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Breathing mechanics Abstract Breathing mechanics are the physical processes

that occur during inhalation and exhalation . In the inspiration , the use of

leads re spiratory muscles to an increase in intra thoracic volume, whereby in

the lung creating a negative pressure and air in the lungs is drawn. Due to the

elastic fibers of the lung parenchyma, the lungs passively contract when the

res piratory muscles relax, thus expelling the exhaled air ( expiration ).

To check the function of the lungs , the lung volumes can be determined.

Clinically, vital capacity is particularly important. It is defined as the

volume difference between maximum inhalation and exhalation . In the case of


called restrictive lung diseases, the vital capacity is reduced. In contrast,

obstructive pulmonary diseases can be uncovered using the dynamic Tiffeneau

test: After maximum inspiration , the subject should exhale as much as possible

as quickly as possible.

The terms compliance and resistance describe how the lungs react to

deformations caused by breathing: A high level of compliance speaks for easy

mechanical defor mability of the lungs . A high resistance, on the other hand,

means that the air we breathe has to pass through a high flow resistance and

breathing is thus impeded.

•• Breathing process Breathing goal : Exchange of air in the lungs Phases of

breathing Breathing rest : Between two breaths, the in spiratory and ex piratory

forces are in balance, theintr apul monary pressure corresponds to the air

pressure. inspiration Ins piratory re spiratory muscles increase the volume of

the chest The lung skin ( pleura visceralis ) adheres to the inside of the

thorax ( pleura parietalis or pleura) via the liquid film in the pleural

space → lung volume is also increased As the volume of the lungs increases, the

intrapul monary pressure drops → negative pressure in the lungs Air follows the

pressure drop into the lungs → inspiration Expiration Reduction of the chest

volume through passive restoring forces of the lungs This reduces the volume of

the lungs → excess pressure in the lungs Air follows the pressure drop out of

the lungs → expiration Inspiration from : Expiration through:

res piratory muscles Diaphragm → breathing in the abdomen Mm inter costales

externi → breathing in the thorax Elastic restoring forces of the lungs (

passive) Ex piratory re spiratory muscles : Mm. inter costales interni

re spiratory muscles Mm sternocleidomastoid Mm serrati Mm pectorales Mm scaleni

Re spiratory auxiliary muscles : abdominal muscles Children mainly breathe in

the abdome nadults in the thorax !

will still be known to any older doctor as unsurpassed blessings. Orally, g- 

strophanthin, which was only identified as an endogenous substance in 1991 (1), 

has an outstanding effect in both the prophylaxis and treatment of heart attack 

and angina pectoris, without showing any noteworthy side effects and without 

being particularly expensive to be. Although the excellent therapeutic success 

and the dynamic effects from 1950 to 2000 are documented with an overwhelming 

abundance of (partly double-blind) studies and reports, g-strophanthin, the 

"insulin of the cardiac patient", 

Cannabidiol - the 6 best CBD products in test 2020 Don't worry, because this is 

not about intoxicating effects or "smoking pot". Cannabidiol is a cannabinoid 

that is obtained from female hemp. Unlike the THC, it has no intoxicating 

effects and is therefore not prohibited. On the contrary, because some doctors 

officially prescribe cannabidiol (CBD for short) even for various complaints - 

for example, for anxiety, stomach problems or migraines. Versatile in its 

application, strong in effect and without any harmful chemical additives, 

especially in the recent past, cannabidiol has been able to win over many fans 

who swear by its remarkable effect. This is interesting because cannabidiol is 

by no means an unknown active ingredient. The CBD is responsible for the fact 

that smoking cannabis has so many positive effects. As a result, from the 

perspective of many, it only makes sense to take a closer look at it. 

