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Fresh ingredients are always cooked individually and addedtorsten spätheplate.

Otherwise, they suck up all the secreted fat and the fryingüpan of the

roastingüand thus lose theirown taste. The nettle - everything else, just no

weeds! The name "Brennessel" refers to a genus of plants which includes

aävariety of different species, all of which are attributed to the

nettlefamily. Nettle Shopping online

Nettles around the globe can be found in almost all climate zones, albeit in

different species. Depending on the region, the plantsähave adapted to

theconditions, with all nettle species loving nitrogen-rich Böden.

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Interesting facts aboutnettle Switzerland is home to the two species "Grosse

Brennnessel" (Urtica dioica) and "Kleine Brennestel" (Urtica urens). Inaddition,

there are also other nettle-types, but then they are usually isolated

occurrences. Basically,äthe representatives of both species are persevering or

single-yearlyäherbaceous plants, whose growthöisquite different. The growth

strains varyöfrom 10 centimetres to three metres. Nettles existall over the

world, with the exception of one region - nmof Antarctica. They are found in

theüeastern hemisphere as well ason theönorthern hemisphere and function in

many places as a useful and medicinal plant, because their ingredients are

verybeneficial tohealth. In China there are even 14 different species of


Historical excursion: The nettle in history The healing power of nettles has

been known since ancient times. Even then, it was used as a medicinal plant

against various diseases. Already the Greek physician Pedanios Dioskurides, who

inöthe 1st century was in the service of the romanemperors Claudius and Nero

andäwas a militarydoctor,äknew about the effect ofthe plant. He uses the

nettles or extracts derived from this to treatdr.swelling, rheumatic ailments,

urinary tract diseases and pulmonaryüdiseases to restore the health ofhis

patients. Titus Pretonius, a senatoröandpoet, also used the nettle as a

medicinal plant, but primarily toötreat potency. A few centuries later,änäm

lich in the High MiddleAges, Hildegard von Bingen used the medicinal plant to

relieve stomach discomfort. Already the ä Äabtissin combined the nettle with

other medicinal plants such as golden rod, rose hip, birch blossom,hauhechel

and horsetail. Although theühealth-relatedäeffectsof the plants have been

partially forgotten,ämore and more people are now usingthe nettle as a

medicinal plant.

Nettles: Why do the plants "burn"? The painful burning during the covering of

aünettle isäcaused by theballs sittingäon theplates. The same

appliestotheüquads or swelling caused bythecrossing. The heartofthenettle

consists of a very sharp and very fragile tip and a smalllength,whichprotrudes

from the leaf. In these röenthere is a mixture of sodium formiat, i.e. the salt

of the antsäure, serotonin, histamine, acetylcholine and antsäure itself. In

some cases, this mixture is called nettle poison, but this is irreversibly,

übecause it is actually a relatively harmless composition. Animals such as

jellyfish, ontheother hand, ühavea hives, which äcan beädangerous. The tips

of the nettles are enormously fragile, so that even a smallüamount of weight is

sufficient to makethem burst. In the course of this process, the upper surface

of the skin isäslightly injured, but sufficiently injured, so that the leaking

nettle cret let easily penetrate it. Within a few seconds, the unpleasant

reaction occurs: Due to the beneficialeffect of the antsaurein combination

with histamine as anüend-of-war substance, the skin swells and a very

unpleasant itching develops. The hormone serotonin also activates the sensation

of pain, whereby the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine alsohas an increasing

effectonpain. It can take several days for the resulting quads to disappear.

Although this mechanism of action is an effective protection of nettles against

predators, the secretionisindefensibleäfor humanhealth. Nevertheless, it is

extremelyunpleasant to burn yourself on a nettle.

Ingredients of the nettle: That's in it The fact that theänettle is once again

inthe spotlightüand enjoys increasing popularity as a medicinal plant and food

is to be recalled on the valuable ingredients contained in it, which

areärelatedütoühealth. The plant plants have a high content of

secondaryäplantsubstances (flavonoids) and minerals. If, for example, one

compares the iron content of the nettle with that in spinach, it quickly

becomes clear that the nettle even tops the spinach with 4.1 milligrams per 100

grams. In addition, the plants contain a lot of vitamins A and C - with their

values the nettle is comparable to oranges. In addition, there is a very high

protein content, which accounts for about 40 percent of the total mass in dried

nettle shoots. They also contain nettles, sodium, potassium, calcium and


The nettle as a medicinal plant and its benefitsforhealth Already in antiquity

the nettle was knownforits healing power. In the meantime, the way of ingestion

hasächanged, although even today,änettle-seare-eared people are still drunk. If

tea is to be prepared from the plants, they should be dried first. Due to the

drying process, the effect of theseurenin the sheetsislost. Moreoften,nettle

tease is used for detoxification and detoxification. In addition, due to the

high proportion of iron yieldöandability, itcanbe counteracted. However, the

medicinal plant canühave other positivehealth impacts, such as bile, liver and

digestion. In addition, the nettle is used for urinary tract infections and to

prevent kidney and bladder stones. Inaddition,she is said tohave an analgesic

andüanti-inflammatory effect, which is why it is used to treat arthritis. Even

people who enjoy the best health canötake care of the effect oföüänettles,

becauseit stimulates the immune system, prevents high blood pressure and

strktthe artificialdefenses. rpereigenen Abwehrkr

nettles and their usein thekitchen When processing the plants in thekitchen,

itis recommended to wear gloves so that thereareno unpleasantconditions. The

nettle can either be processed into tea orüeaten as agem. Because there was a

shortage of food at the time of the two world wars, nettles were increasingly

consumed. This gave the plant the image of a food forütimesof hunger. However -

and this is already shown by the ingredients of the nettle - this label does

not do justice to the plant. Whileäin the populationöa rethink of thisühas not

yettaken place, this is different in the star gastronomy, because thereagain

more and more the gemüse plantüisused. The preparation of nettles is child's

play, it only needs to be cooked briefly and then tasted.ü Here,üthe young

shoots of the plantare basically available.ä Anotherpossibilityis toproduce

spinach from the plant shoots - in this case, however, the cooking time should

be slightly increased. Delicate beef ham: Bresaola

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