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Die Dauer der gänzlichen Öl-absorption beträgt dort

in etwa 40-75 Minuten,

die Wirkung tritt nach 15-60 Minuten ein.

Die Dauer dieser hält in etwa 4-6 Stunden an.

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This could also be the reason why many women have cravings for chocolate - or

Ravenous hunger because of a bad mood? Those who suffer from emotional stress

reach for junk food that is harmful to their health more often than in happy


One comforts oneself with sweet, salty and fatty. In this mood, hardly anyone

is interested in whether it is healthy.

However, studies have now shown that certain fatty acids are apparently capable

of influencing the brain and causing certain hormones to be released there -

This also indicates that the ravenous hunger wants to supply the body with

those substances that the organism urgently needs.

Magnesium can help very well here, because it relieves tension in the muscles

If the intestines are healthy, ravenous hunger rarely occurs The close

connection between the brain and the digestive system has already been

These indicated,

among other things, that healthy digestion and a balanced intestinal flora go

hand in hand with mental health and a stable psyche.

At the same time, it was shown that a poor condition of the gastrointestinal

area can be partly responsible for the development of depression and even

bipolar disorders. (Also read our article on fats and depression )

So if you improve your intestinal health by building up a healthy intestinal

flora, this alone can lift your mood. As a result, mood cravings are less


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You can read here how a healthy intestinal flora is built up: Building

intestinal flora

The following study, which was published in the Journal of Clinical

Investigation , shows how fats from the gastrointestinal tract influence the

mood and thus make hunger attacks less frequent .

Fats ensure a stable psyche and thus reduce cravings For this study, the

scientists - Lukas Van Oudenhove and his colleagues - examined 12 healthy

volunteers of normal weight.

The test subjects received one of two possible infusions directly into the

stomach so that the taste of the test solutions could not tell the participants

It was either a saturated fat solution or a placebo in the form of a saline


It was then examined to what extent the fat or salt solution could influence

the mood of the participants.

The subjects were played sad classical music and showed them extremely sad

pictures. Both of these had triggered strong feelings of sadness in the test

subjects in previous tests.

Those subjects who had received the fat solution were much less saddened by

music and photos than the people who had received the saline solution.

Magnetic resonance imaging scans done during the study were able to confirm

these results. The participants who had received the fat solution showed lower

brain activity in the areas relevant to the feeling of sadness than the saline

solution group.

How can cravings be stopped naturally? So our body makes us aware of a

deficiency with hunger pangs.

But it does not mean

that you should compensate for a magnesium deficiency with chocolate or the

need for high-quality fatty acids with cake, ice cream, chips, fried fries or a


Because these foods can contain substances that are not exactly healthy, such

as B. flavor enhancers, trans fatty acids, sweeteners or a large amount of

sugar, all of which are harmful to our health.

So it is important to meet the magnesium and fatty acid requirements in a

healthy way.

Fix magnesium deficiency Here you will find information about the magnesium

supplements available and how to find the right product for you: The best

magnesium supplements

Also make sure you eat a diet rich in magnesium. We have explained here how to

eat high in magnesium: Cover your magnesium needs with your diet

* Magnesium can be found here under this link .

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Eat healthy fats If fatty acids can alleviate cravings, then it is important to

look out for foods that provide healthy fatty acids,