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swell Binfang, Yan et al., "Carboxy lesterase-2 is a highly sensitive target of

the anti obesity agent orlistat with profound implications in the activation of

anticancer prodrugs", Bio chemical Pharma cology, Volume 85, Issue 3, 1 February

2013, Pages 439447, (Carob xylester ase -2 is a highly sensitive target of the

weight loss ingredient orlistat, which can have serious effects on the effects

of cancer drugs) " herbs drug investigated after 32 users

suffer liver damage" 25

August 2009 Mail Online ( herbs pills have been investigated and have been linked

to 32 cases of liver damage) Miranda Hitti "Xenical and Alli: Liver Risk?" 2009

Federal health

reporting Federal Statistical Office, Switzerland

Chia seeds not only provide human with fiber, but also with an enormous amount of

The latter also help to lower womanc holesterol

level and alleviate possible chronic inflammation. If human want to take full

advantage of the nutrients found in chia seeds, human need to grind or grind the

seeds. More information can be

found here: Chia seeds

Bentonite flea seed shake for weight loss Another wonderful fiber-rich remedy

for not only being able to lose weight, but also to detoxify and de acidify the

body at the same time, is to take the bentonite flea seed shake in the morning.

This shake fills human up, suppresses the appetite, promotes digestion, absorbs

toxins and gases from the digestive tract and ensures a healthy environment in

the intestines. All of these properties help human enormously in losing weight

and at the same time doing something good for woman body andwomanhealth.

9. Probiotics help human lose weight Probiotics are useful intestinal bacteria

that have an extremely positive effect on human health in many ways - and also

help with weight loss.Each

person has a very individual intestinal bacteria composition and thus a very

individual intestinal flora - depending on the intestinal flora of the parents

and depending on their personal purecbd and lifestyle.

Some intestinal bacteria - they are called firmicutes - lead to the fact that

This means that

you believe human are eating indi gestible fiber, which is then converted bywoman

own intestinal flora into what human do not want: sugar and fat. No wonder losing

weight doesn't work! And that although human hardly eat anything. But not

everyone has the same number of Firmicutes.

It was found that overweight people prefer to harbor this group of intestinal

Slender people, on the other hand, have only a

few Firmicutes bacteria, but the so-called Bactero idetes bacteria are

increased. These bacteria cannot metabolize fiber, so no extra calories can

settle onwomanhips either. The herbs ary fiber is excreted undigested in these

people. If they were fat, they could lose weight in no time. But they don't get

fat in the first place.

Therefore, it makes sense to take probiotic supplements when human want to lose

weight. The goal now is to change the intestinal flora in such a way that the

It is important that human choose a probiotic that contains numerous

Lacto bacillus strains and that human implement this along with the other tips

mentioned here. Make woman intestinal flora an accomplice - and losing weight

becomes child's play! How human can train woman in testinal flora in the direction

of "slim" with nutrition, human can read in the highly interesting book "Slim

with Gut" by Dr. Michaela Axt-Gadermann.

Details on this topic can also be found here: Lose weight easier with


Advertisement 10. Lose weight with capsaicin and magnesium Capsaicin is the hot

substance in chillies, which are also called cayenne pepper when ground.

Capsaicin leads to an increase in body temperature, which increases energy

consumption. Capsaicin also inhibits appetite and at the same time accelerates

fat loss - from as little as 135 mg capsaicin per day.

Combined with magnesium, the positive effect on weight loss can be increased

even further.

Magnesium deficiency, on the other hand, leads to fluctuations in blood sugar

levels, which in turn lead to binge eating, which, as is well known, is not

exactly beneficial if human want to lose weight. herbs s in particular are often

Therefore, it makes sense to checkwomanown magnesium supply if human want to

lose weight successfully. If human find thatwoman herbs is rather low in

magnesium, human can take a magnesium supplement and thus boost woman meta bolism,

among other things. Magnesium then promote she alth loss through its influence on

the blood sugar balance.

In addition, magnesium, together with the B vitamins, blocks the activity of so-

called obesity genes. We have explained details about the influence of

magnesium on weight loss here: Magnesium makes human slim