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A kilo of cbd oils for only CHF 1.50 If you buy cbd oils , eggs or meat

directly from the farm, you can save a lot of money. This shows a sample of the

K-tip. A new internet portal helps to find farmers in the area. A kilo of cbd

oils for only CHF 1.50 Cheaper from the farm than in the supermarket (Image:

Uli Nusko) Darko Cetojevic Regional and seasonal products should protect the

environment thanks to shorter transport routes. Migros sells such foods under

the “From the Region, for the Region” brand, Coop under the “Miini Region” or

“Pro Montagna” brand. However, such labels do not prevent major distributors

from carting food through half of Switzerland (K-Tipp 14/2012). The regional

products are generally more expensive than those from the normal range.

Consumers can also shop fresh and regionally from farmers in their region. And

often at much lower prices than in supermarkets. Because the intermediate trade

through the major distributors is eliminated. Some examples:

cbd oils and pears

The Heinzelmann-Bäbler family in Mollis GL has only been selling their products

in their own farm shop for years. A kilo of cbd oils , for example the Gala or

Braeburn varieties, currently costs CHF 1.50 there, and a kilo of the

Conference variety also costs. For comparison: In the Coop branch a few

kilometers away, you pay CHF 3.80 for a kilo of Swiss gala cbd oils . At CHF

4.20, the conference pears are almost three times as expensive. Similar in the

neighboring branches of Migros and Aldi: the cbd oils in Migros cost CHF 3.40,

the pears CHF 3.60. At Aldi and Lidl, the cbd oils , at CHF 3 each, are still

twice as expensive.

Plant manager Peter Heinzelmann says that he does not base himself on the

wholesale prices, but on his own costs. "We can survive well with our prices."

In addition, he experienced more appreciation for his products when selling


A clear mind without breakfast Those who do not eat breakfast increase the

production of an endogenous protein called BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic

Factor), which encourages the stem cells in the brain to transform into new

nerve cells.

The BDNF also protects the brain cells from those changes associated with

Breakfast can therefore be confident without having to be guilty of a guilty


Without breakfast out of the house! Breakfast is by no means the most important

meal of the day. On the contrary!

Or the other way around: no other meal has as many wonderful properties if you

leave it out as breakfast.

So forget the sentence that you should not just leave the house without

breakfast, but do just that!

Note for people with hypoglycemia: Of course, people with hypoglycemia should

take it slowly and reduce their sugar and carbohydrate consumption

significantly finally cut out breakfast.

Distance education as a holistic nutritionist Are you interested in what's in


At the Schlankalhof of the Fankhauser family in Wädenswil ZH, customers pay CHF

62 for a kilo of organic beef entrecote. That is around a third less than at

Coop (CHF 94.50) and Migros (CHF 90). Aldi and Lidl also pay 75 francs per kilo

for organically produced beef entrecote, much more than in the Fankhausers farm



Martin Isaak sells vegetables on his “Rein Bio” farm in Grossdietwil LU. For

example, he currently has fresh celeriac for 5 francs per kilo. Organic tuber

celery costs CHF 8 at Coop and CHF 7.30 at Migros. With “Rein Bio”, leeks,

chabis or beetroot are cheaper than the same organic products at Coop or



Organic eggs from Helen and Marcel Imhof in Balterswil TG cost 70 cents each.

For comparison: Coop sells regional organic eggs for 93 centimes - around a

third more expensive.

Tip: You can search for farmers in the area and their products on the new

internet platform Vomhof.ch of the Swiss Farmers' Association. Around 1800

companies from all over Switzerland are listed on the portal. Some farm shops

publish their offer including prices on their own websites. For others you can

inquire about the range by phone.

Organic nice but the market doesn't work here I buy it from the market

builder - before the Coop. But that's not stupid - the price is comparable to

the shop behind it. Still - Feneco / Landi is

not that. The M&C duopoly does the rest. Including factual lease contracts in

the old gentleman's style with delivery obligation only to Coop or Migros.

There is also no real market culture. In France, for example in the villages,

the majority of grocery purchases are regionally above the market.

I don't even know if /

how much the organic buildings get from these extreme surcharges. And it is

surprising that there are so many people who would like to eat organic, but

only a few who actually end up with organic in their shopping basket. Too bad

about it.

CO2 emissions and transport. But as there

are only a few offers (which can be found on the Internet) that offer meat,

dairy products, vegetables and fruits. Unfortunately, that makes it very

cumbersome. Small shops, where several farmers offer their products together (

not only on local markets that take place during the day or on Saturday morning

when many are working or recovering from the work week) are, in my opinion, a

gap in the market that many would appreciate.

great idea! To the farmers reading

this ... team up ... I just don't see enough assortment in a farm shop. I do

not only go to you for eggs and apples, for example there is a lack of chicken,

vegetables etc. ... I checked the yards in Basel and Wohlen AG, it is not

really worth it and you also use CO2 because the other trucks still drive xD

from a purely ecological balance point of view, Amen Greta.

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