail. Very typical of the variety,

well balanced, fresh and elegant. Could even increase in 1-2 years ... »Now up

to 2028+, 18 points (90/100).

So the wine can really do something - despite marketing - this confirms my

Riesling conscience Marcio and gives the SPLASH its absolution. However, this

also has its price (the PR office must also have something ...). With 35 Euro

EVP, THE SPLASH is in my opinion only partially suitable for picking up the

partying people in major German cities. After all, Corona is now, unemployment

is likely to rise, while jobs are likely to be scarcer and account balances

lower. But for everyone who doesn't feel like corona, classic labels and

vintage wines, for everyone who hasn't lost their job (yet) and who wants to

celebrate despite the distance rules, THE SPLASH is for everyone. Because

qualitatively you can always celebrate life with this drop.

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