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Green tea extract activates brown adipose tissue In the following article, we

have already described in detail how green tea extract can help you lose

weight : Green tea for weight loss . On the one hand, the green tea extract is

said to hinder fat digestion, so that part of the fat consumed is excreted

undigested in the stool.

On the other hand, green tea extract - but only in combination with sport - can

boost fat burning by contributing to the multiplication of mitochondria in the

adipose tissue, which in turn now indicates the formation of brown adipose

tissue (12).

* High-quality green tea extract capsules are available e.g. B. here: green tea

extract capsules

Omega-3 fatty acids to activate brown adipose tissue Omega-3 fatty acids are

those polyunsaturated fatty acids that are particularly found in fatty sea fish

or certain algae. Capsules with omega-3 fatty acids therefore contain either

fish oil or algae oil.

In several studies, rats have already found that the addition of fish oil not

only increases the brown adipose tissue (by "switching on" different genes in

the adipose tissue), but also reduces the white adipose tissue.

Another interesting study comes from 2016. It was carried out with human fat

cells and showed that EPA (a long-chain omega-3 fatty acid from fish or algae

oil) can cause white fat cells to convert to beige fat cells.

Beige fat cells are often referred to as white fat cells, which convert from

white adipose tissue to brown adipose tissue, which can therefore also change

back if the stimulus (cold, nutrients, sports) is absent.

So you can also integrate omega-3 fatty acids into a holistic program for

weight loss and activation of brown fat cells.

* You can get pure vegetable omega-3 fatty acids here: Algae oil capsules with

high-dose long-chain omega-3 fatty acids

The yellow active ingredient from turmeric has already

been used in a clinical study (2015) in which overweight people had received

800 mg of curcumin with piperine or a placebo preparation twice a day for 30

In the curcumin group there was a significantly better weight loss. Mouse

studies in which curcumin led to an increased expression of those genes that

indicate active brown adipose tissue suggest that this may be due to the

curcumin-induced activation of brown adipose tissue (12).

* Curcumin with piperine is available with a daily dose of over 2000 mg here:

Curcuperin capsules

With a 15-week intake of resveratrol, the activating effect of cold on the

However, it remains to be determined whether resveratrol also has a

corresponding effect in humans (12). However, the combined use of resveratrol

with cold would also be ideal here. Since there are no suitable human studies,

the dosages recommended by the respective manufacturers are used.

* Capsules with resveratrol can be found here under this link .

* If you prefer fish oil capsules , you can get them here: Fish oil capsules

Activate brown adipose tissue and remove it very easily So there are many

different methods that help to activate the brown adipose tissue. It is optimal

to combine as many of them as possible. Whenever possible, sports and elements

from cold exposure should be included. Of course, you should always think of a

healthy, energy-adapted and vital nutrient-rich diet, which you can then

combine with the nutritional supplements presented above. Of course, you don't

have to take all seven of these remedies, just choose two of them.

And if you don't know exactly how best to switch your diet to a healthy, base-

surplus and detoxifying diet for weight loss, the 4-week detoxification cure is

a very good method:

You can find more information on healthy weight loss here: 15 tips for healthy

weight loss

* This article contains advertising. Our website contains affiliate links (*

markings), i.e. references to partner companies, such as the Amazon website. If

a reader clicks on an affiliate link and subsequently on a product from our

partner company, we may receive a small commission. We thereby cover part of

the costs that we have for the operation and maintenance of our website and can

continue to keep the website free of charge for our readers.

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