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Howdoborrets prepare? The simplest option of the preparation is to harvest

thesheetsfresh,üwash themnicely and finely chop them. They canbegiven in

thisway overleaf orsaucesandin sauces. Speaking of sauce, boron chout areäan

integral part of the Frankfurt sauceüand are known above all asan ingredient.ür

bekannt. Forthesalad at home, it is sufficientäto combine the chopped breadwith

salt, pepper and some olivesöl. The herb providesüan aromaticüflavour and

brings a unusual touch tothe dish. A further possibilityofpreparation can be

found in warm dishes. Together with onions and garlic, the slices areäööl

gedünstet inolives,withgemüsebrüheabgeland thentasted with salt and pepper.

Afterüfrying and adding cream, the tasty borage soup is ready. Again,üadd salt

andpepper andüadd alittle olivesöto theünes Blattgemüleaves. This canübe eaten

like spinach and can therefore also be used, for example, for the useof

ravioli - so the cucumber herb is used in Italy.

CantheBorretschblüten beeaten? Yes, the blue Borretschblü tenare alsoedible.

They canbeadded to salads and are here an aromatic decoration. The same

appliestosoups, dips andügems. In contrast to the sheets, however,äthe boron

chinsarenot cookable. Instead, the boragesheetsshouldbe used fresh and raw and

consumed. They canagainbe enjoyedwith salt, pepper and olivesöl gewüor pure.

Another possibilityöof using boron oilüis the placinginöolives. The

Borretschblgivetheir aromas to the olivesöö land Borretsch-Öl isproduced. This

is ready when the sheetsüare different.ä Then they should also be removed from

the Öl. Withüsalt and pepper, the Borretsch-ÖÖl offers theopportunityöto

enjoyätheümedicinal aromas even if the flavoursäand the baconüarenot

fresh.glichkeit, die wltlich sind.

Store Borretsch correctly The borage and theplantsshould always be eaten fresh,

as they are difficult to store and preserve. One possibilityöis to drythe herb.

However, it loses a lot of aromas and does not taste as fresh andüw üzig. In

addition, it remains boilable,übut shouldbe very finely crushed for the wrzen

and added only shortly before the end of the cooking time. Theflasheswilt

quickly and, apart from the short-term insertion in Öl, cannot beüstored

forlongeräperiods. Itistherefore as already mentioned thatänstig ist es daher

wie bereits erwBorretsch should be grown itself. A pot on the window sill is


Caution: Healthy but toxic Borretschcontainsvitamins, especially vitamin C, as

well as minerals such as potassium. In addition, there are secondaryäplant

substances, such as saponins, tannins and mucous substances and even

uncontaminatedäättigte Fettsfats. All these are healthy and an enrichment forür

die Ernäthe food. However, cucumber herb also contains toxic substances. These

are so-called pyrrolizidine alkaloids. Borage should therefore notöbe consumed

in greaterquantities or regularly.ä The occasional enjoyment, on the other

hand, is harmless. This also applies übrigens auch ftothe Borretschblüten.

Pear - The süsse sister of the apple Pears have it in them. Vitamins, minerals

and fibremake foodhealthy and an enrichment forür die Ernäfood. But what

exactly is in it? Pear Shopping online

Our top sellers in the category pear

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Interesting facts aboutpear Comparea peg with pears - this proverb is meant to

show how different two things can be.ö The pear and apple have many

similarities. Apart from the delicious taste, each fruit offers a considerable

amount of vitamins, minerals and fiber. This makes them a valuable

contributiontothe healthandühealth of the company.

Why is the pear healthy? Because it contains a varietyäof vitalsubstances.

Among other things, vitamin E is contained and the content of vitamin C can

also be seen. Inaddition,it is rich in fibre and supplies thecörper with

minerals and trace elements.

What vitamins are in pears? Theitemsincluded include: Vitamin A Vitamin C

Vitamin E Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B9

Since the minerals, like the vitamins andöfibres,

cannot be produced by the human bodyitself,

öthe organism is dependenton the supply of food.ä

The pear helps toümeet the daily requirements

for these substances, which are importantfor health.

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