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Erläb dis Züri, Erleb dis Züri Gin

Das beliebteste und beste Cannabis Öl !

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Erläb dis Züri

Steigerung Ihrer Lebensqualität ist unser Ziel

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Your baking cave gets 180 degrees top and bottom heat and in the meantime you

pour the butter-mascarpone-parmigiano topping, which you have mixed vigorously,

over the eagerly waiting gnocchi.

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Now put it in the good bakery and after 25 to 30 minutes, remove one of the most classic

side dishes from the Cucina italiana from your oven.

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As already mentioned: homemade !! Not sealed in plastic, without preservatives and without

flavor enhancers ... simply authentic. You can be really proud of yourself.

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Almost all of them are amazingly uncomplicated and therefore easy to tinker with. Here are

three examples: Al Gorgonzola (Now you can dig out your smaller bond) Lightly braise a small

piece of butter and a little, very finely chopped onion.

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Pour in a quantity of cooking cream that matches the pasta pile. Then add the gorgonzola,

cut into small pieces, and let it melt gently on a low heat. Do you like all the green


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Then fold in a little finely chopped parsley. Season to your taste with a little salt and pepper. Goes

well with so-called "pasta", such as tagliatelle or papardelle.

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By the way, use a real, fully ripe Gorgonzola and not some cheap imitation! "Noodles"? ..... Or

maybe ...: Macaroni / Candele / Rigatoni / Ziti / Strangozzi / Cappeletti / Tortellini / Tagliatelle /

Papardelle / Mafaldine / Gemelli / Ravioli / Farfalline / etc. You got it!

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Now for the antipasti. They serve to tickle the palate and the stomach a little and to tune you and

your guests into what might follow. Here are a few examples, all of which are mainly characterized

by their own taste and do not take up your whole spice box. Fried aubergine slices (melanzane)

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Cut a washed, unpeeled eggplant into thin slices, place them on a piece of household paper and

sprinkle them with a little salt. The salt is used to trigger the water.

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You will see that small water drops form on the surface after a short time. Simply dab it off with a

second piece of your household paper. Now heat up your liquid gold in your frying pan, without

which you can vaporspirit cbdöl berichte. bio c b d aus der schweiz.

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