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Genetics do not separate human races People from different parts of the world

look different. This is partly due to the genes. However, breeds cannot be

defined based on genetics.

Stephanie Lahrtz May 11, 2018, 5:30 a.m. Notice To press share The skin color

is not a suitable characteristic for defining a "race". (Image: Mauritius

Images) The skin color is not a suitable characteristic for defining a "race". (

Image: Mauritius Images) Over 1.90 meters tall, fair-skinned and red-haired.

The two Europeans stand out in every way on the Beijing subway. No question,

people from different regions of the world look different. It is reasonable to

assume that genetics plays a role here, and so the discussion about the

existence of different human races flares up regularly. Recently, the

geneticist David Reich from Harvard University started the debate again in an

article in the “New York Times” (see box). But can you really define a "race"

by its genetics?

The problem begins with the fact that there is no clear definition of race.

While the German term is primarily used for domestic animals, the English

"race" is different. It also refers to groups of people who can be

differentiated socially or physically from others. However, according to most

researchers, genetic delimitation is not possible.

"There is no genetic definition of race," says Amade M’charek, an

anthropologist at the University of Amsterdam. Because you do not know a set of

gene variants that only occur in one group of people and thus clearly

differentiate them from other groups. “We can categorize people according to

their skin color or eye shape, for example. But if we then consider another

characteristic, new groups emerge. »

Gene exchange over millennia The sociologist Tino Plümecke, who teaches at the

St. Gallen University of Applied Sciences, adds one more thing: «Even with the

help of even more precise genetic analysis, you won't find any genetic

arguments for such a division into clearly defined groups or races, I'm

convinced of that. » Because the story of Homo sapiens is a story of constant

migration combined with regular gene exchange. In fact, all genetic studies to

date have shown that the differences between any two individuals in the same

group are much greater than those found between average representatives of

different groups.

Our gene mix today is the legacy of millennia of migration and intermingling

between long-established and newcomers. Again and again, new gene variants

emerged somewhere, some of which were preserved, others not. Their genes also

migrated with humans. A gene variant that causes an increased susceptibility to

leprosy occurs in Danish leprosy victims in the Middle Ages as well as in

modern people in India or China.

Skin color not a suitable racial trait Even a clear characteristic like the

color of the skin is not a clear matter genetically. An individual has several

gene variants for skin color, the interaction of which with the action of

sunlight then results in the skin color. Gene variants for “dark-skinned” can

also be found in light-skinned Central Europeans, just as people with dark skin

tones have genes for light skin, says Plümecke. When it comes to skin color, as

with many other characteristics, there is a continuous gradient with blurred

borders across geographical regions. After all, some southern Italians or

Portuguese are darker than typical Moroccans or Tunisians.

According to scientists, skin color is not a good breed trait anyway. Because

what people define as “black-skinned” depends enormously on their social

context. “Black” in the USA means that there are few, in Brazil, on the other

hand, that you only have ancestors of African descent.

Disease genes distributed worldwide Reich argues in his article that in some

areas, such as medicine, it may be important to take genetic differences

between different population groups into account, as some diseases occur

frequently in some populations. But if you take a look at the list of these

gene variants, it also shows that no «race» can be defined from them. For

example, special mutations that increase the risk of prostate cancer or high

blood pressure by a few percent originally only occur in people living in

Africa and therefore increasingly occur in Americans of African descent. But

not every African American wears them - and they can also be found in Americans

with European ancestors.

Why the debate is boiling up again slz. On March 23, David Reich, one of the

world's leading experts, published

Geneticist David Reich resolves an intellectual dispute in the United States

Genetics and breeds from New scientific findings shake the thesis that there

are not too big differences between human populations would be. Maybe "race" is

more than a social construction?

Save Print Share The South African Stan are one of the few indigenous peoples

who did not mix genetically. ( Image: Three Lions / Getty Images) The South

African Stan are one of the few primitive peoples who did not mix genetically. (

Image: Three Lions / Getty Images) We are all descendants of the Neanderthals:

We contribute around two percent the genetic makeup of our relatives in us, who

have lived since their Discovery in 1856 were considered primitive pre-humans.

