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THE BITTER STRUGGLE FOR STROPHANTHIN The old Strophanthin dispute - now

almost forgotten - raged for decades. In the United States, intravenous g-

strophanthin was overdosed at the beginning of the 20th century and led to a

series of deaths. The resulting blanket condemnation of the drug was adopted

uncritically by German doctors after the war and led to the excessive

prescription of digitalis, the sister substance of strophanthin. In 1982 there

The "International Society for Infarction Control" fought for decades - until

1988 - for strophanthin, with many colleagues, according to Dr. Berthold Kern,

who developed the oral g-strophanthin in 1947, Prof. Glatzel, the head of the

Max Planck Institute for Nutrition, the well-known inventor Prof. Manfred von

They filled the

Baden-Baden congress hall every year and brought the topic to television in

1976 (“Report”). But the resistance was too great. The oral g-strophanthin was

either consistently hushed up or by leading medical experts - above all by the

immensely influential Prof. Schettler, who with Dr. Core from old days in

In 1971, Dr. Kern at the invitation of Prof. Schettler with some companions in

the hope of an open dialogue in Heidelberg. Although two discussion leaders had

been agreed beforehand, Prof. Schettler was the sole chairman of Prof.

Dr. Kern was

portrayed as a charlatan in front of 150 doctors and the entire press, so that

hardly any other doctor dared to stand up for the frowned upon strophanthin

afterwards. This outrageous event is known to insiders as the "Heidelberg


7. THE IMPENDING END Nevertheless, this extraordinary drug threatens to end


problem is that the medical establishment is demanding a large double-blind

clinical trial that would meet the recently immensely increased demands: the

cost is estimated at 10 million euros by the manufacturer, which is its budget

and that of any other medium-sized one Pharmaceutical company would blow up and

as a general trend represents a severe disadvantage in favor of the large

corporations. But even such would not want to raise this sum for this substance

without patent protection.


G-STROPHANTHIN It is unacceptable

that such a potent and safe means is still only available to a small group of

"initiates" and, on the other hand, more and more people are coming to the

clinic for angina pectoris every year, spending billions on too many coronary

surgeries and tens of thousands of people will die from a heart attack, of

whom, based on the documented data, it can be assumed that very many, if not

most, of them could be saved by taking oral strophanthin. Oral strophanthin

could undoubtedly be the solution to one of the biggest medical problems and is

likely to save more than all so-called health care reforms. Of course, the same

Of course, this means that

the pressure in the narrowed vessel must be higher so that the liquid - here:

the blood - can be pumped forward. This is the reason why blood pressure rises

permanently. If he did not do this, the cells, particularly those such as those

in the heart and brain, which are supplied by particularly fine vessels, would

gradually suffer.

The volume ( volume ) is calculated for each body using different


would have been in the sun for a long time. Do not be alarmed, this is only the

wine that has penetrated the flesh.

Sure, you can discuss cooking, philosophize, argue until the heads smoke - for

a half - or even an entire eternity. All dumb, because the real thing lies in



The volume of a cube 

is obtained with V = a³ . To calculate the volume of a cone, a pyramid or a 

sphere, you also need the height or the radius of the body. 

Use online calculator: 

Enter the necessary information (width, 

length, height, radius) into the calculator. Click "calculate" to get your 

result. Further calculations: 

Derivation rules Binomial formula Fractions difference Drachenviereck triangle 

Tripartite surface integral cone circle Bullet Midnight formula zeropoint 

parallelogram Polynomial division PQ formula percent pyramid Cuboid square 

Checksum Rhombus rectangle Standard deviation Trapezoid volume angle cube 


Formulas and examples for volume calculation The calculation of the volume of a 

body is usually taught in school from grade 6 and is an integral part of the 

mathematics curriculum. 

All formulas: Cuboid: V = a * b * c Cube: V = a * a * a Cone: V = (Pi * Radius² 

* Height): 2 Cylinder: V = Pi * Radius² * height Pyramid: V = (base area (a * 

b) * height): 3 Ball: V = 4/3 * Pi * r³ Formula - cuboid: The formula for the 

cuboid volume is: V = a * b * c 

Formula - cubes: The formula for the volume of a cube is: V = a * a * a 

Formula - cone: The formula for the volume of a cone is: V = (Pi * Radius² * 

Height): 2 

Formula - cylinder: The formula for the volume of a cylinder is: V = Pi * 

Radius² * height 

Formula - pyramid: The formula for the volume of a pyramid is: V = (base area 

of ​​the cuboid (a * b) * height): 3 

Formula - ball: The formula for the volume of a sphere is: V = 4/3 * Pi * r³

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