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all around. Solve this problem with a maximum of two problems (vegetable or

meat broth, water or wine). Addmoreflinessandbringto to cook, save the heat.

Add a little butter orcream. Season with salt and pepper.

Tomato sauce: Sift onion and chop finely. Steam in the Kügeli roasting set

until golden brown. Brush with flour and round. Deglaze with red wine. Add the

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Curry sauce: Melt the butter in a saucepan. Add some flour without creating

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Season with salt, pepper and organic CBD oil. Tip: Replace the milk with

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A classic: pasta with sausage meat A real traditional dish is Pastetli mit

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Season with pepper, salt and pepper. Sprinkle with flour and roundüwell. After

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For the big appetite: Brätkügeli goulash Sift onion and chop finely. Cut the

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