Came to this realization the geneticists in the past decade. They concluded

from the tracks that found in our genome that the small group of Homo sapiens

that come from Africa moved out, contacts with Neanderthals in the Middle East

50,000 years ago used to be sexual too. That is why modern people give up on

everyone Continents the genes of despised relatives - except in Africa, where

Homo sapiens prevailed in its unmixed form.

In Switzerland, a child died for the first time who tested positive for the

coronavirus. According to Stefan Kuster from the BAG seriously ill, the infant

came from Macedonia to the Children's Hospital in Zurich, where he died. The

child was at home in Aargau. According to the Cantonal Medical Service in

Aargau, the deceased infant died of a serious neurological disorder, which can

be caused by many types of viruses. The child had tested positive for Covid-19.

Further medical examinations to determine the cause of death are still pending.

It is unclear whether the detected Covid-19 infection was the cause of the

infant's death. The deadline for initiatives has been lifted. As of now,

signatures can be collected again and the deadline of 100 days for initiatives

and 50 days for referenda applies again. The SEM communicated clarifications in

the border regime. From June 8th, applications for work from abroad can be

submitted again. However, entry is still only permitted with good reason. From

June 15, the free movement of people with neighboring countries is to be

restored, although the situation in the case of Italy is still unclear. From

July 6, the entire Schengen area will be open for entry, exit and transit.

Sessions in the Bundeshaus again? A journalist wants to know whether the summer

session can now take place again in the Federal Palace thanks to the easing.

Neither party can answer the question, refer to the parliamentary services.

Dead infant came from Macedonia Question: The deceased infant in Aargau came

seriously ill from Macedonia to Switzerland?

Answer Kuster “Clarifications are ongoing. It is only clear that the baby's

home canton is in the canton of Aargau. ».

Weddings over at midnight? Question: The curfew is valid until midnight. What

about closed weddings? Do they have to close at midnight?

Stefan Kuster cannot answer this question and delivers it later.

Adelboden or Costa Brava? Question: Does it make sense whether I spend my

vacation in Adelboden or on the Costa Brava?

Kuster dust-dry: "It depends on how the situation on the Costa Brava presents


Vacation abroad? Can we go on vacation abroad from June?

Gattiker, SECO: “The Federal Council has set its agenda. He assumes that from

6.7. the Schengen area is open again. Of course, this is something that is

discussed internationally. » One recognizes a return to normalcy. But it is

highly complex, there is “a patchwork of solutions”. But it is realistic that

the Schengen area will be open again from July 6th.

Contact tracing Contact tracing: Up to a hundred people should be traceable, it

was said. How does it look today?

Kuster: “The cantons are well prepared. Many cantons work with the lung leagues

and are agile enough to recruit more staff at short notice. The cantons are

also prepared for short-term outbreaks. »

Shouldn't you help the clubs? Question: Maintaining contact lists could be a

loss for clubs in particular? Shouldn't the federal government step financially

into the breach?

Answer by Boris Zürcher, SECO “It is not up to the federal government to step

in where there are downtimes. The Epidemic Act does not provide for that

either. » Apart from that, SECO provided “tens of billions of francs” for

unemployment insurance.

No free pass Stefan Kuster: «Keeping contact lists is no free pass for not

sticking to social distancing»

«Distance, Distance, Distance» Question: How does this work with the protection

concepts, for example at concerts?

Stefan Kuster, BAG «Ms. Sommaruga said it very nicely. Common sense is

required. The principle is distance, distance, distance. » Where that is not

possible, contact lists must be created. It is about the individual

responsibility of the industries, but also of each individual.

Protective materials Question about the protective materials: Should you create

reserves with masks?

Kuster, BAG: “It makes sense for hospitals, cantons and the federal government

to prepare well. Accordingly, it makes sense that in the current situation, in

which we are in a phase with a small number of cases and a lot of protective

material is available, the cantons and hospitals are arming themselves. »

However, Kuster does not make an official recommendation.

Question: The cantons voluntarily pass on information on quarantine. So the

cantons that don't release numbers don't mean there aren't quarantined people


Answer Kuster: «There are actually cantons that have not yet reported anything.

But in the vast majority of cantons where no cases are published, this actually

means that they have no people in quarantine. »

Quarantine numbers Aargau Question: The relatively high number of people in

Aargau who are in Aargau

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