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CBD Creme. CBD für die Haut.

Zur täglichen Pflege normaler, trockener, gereizter, spröder und schuppiger Haut.

Sehr effizient gegen Ekzeme.

Vorsicht bei Allergien!

Enthält folgende Inhaltsstoffe:

CBD-Volles-Spektrum-Extrakt, Bienenwachs, Wildbaumharz, Propolis, Teebaumöl, Arganöl, Kokosöl.

Kein spezifisches Zeichen für Allergien.

Im Airless Spender Micro Füllmenge 15 ml.

Was sagen unsere Kunden? mehr hier.

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If you have a weakened immune system and are more susceptible to infections,

In the It is also used for detoxification and drainage via the lymphatic fluid. Only with

sufficient water in the body can toxins, metabolic waste products, exposed

cancer cells, harmful bacteria or even superfluous minerals and vitamins be

quickly removed. cbd fluid, cbd kosmetik,

If this is difficult or incomplete due to a lack of water, the entire body

system becomes significantly weakened and overloaded, as some of the harmful

substances now remain in the body. The body's own detoxification capacities are

exhausted more quickly, the immune system no longer works at full power and

people become susceptible to all kinds of diseases - both acute infections and

long-term chronic complaints.

So if you want to relieve your immune system by simple means, promote your

body's own detoxification and / or combat an increased susceptibility to

infections, then drink more water!

Therefore, if you fancy chocolate bars, donuts, cookies, candies, etc., drink a

glass of water first. Then wait 10 minutes and during this time consider

whether it might not make more sense to plan the next healthy meal now instead

of indulging in greed for an unhealthy snack - a measure that of course also

contributes very well to weight control.

If you are overweight, drink water regularly in the future Drinking water

regularly helps you lose weight - for a variety of reasons. We have already

If you drink a glass of water several times a day, this also promotes your

. In a 2013 study, for example, 50

overweight young women drank an additional 500 ml of water three times a day -

always before meals for 8 weeks. The measure led to a significant weight loss

and also to a reduction in the percentage of body fat (21).

Studies have shown that drinking water is particularly effective if it is

practiced half an hour before meals (22, 23). 

In the case of chronic constipation, be sure to drink more water A good supply

But if you forget to drink

enough water, constipation quickly sets in, as your body pulls as much water

out of the stool as possible when there is a lack of water in order to be able

to stay afloat in the truest sense of the word. The stool dries up and becomes

hard, which makes elimination much more difficult (17, 18).

So before you resort to a laxative if you are constipated, increase the amount

of water you drink each day. This measure alone is often enough to stimulate

intestinal peristalsis, swell fiber, increase the volume of the stool and thus

lead to easy bowel movements.

Mineral waters that are particularly rich in magnesium and sodium can bring

relief from persistent constipation (19, 20).

Even with flatulence, it often helps to drink water immediately and cut out

other drinks (such as coffee, juices, soft drinks, etc.).

* You can find a high quality water filter for at home here: Drink Pure water

filter Poor complexion can indicate a lack of water Every cell is filled with water -

and continues to shrink if too little water is drunk. This can be seen

particularly well in the skin cells. Because the skin becomes dry and wrinkled

faster if too little water is drunk. Fine lines are formed and the skin loses

If you then remember the six glasses of water a day, the skin

often blooms again. The skin cells fill with fluid and the skin looks younger

and smoother. impurities or even acne.

Poisons and metabolic waste products can now be removed from the skin cells

much better, which then also leads to an improvement in skin problems such as

Since skin problems often indicate an unhealthy intestinal situation with

impaired intestinal flora and regular drinking of water has such a positive

effect on digestion and intestinal health, water can also have a very good

If you crave sweets, drink water first Drinking too little water can lead to

cravings for sweets and other high-carbohydrate foods. Because water shortage

makes it difficult for the body to convert its carbohydrate stores (glycogen)

back into glucose. The likelihood of hypoglycemia increases - and the usual

cravings can become noticeable. 


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