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It is interesting that so-called nutrition experts often recommend and praise

those oils and fats that are not necessarily healthy. Sunflower oil and

safflower oil, for example, can be used in small amounts, but it is better not

to include them in your nutritional plan if you are about to lose weight or if

you may be struggling with health problems that are based on chronic

inflammatory processes.

Apple cider vinegar cure - the recipe Take a glass of good spring water or

filtered tap water (approx. 250 ml) and add one to two teaspoons of naturally

cloudy, unpasteurized organic apple cider vinegar. You drink it all in the

morning on an empty stomach. After 15 minutes breakfast follows. People who

prefer something sweeter, traditionally add half a spoonful of honey to their

apple cider vinegar drink. We have pr

15 tips to lose weight healthily and with pleasure Do you want to lose weight?

Tired of counting calories? Can't see the yo-yo effect anymore? You don't want

to swallow slimming pills with many side effects? Tired of monotonous 500

calorie diets that make your stomach growl? Then you are exactly right here.

Provide yourself with the necessary knowledge about losing weight and eat

yourself in the future so that your body cannot help but shed excess pounds.

With this knowledge you will not only lose weight slowly but surely and thus in

a healthy way, but you will also rejuvenate your body as a whole and feel much

more comfortable and active. By the way, you won't do any of this without

enjoying yourself. On the contrary: Our tips are of course also tasty and fun.

1. Lose weight with the right fats Fat does have calories, but if you eat the

right fats in combination with the right diet, it will not make you fat, it

will actually help you lose weight. So from now

on, only consume high-quality oils and fats!

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