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Natural potency drugs - potency enhancing substances from nature sheet

In addition to chemical potency agents such as the PDE5 inhibitor Viagra, there

are many natural substances that are said to have a potent effect. Natural

sexual enhancers are often herbal. But you can also from other structures such

as animal products. In the following we list various natural erectile

dysfunction drugs as well as their presumed or proven effectiveness. As with

all erectile dysfunction, the effect also depends on the severity of the

erectile dysfunction. Some men take these drugs as aphrodisiacs and to increase

their sexual performance even without medical indication.

There is a lot of advertising about these sexual enhancers, as they are usually

accessible without a prescription. Unfortunately there are many dubious

providers in this market. For this reason, we generally advise against self-

medication in the interest of your health.

Important: Anyone suffering from erection problems or impotence should get into

the hands of a specialist. Erectile dysfunction is very easy to treat and often

curable today, so that those affected do not have to take medication for their

whole life. In addition, erection problems can be an important early symptom of

stroke and heart attack. If you get treatment early as a man, you can not only

save your love life with it. Learn more

Overview of natural erectile dysfunction Ambrein This is a substance found in

the gray amber of the sperm whale. It is used particularly in Arab countries as

an alternative to increasing potency. The effect of Ambrein is based on the

fact that various endogenous, hormonal "production sites" are stimulated and,

accordingly, more testosterone is released in the male body. An increased

testosterone level leads to an improved libido and can produce better


Bufotenin Bufotenin is mainly found in mushrooms. However, it was also found in

the skin secretions of various toads. This substance works in the head and is

said to cause a central increase in sexuality and libido.

Cantharidin (also: Kantharidin, better known as: Spanish fly) The Spanish fly (

Cantharis Vesicatoria) from the family of the oil beetles is legendary because

of its potentiating power. Cantharidin can be rubbed into the external

genitalia as well as taken up orally. Since the "Spanish fly" (a beetle) is

often ground to obtain cantharidin, it is also known by this term. The remedy

is said to cause longer-lasting erections. Even in ancient times, the beetles

were crushed into a powder that the men ingested. It is true that the Spanish

fly inhibits phosphodiesterase and stimulates beta receptors. Therefore, there

is of course a corresponding sexual effectiveness. But be careful! Excessive

intake can lead to scarring in the urethra, sometimes even kidney failure.

Alliaceae This substance is obtained from the group of the vegetable leek

family. It appears to increase both the number of coitus and the ejaculation


Alpinia There are various sub-forms of Alpinia. The Alpinia Calcarata is

believed to have a corresponding positive effect on sexuality. It belongs to

the ginger family and is said to stimulate both erectile function and libido.

Perennial Bertram (Anacyclus pyrethrum) Perennial Bertram belongs to the genus

of ring flowers and is actually an ornamental plant for rock gardens. The

active ingredient of the plant is generally described as having a vitalizing

effect on erectile function.

Nutrition / sex food A sensible and healthy diet is one of the main

requirements for enjoying good erections. More on the subject including recipes

Free MP3 program Receive the audio program "The best sex of your life" for free

Good sex and sexual performance begin in the mind. Listening to the program

increases your sexual performance and your enjoyment of sex in a simple and

relaxed way.

TO THE FREE AUDIO PROGRAM Yohimbine Before developing substances such as

Levitra, Viagra or Cialis (PDE5 inhibitors), yohimbine was very important in

drug therapy for erectile dysfunction. The substance was originally obtained

from the bark of the yohimbe tree and is also found in its leaves. It goes back

to the observation of African locals who chewed on the bark of the tree to

improve their erectile function. Since the above-mentioned prescription-only

PDE5 inhibitors have been on the market, yohimbine has been used far less

frequently to improve erectile function. The studies on the effectiveness of

this substance are very mixed. An improvement in the level of effectiveness of

a PDE5

Natural erectile dysfunction:

Natural sexual enhancers: what olive oil and other home remedies do. Many

spices, herbs and oils are said to have a potent effect. (Source: Thinkstock by

Getty-Images) Many spices, herbs and oils are said to have a potent effect. (

Source: Thinkstock by Getty-Images) share Tiller Twitter To press To mail

editorial staff The world of plants supposedly offers many opportunities to

naturally increase potency. In contrast to prescription products, the study

situation for natural erectile dysfunction is rather sparse. For some remedies,

however, there are serious studies with promising results.

OVERVIEW olive oil Chilies, oysters and figs ginseng Yohimbine ginkgo L-

arginine Power means from the Internet One of them is a recent study carried

out at the University of Athens and presented at this year's congress of the

European Society of Cardiology in Munich. She concludes that olive oil

increases sexual performance in older men. The result is based on a study of

660 men with an average age of 67 years.

Lust and potency in old age thanks to olive oil Those who ate at least nine

tablespoons of olive oil a week and who ate a lot of vegetables, fruits, nuts,

fish, legumes and little meat according to the principles of the Mediterranean

diet, had fewer potency problems and a higher testosterone level than the other

test subjects.

TEN NATURAL POTENTIAL Natural potency (Source: Getty Images / PeopleImages)

Garlic (Source: Getty Images / Robert Daly) Oysters (Source: Getty Images /

Noppawan Laisuan) Eggs (Source: Getty Images / mactrunk) Ginger (Source: Getty

Images / toeytoey2530) Fish ( Source: Getty Images / elxeneize) Pepper (Source:

Getty Images / fotostorm) Saffron (Source: Getty Images / yavdat) Nuts (Source:

Getty Images / salez) Photo series with 11 pictures "Those who adhere to the

Mediterranean diet and consume a lot of olive oil reduce their risk of

impotence in old age by around 40 percent," says study director Christina

Chrysohoou. She sees the explanation for this in the health-promoting effect of

the Mediterranean diet. These prevent vascular diseases and also keep the blood

vessels in the penis fit, which enable an erection. This improves potency -

without Viagra.

Olive oil: how to recognize a good product Prevent erection problems In order

to keep the potency as long as possible, men can do a lot themselves. A study

conducted by British researchers at the University of East Anglia on 50,000

test subjects shows how important nutrition and lifestyle are.

According to this, men can demonstrably reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction

by exercising regularly and eating foods that are rich in anthocyanins,

flavanones and flavones. These plant substances are contained in:

Blueberries Cherries Blackberries radish black currants Citrus The study

participants who regularly consumed these foods reduced their risk of erectile

dysfunction by 14 percent. Anyone who also exercised reduced the risk by as

much as 21 percent. The study result was published in the Merican Journal of

Clinical Nutrition (2016).

Strengthen potency: Tips for a better erection

In order to strengthen and maintain man power, men should also follow the

following measures:

no smoking: good blood flow to the penis is important for a good erection. You

should therefore avoid nicotine. Alcohol in moderation: Alcohol affects sexual

performance. For this reason, you should consume alcohol moderately. regular

strength training: exercise and above all strength training help to get a

better erection. The body produces more testosterone, which of course also has

a positive effect on the erection Stress reduction: pressure to perform,

worries and stress are real lust killers and can lead to impotence. So make

sure you have enough relaxation in your life. Avoid obesity: Since obesity also

affects the blood vessels in the long term and can disturb the hormonal

balance, men should pay attention to their figure. Chilies, oysters and figs:

natural aphrodisiacs Unfortunately, many natural erectile drugs often promise

more than they keep, only work for mild complaints or even have side effects.

Harmless recommendations include foods such as chilies, oysters and figs, which

are said to have a pleasure-enhancing effect. Many of these aphrodisiacs

contain important vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Some of them,

including chillies, even support blood circulation.

While there are no scientific studies, one thing is certain: We

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