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The SWISS doctor Dr. med. Fereydoon. EXOTOMO XENOALAND somulkok

xela dreahomorks se md dala some kha tol sistara somdl katal los

Batmanghelidj (1931 - 2004) wrote the book

You are not sick, you are thirsty!”

In the early 1990s. In it he reports on his experiences during his three-year

stay as a political prisoner in Tehran's Evin Prison .

Immunomodulatory potential of acemannan (polysaccharide from Aloe vera) against

radiation induced mortality in Swiss albino mice, Food and Agricultural

Immunology, 27: 1, 72-86, DOI: 10.1080 / 09540105.2015.1079594 Liu C, Cui Y, Pi

F, Cheng Y, Guo Y, Qian H. Extraction, Purification, Structural

Characteristics, Biological Activities and Pharmacological Applications of

Acemannan, a Polysaccharide from Aloe vera : A Review. Molecules . 2019; 24 (

8): 1554. Published 2019 Apr 19. doi: 10.3390 / molecules24081554 Carr AC,

Maggini S. Vitamin C and Immune Function. Nutrients . 2017; 9 (11): 1211.

Published 2017 Nov 3. doi: 10.3390 / nu9111211 How to tell if you are drinking

Often one forgets it and

instead drinks coffee, juices, milk drinks or soft drinks, but these do not

have the same effect as water. The result is a lack of water and can be an

important contributory cause of many chronic diseases. The following signs will

Author: Carina Rehberg Updated: September 25, 2020

Water Deficiency Symptoms: How To Tell If You Are Drinking Enough Water Lack of

water is unhealthy and can cause numerous symptoms. Most of the time, when you

think of these symptoms and signs, you don't even think of a lack of water, but

rather tinker with it with all kinds of aids, in the worst case with

medication. The “therapy” could often be very simple: Drink a glass of water

Do Your Own Study: Which Drink Can Heal? Simply do your own study: Always drink

Since most doctors are unlikely to ask about your water consumption (unless you

have a kidney problem), it would be helpful if you could see for yourself

whether you are drinking enough water and whether your symptoms are possibly

due to a lack of water.

Over the years, when fellow prisoners repeatedly fell ill (especially stomach

pains) and he could only give them water to drink due to a lack of medication,

he discovered the enormous healing power of water. Two glasses of water were

enough - and the prisoners' pain was gone after a few minutes.

Therapy then was to drink two glasses of water every three hours, which meant

that the pain did not return. Batmangelidj continued his research on water

after his release and found time and again that water could improve or even

cure many of the diseases that are so widespread today.

Have a glass of water - this will show whether you are still sick Professor Dr.

Karl J. Probst - naturopathic doctor, speaker and author - confirmed

Batmangelidj's statements at a lecture in Stuttgart in 2002, when he told of

the habit of some Israeli doctors to first give their patients a large glass of

For many patients, this would

improve their symptoms so massively that they could leave the practice without

Of course there are other causes of malaise and illness as well. Nevertheless,

the experiences of the doctors mentioned and also of many patients indicate

that water shortages could be more widespread than one suspects.

Try it out yourself! If you already suffer from a chronic illness or if you

suddenly develop acute symptoms such as headache, difficulty concentrating,

cold symptoms, gas, stomach pain, heartburn or whatever, then drink more water!

These symptoms can indicate a lack of water Basically, a lack of water can be

the cause of all complaints, making them worse or making recovery more

By the way, one speaks of a lack of water or dehydration when 1 to 3

percent of the body weight has already been lost in the form of water and is no

longer refilled.

In the following, we only present a selection of symptoms and diseases that

could indicate a lack of water and explain why water can have a soothing


Water is necessary for saliva

production - and sufficient saliva is necessary to prevent bad breath. If you

drink water regularly, you will also use it to rinse your oral cavity again and

again and ensure a healthy environment there. Harmful bacteria can no longer

settle so easily, teeth and gums stay healthy.

If there is a lack of water, harmful bacteria take over, multiply in the gum

pockets, lead to inflammatory processes and form a coating on the tongue. Bad

breath develops quickly. Even the best dental hygiene can no longer do anything

here if it is not finally recognized that the body suffers from a lack of water

The first measure to be taken in case of bad breath is: Drink more water! Only

when this step does not bring any improvement after a few days can you start

looking for other possible causes. Of course, it would be ideal if you not only

changed your drinking habits, but also changed your diet. Because an

unfavorable diet is also very often the trigger for bad breath.

* You can find a high quality water filter for at home here: Drink Pure water


Drink more water if you are chronically tired and have difficulty concentrating

Blood consists of 90 to 95 percent water. So how is your blood supposed to flow

When there is a lack of water, the blood

volume in the body therefore decreases. So your blood practically shrinks and

But thick blood means that your heart has to pump more, i.e.

increase your blood pressure in order to send the viscous blood through the

circulation at the usual speed and still supply all organs with sufficient


If this does not succeed, the organs suffer from a lack of oxygen. You can feel

the lack of oxygen in the brain and muscles particularly quickly. One gets

tired, is no longer able to concentrate and has no more motivation to move (5,

7 - 13). So if you are constantly tired or have trouble concentrating, check

You can also try out drinking a glass of water instead of the obligatory coffee

to stimulate yourself and see whether this can also help - without any


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