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What is the spine?

What is the function of the spine?

Where is the spine located?

What problems can the spine cause?



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What is the spine?

The spine is the bony axis skeleton that supports the trunk and enables it to

move. When viewed from the front, it is straight. Viewed from the side,

however, it has a double S-shape:

In the neck and lumbar area it is curved forward (neck and lumbar lordosis), in

the chest and sacral area it is curved back (chest and sacral kyphosis). This

spine anatomy is important for standing upright, walking and cushioning loads.

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Which illness causes my complaints?

How many vertebrae does a person have?

The human spine consists of 33 to 34 vertebrae. It is divided into five spine

sections, each consisting of several vertebrae:

Cervical spine (cervical spine)

It is made up of the seven seven cervical vertebrae (cervical vertebrae, C1-C7)

. You can read more about this top section of the spine in the article on the

cervical spine .

Thoracic spine (BWS)

Read more about the longest section of the spine, which is made up of the 12

thoracic vertebrae (thoracic vertebrae, Th1 - Th12) in the article thoracic

spine .

Lumbar spine (lumbar spine)

The third section of the spine is made up of five vertebrae (lumbar vertebrae,

L1 - L5). You can find out more in the lumbar spine article .


During development, the five sacral vertebrae (sacral vertebrae, S1 - S5) grow

together into a single bone. Read more about it in the sacrum article .

Coccyx (Os coccygis)

The last section of the spine also consists of overgrown vertebrae, four to

five in number. You can find out more about this in the article Coccyx .

The 24 cervical, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae remain mobile for life - except

in the event of illness or injury.

The vortex build-up varies

In principle, the vertebrae are constructed according to a uniform basic

scheme. In the different spine sections, however, there is a slightly varying

structure in accordance with the function and load: vertebrae that perform more

static functions differ in size and shape from those that have more dynamic


That is why the vertebrae of the cervical spine , which carry relatively little

weight with the head, but which must allow great mobility, are shaped

differently and smaller than the lumbar vertebrae. The latter must carry a

significantly greater weight and therefore be stronger, but only allow a

smaller range of movement.