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can find olive leaf extract in capsules e.g. B. here: olive leaf extract Papaya

seeds: Papaya seeds can be eaten fresh or dried. They protect against bacterial

infections and fight intestinal parasites, but can also stimulate the activity

of immune cells and thus strengthen the immune system. You can read how to use

papaya seeds in the link above. * Papaya kernels are available e.g. B. here:

dried papaya seeds Essential oils: Essential oils can be used to relieve the

immune system, as they can have an antibacterial effect, but they also

strengthen the immune system, according to a study published in Molecules in

December 2019 . It stated that the essential oils from eucalyptus and ginger in

particular have an immune system-strengthening and even an immune system-

regulating effect (9). You can use the oils in the fragrance lamp, put them in

water and inhale, put them in tiny amounts in tea (make sure that the essential

oils are food-grade!) Or mix them in a base oil and rub a little of it into the

soles of your feet. * You can find essential ginger oil e.g. B. here: ginger

drops made from ginger extract Colloidal silver: Due to its antibacterial

properties, colloidal silver is often referred to as THE antibiotic in the

medicine cabinet. Colloidal silver is a promising therapeutic agent for skin

infections or gum problems, and it has also proven itself in sinus infections,

so that it seems to relieve the body's immune system of some of the work. You

can read everything about the correct use of colloidal silver in the link

above. * You can get colloidal silver here: Colloidal silver 250 or 500 ml

Drink water: Water flushes toxins out of the body and thus significantly

relieves your immune system. So always remember to drink enough water. Your

urine should only be very slightly yellow in color, or you are not drinking

enough. One of the main tasks of water is to excrete toxins and metabolic waste

products. If you don't drink enough water, some toxins have to stay in the

body. There you accumulate and can lead to overloads and disorders of the

immune system. 3. How to strengthen your immune system - with nutritional

supplements Let us now come to the means and measures that can specifically

strengthen your immune system, i.e. promote the activity and functionality of

immune cells, reduce inflammation and help regulate an immune system that is

out of balance:

Strengthen the immune system with sulforaphane from broccoli Sulforaphane and

its effects on the immune system were examined in an Indian study by the Amala

Cancer Research Center in Kerala. It was found that sulforaphane significantly

increased the activity of natural killer cells (a type of defense cell). The

specific immune system was also strengthened in the formation of antibodies by

sulforaphane. In addition, sulforaphane significantly increased the production

of interleukin-2 and gamma interferon.

Interleukin-2 is a messenger substance, the presence of which promotes the

division and multiplication of immune cells. Gamma interferon, on the other

hand, activates macrophages, i.e. the scavenger cells of the immune system.

Sulforaphane is therefore a recommended substance that can strengthen your

immune system.

* You can get high-dose sulforaphane here: Sulforaphane capsules

Strengthen the immune system with tragacanth Tragacanth (Astragalus) is a

medicinal plant from Asia. Most of the time the root is used, occasionally the

herb. Tragacanth specializes in combating viruses, cancer and chronic

inflammation. To do this, it stimulates the white blood cells and increases the

body's own production of certain interferons, a natural substance in our immune

system that can render viruses harmless, but also shrink cancerous tumors.

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), tragacanth has been an important aid to

strengthen the immune system for thousands of years. In addition, you either

drink a decoction of the root or you simply cook vegetables in tragacanth tea

Medicinal mushrooms that strengthen the immune system In Asia, the medicinally

effective types of mushrooms such as B. Ling Zhi, also called Reishi. Reishi

stabilizes the body's defenses and can successfully strengthen the immune

system. To do this, according to numerous in vitro tests, it activates a wide

variety of defense cells, including natural killer cells, and at the same time

stops the spread of cancer cells.

* Reishi mushroom powder is available e.g. B. here: Reishi powder

Strengthen the immune system with aloe vera The desert plant aloe vera and its

many uses are now widely known. Aloe vera can be found in skin care products,

in wound healing agents and also in juices or gels for internal use in cases of

asthma, psoriasis, acne, Candida infections (fungal infections) and much more.

Aloe Vera also promotes the excretion of toxins and is even said to help repair

radiation damage through a certain change in the immune system (18).

Aloe Vera owes its healing and immunomodulating properties in particular to its

most important active ingredient, acemannan (also called aloverose). Acemannan

has a regulating effect on the immune system, but also activates the white

blood cells so that they can act more efficiently against pathogens (19).

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