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Cbd Isolat kaufen

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Cbd Kristalle

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Symptoms Do you have sneezing attacks? Is it itching in the nose, mouth and Are

your eyes watering? These symptoms are typical of an allergic runny nose ( allergic

rhinitis ) caused by pollen flying around.

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Sneezing attacks, runny nose, a stuffy noseand itchingin the mouth and throat - sometimes

in There is also fatigue and a general feeling of illness.

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Mostly the eyes itch and water, they are red and sensitive to light, even the eyelids

can be swollen (allergic conjunctivitis or If symptoms on the nose and eyes appear

at the same time, the doctors speak of rhinoconjunctivitis.The discomfort can be so

disturbing that a peaceful and restful sleep is out of the question.

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If, in addition to the hay fever symptoms described, complaints such as coughing and

wheezing, rattling breath, possibly combined with shortness of breath, occur, it may be

allergic asthma. The allergy has migrated down from the upper airways to the lungs.

Doctors call this change of floors this shift in symptoms.

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Sometimes symptoms of runny nose do not stop, even though the flowering and pollen

period is long gone. Sneezing attacks, a runny nose or inflamed eyes persist all year round.

For such an allergic cold , the triggers can usually be found inside the house. They are mainly

pets and house dust mites, sometimes

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When is hay fever, when is a cold? Many symptoms are similar to those of a cold , but

there are differences. Colds usually come with a headache or a scratchy throat , and an

allergy suddenly starts with sneezing attacks.

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The itching in the nose, eyes and mouth associated with hay fever is often absent from

the common cold. In addition, the nasal secretion is very viscous in the case of an infection

and thin in the case of allergies. And the most important point of distinction: hay fever only

occurs when pollen is flying.

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What happens in the body when hay fever? Why do some people react with unpleasant

symptoms to substances that are harmless per se, such as bee pollen?

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This is due to the fact that the human immune system has an important task to perform.

It is supposed toprotect the body from attackers.

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If he ingests a foreign substance through his nose, skin or gastrointestinal tract, his immune

system starts checking it. Is the foreign substance harmless or dangerous? If the immune

system detects danger, such as from bacteria and viruses, it is its task to start a defense


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In allergy sufferers, the immune system is not always able to distinguish between

harmful and harmless environmental substances. It classifies some harmless substances

such as pollen as dangerous.

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