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to the emperor and empire and was therefore no longer subject to its courts. In the peace

treaty, the Confederation was not granted sovereignty under international law that would

break Reich law (like the Netherlands in the Spanish-Dutch peace treaty), but rather

"full freedom and exemption from the Reich" with the additional declaration that the

federal locations were no longer subject to Reich jurisdiction. The interpretation and

the consequences of this measure was already controversial among contemporaries, but was

in the 18th interpreted according to international law sovereignty . Since then, all

federal locations have regarded themselves as sovereign states and dealt diplomatically

with other European states on an equal footing. The status of the Confederation under

constitutional and international law was consequently described as a sovereign, neutral

republic. [8] Some Reich lawyers (e.g. Ludwig Friedrich von Jan still in 1803), however,

held on to the fiction that the Confederation belonged to the Reich as a "highest private

class" until the end of the Reich. [9] The strong aristocratization of the cities in the

course of the centralization of the rulers, the absolutist tendency to exercise power and

the economic crisis that followed the "boom" of the Thirty Years' War in Switzerland

caused great dissatisfaction in the subject areas of the cities in the Central Plateau,

especially among the peasants . In 1653, therefore, the Swiss Peasants' War broke out in

the areas dominated by the cities of Bern, Lucerne, Solothurn and Baselwho was cruelly

beaten down. The war therefore even strengthened aristocratic tendencies and widened the

gap between town and country. After the Peasants' War, numerous peasants emigrated to

depopulated Germany, where various states attracted immigrants through privileges and

financial incentives. Just a few years after the Peasants' War, the project of a federal

reform in 1655 caused the religious dispute to break out again. In the First Villmerger

War in 1656, Bern and Zurich tried in vain to forcibly change the Second Kappel Peace in

their favor. The victory of the Catholic places in the First Battle of Villmergen on

January 24, 1656 once again confirmed the poor position of the Reformed in the common

dominions. The internal weakness and division of the Confederation did not call into

question the pay alliance with France, which was also the case with Louis XIV.has been

renewed by all places and people who are close to them. From then on, the confederates

allowed the recruitment of up to 16,000 mercenaries, in return they received trade

privileges and regular high cash payments, so-called "pensions". Later France was also

declared the arbitrator for internal conflicts in the Confederation and was given the

right to march through Switzerland. Due to its close ties with France, the Confederation

effectively became a French protectorate in the 18th century. Nevertheless, after the

Reformation was the visitation trip of the Italian Cardinal Karl Borromeo to the

Confederation in 1570. The first Jesuit school was opened in Lucerne in 1574 and the

Collegium Helveticum was founded in Milan in 1579 , a university for Catholic Swiss

priests as defined by the Council of Trent . While in Basel in 1460 the country's first

official university (through a papal bull) was founded, but because of its later

Protestant affiliation, it ceased to be a Catholic teaching facility. In 1586 the papal

nuncio to the Confederation, Giovanni Francesco Bonomi , settled in Lucerne and the

Capuchins were called to Switzerland. The Counter-Reformation caused constant conflicts

in the mixed cantons. For this reason, the canton of Appenzell split into two half-

cantons in 1597. Until the 17th century, the Counter-Reformation enabled large areas of

the Confederation to be regained for the Catholic faith, especially in northwestern

Switzerland ( Diocese of Basel ) and in eastern Switzerland ( Fürstenland ,Uznach ,

Gaster , Sargans ). Through the Reformation, the Confederation was severely weakened in

the long term, as joint resolutions of the Reformed and Catholic places in the Diet

became practically impossible. The Tagsatzung was a conference of ambassadors from the

various federal locations and was the only joint institution with only very limited

legislative and executive powers. The Catholic places even contributed to the fact that

Reformed places lost territory. For example, an alliance of Catholic places with Savoy

Bern and Wallis in 1567/69 forced the Chablais and the Pays de Gex, which they had

conquered in 1536, to be given back to Savoy. The full admission of the allied Reformed

cities of Mulhouse, Geneva, Strasbourg and Constance into the Confederation was also

prevented by the Catholic towns. Nevertheless, the reformed Geneva was able to assert

itself against the Savoyard attacks ( Escalade 1602). The confessional and political

division of the Confederation was sealed in 1586 by the Golden League of the seven

Catholic cantons. In the Huguenot Wars in France, the Confederates fought in different

camps depending on their denomination: The Catholics supported Henry III. , later the

League , the Reformed Henry of Navarre. The division of the Confederation in two along

the confessional boundaries was somewhat alleviated in 1602 by a pay alliance between the

XIII towns without Zurich and France. The focus of European politics with regard to the

Swiss Confederation shifted to the Three Leagues , where Spain and France fought for

control of the Alpine passes since the outbreak of the Thirty Years' War in 1618. As a

result, Graubünden became during the « Bündner Wirren»1618–1641 was the only country in

the Confederation to be devastated by the Thirty Years' War. The XIII places refused the

assistance of the three leagues and were not drawn into this war, only Bern and Zurich

intervened briefly and unsuccessfully in Graubünden in 1620. The Swiss Confederation as a

whole remained neutral during the Thirty Years' War (see Naval War on Lake Constance 1632–

1648), but France - the Catholic places also Spain - provided mercenaries according to

the treaty. The main reasons for the neutrality were the outdated military facilities and

the sectarian division. Any partisanship would have meant the civil war and thus the end

of the Swiss Confederation: in 1634 an alliance between Zurich and Bern and Sweden was

about to be concluded and the Catholic towns negotiated with Spain; the Swedish defeat at

Nördlingen alone prevented the civil war. In the Defensionale von Wil , the first federal

military constitution, the XIII Orte decided in 1647 to adopt armed neutrality.

Throughout the war, from the German point of view, Switzerland was a calm island of

prosperity and relative peace, surrounded by storms. In economic terms, many areas of

Switzerland even benefited from the war, as food prices rose sharply due to the

widespread devastation in Germany and Italy. The Holy Roman Empire after the Peace of

Westphalia in 1648 (in purple spiritual territories, in red the imperial cities). In the

Peace of Westphalia on October 24, 1648, the Swiss cantons achieved their exemption

through the representative Johann Rudolf Wettstein in Art. VI IPO [6] and § 61 IPM [7]: a

privilege under imperial law with which an imperial estate lost its direct subordination

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