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For sure. But it's not about mass protests. If football can show that the

spectators are two meters apart and registered, more people could come together

in the stadium. Daniel Koch from BAG said that two weeks ago. The basic

measures are the backbone of the strategy, if these are not followed, it

breaks. It is not about absurdity, but about coherence in all places. You have

to achieve this by working with those responsible to find the right concepts.

Daniel Koch made a proposal for football that many did not consider feasible.

Then you have to keep looking for what is feasible.

In connection with crowds of people, one is afraid of the super spreaders.


A superspreader carries viruses and shows little or no symptoms, so it is not

sick. He is fit, mobile and active in a group and can infect many people beyond

the normal relationship. They are rare, but theoretically one could have been

on a protest train on Saturday.

People lose fear of the virus. Isn't it difficult to continue implementing the

basic measures?

In the long run, it doesn't need any sociological studies. This is how we work.

If you are also organized in an individualistic way like we are, even more so.

The risk of infection is very small at the moment, but you can still

accidentally meet infected people or even a super spreader in a crowd, then the

risk suddenly changes selectively.

There are reports of a second Chinese virus that has mutated.

You don't know anything scientifically based and you have to stay relaxed and

don't create conspiracy theories. The data must first be analyzed. It is

generally important that the virus is sequenced immediately in all newly

discovered cases. That is part of the Swiss strategy. If we only have small

herds of infection, it is important to know how they are connected. This

applies above all to the limits that are now being reopened.

Violent thunderstorms in the Rhine Valley: emergency services deployed 23 times

within an hour - basements were also under water in Appenzellerland On Saturday

evening, Tief Nadine moved across Switzerland and caused heavy rains,

especially in French-speaking Switzerland. The storm also left its mark on the

Rhine Valley and kept the emergency services busy. The rest of Eastern

Switzerland, on the other hand, was largely spared.

Stephanie Martina 14.06.2020, 08.28 a.m.

Listen Notice To press share Dark clouds over the Säntis: Eastern Switzerland

was largely spared the storm last night. Dark clouds over the Säntis: Eastern

Switzerland was largely spared the storm last night. Archive image: Ralph Ribi

The thunderstorms on Saturday evening brought heavy rain and locally hail

showers and stormy winds. Eastern Switzerland, however, got off pretty

lightly - with one exception. In the Rhine Valley, the police and fire

department had their hands full on Saturday evening. The emergency services had

to deploy 23 times to clear buildings of water.

Most calls to the emergency center of the St.Gallen cantonal police were

received between 7 p.m. and 8:15 p.m. "Berneck, Rheineck and St.Margrethen were

particularly affected," says Daniel Hug, media spokesman for the cantonal

police in St.Gallen. But there were also individual operations in Thal and

Altstätten. Nobody got hurt. The cantonal police cannot yet quantify the


Severe weather spares the Appenzellerland and the canton of Thurgau The

Appenzellerland was largely spared by the storm. Only in Walzenhausen did Tief

Nadine cause flooded basements. «The emergency services had to deploy four

times. There was only one mission in Innerrhoden. A basement also had to be

pumped out in Büriswilen, ”says Dorothee Rüsch from the operations center of

the canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden. The Ausserrhode operations center also

coordinates fire service operations for the neighboring half-canton.

Because of the storm, there was no fire or police intervention in Thurgau, as

the Thurgau canton police said on request.

Almost 800 lightning bolts in the canton of St.Gallen In the canton of

St.Gallen, 789 lightning bolts lit up the sky yesterday. This puts the canton

in second place in Switzerland, only in Bern there is more lightning. 242

lightning bolts were registered in the canton of Thurgau, 160 in Appenzell

Ausserrhoden and 62 in Innerrhoden.

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