Especially if you want the positive effects for the body and mind, but don't 

The six best CBD products presented here will not 

intoxicate you and will therefore not make you "high". They are completely 

legal, are subject to the strict food supplement law and come from reputable 

manufacturers with a good reputation. As you will soon see, the world of 

cannabidiol is very diverse, because in addition to the well-known CBD oil, the 

CBD is also available in capsules, as a liquid for the e-cigarette or as 

crystals. application Like any oil, the Vaporspirit cbd Oil product is dripped 

The dosage can be adjusted individually, the standard 

specification includes three drops that are dropped under the tongue and then 

swallowed - this can be repeated up to three times a day. The optimal effect is 

achieved if no liquids are drunk for the next 15 minutes after ingestion. An 

onset of effects can be expected after only 10 to 15 minutes. As usual, the 

cannabidiol oil has a bitter aftertaste, although this is not as strong as with 

some other oils. In general, as always with CBD oils, the taste is not really 

According to the manufacturer, a 

bottle contains about 300 drops. Certificates and manufacturer promise The 

German manufacturer has its CBD oil checked for its purity in an independent 

laboratory. In addition, Vaporspirit cbd Oil are subject to the strict German 

and European requirements for food supplements. The manufacturer promises an 

absolutely pure product and can fully keep this promise according to the 

ingredients listed. Manufacturer Vaporspirit cbd Oil is a brand of Vaporspirit 

cbd Nutrition GmbH based in Munich. The manufacturer enjoys an excellent 

reputation on the Internet, also because it is one of the few brands that CBD 

oil actually produces in Germany and also ships from Germany. This continues to 

have a positive impact on the expected delivery times. Overall, there is 

nothing to complain about at this point, because Vaporspirit cbd Oil is 

definitely a flagship brand on the market for CBD products and also other items 

from the market for nutritional supplements. Price-performance ratio The price 

/ performance ratio differs depending on the product. Our test winner is 

available with these three intensities: • 5% CBD • 15% CBD • 20% CBD The MSRP 

for the 5% oil is EUR 49, for the high-dose 

2. SENSATIONAL RESULTS From 1977 to 1987 there were a number of publications ( 

e.g. 2-3) on the world's best heart attack survival rates that a public 

hospital in Berlin-West achieved with both oral g and intravenous k- 

strophanthine, although previously Values were particularly bad due to the high 

proportion of elderly people - only surpassed by a clinic in Sao Paolo, which 

also worked with g-strophanthin. 

The study of oral g-strophanthin in unstable angina pectoris in this clinic (4) 

showed complete absence of symptoms after preventive use of gastro-resistant 

capsules in 122 of 146 patients after one week and in 146 of 148 patients after 

two weeks (98.6 percent) , with all other previous medications including side 

effects omitted (ß-blockers, calcium antagonists, nitrates, etc.) 

In 85 percent of the acutely admitted patients who received the strophanthin 

for the first time, an effect was seen within 5-10 minutes (bite capsule with 

perlingual absorption) (5). Patients could help themselves with oral g- 

strophanthin before the emergency doctor arrived, as the following experiences 


A German mine with oral g-strophanthin therapy underground no longer had a 

single heart attack victim in 10 years, although previously there were an 

Exits from the shaft due to angina pectoris and 

heart attacks decreased by 80 percent. Strophanthin was not even given 

preventively, but only in the case of an acute attack (6-7). 

There are many more examples. The practical experience of more than 4,000 

doctors documented in the 1980s and 1990s, who usually judge oral g- 

strophanthin very positively, is instructive (10-11). Around 3,000 doctors in 


homeopathic g-strophanthin (D4) is also astonishingly positive, albeit to a 

lesser extent. 

There are also a whole series of other pharmacodynamic studies (some of them 

double-blind) in humans with significant improvements in pain symptoms and 

performance, the ECG, high blood pressure, cardiac work, the flow behavior of 

the blood and blood flow to the heart muscle through oral g- Strophanthin. 

There are also numerous studies on animals and cell cultures, for example 

guinea pigs can swim more than three times as long after oral g-strophanthin 

administration (!); where g-strophanthin prevents heart enlargement in the 

event of overexertion (12); In mice with sepsis, g-strophanthin leads to a 

fourfold increase in the survival rate (13). 

In acute heart failure, strophanthin iv was recommended as the fastest-acting 

glycoside by the textbook until 1994 (55), today more digoxin and without a 

pharmacological reason. 

3. HARDLY ANY SIDE EFFECTS The side effects of strophantin can in rare cases be 

irritation of the mucous membrane to inflammation of the tongue mucosa or 

diarrhea, which can be easily remedied by reducing the dose. Permanent damage 

has never been observed; there is no danger of overdosing and no 

contraindications apart from the pronounced sinus bradycardia (57). G- 

We need the following information to calculate your BMI (body mass index): Your

weight (kg) Your size (cm) Your BMI is

Theoretical basics of the BMI: The BMI is calculated from the body weight [kg]

divided by the square of the body size [m 2 ]. The formula is: BMI = body

weightin m2 . The unit of the BMI is therefore kg / m 2 .

This means that a person with a height of 160 cm and a body weight of 60 kg has

a BMI of 23.4 [60: (1.6 m) 2 = 23.4].

The "desirable" BMI depends on age. The following table shows BMI values ​​for

different age groups:

Age BMI 19-24 years 19-24 25-34 years 20-25 35-44 years 21-26 45-54 years 22-27

55-64 years 23-28 > 64 years 24-29 BMI classi fication (according to DGE,

nutritional report 1992):

class ification m w Underweight <20 <19 Normal weight 20-25 19-24 Overweight 25-

30 24-30 Obesity 30-40 30-40 massive obesity > 40 > 40

.of the. ,of the,

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