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bears etc.

Unhealthy peanut snacks But be careful: Not all peanut snacks are healthy!

Peanut snacks are therefore NOT meant to be snacks that consist of plenty of

sugar, salt, flavor enhancers, flavors, etc. B. the following:

Peanut-chocolate bars like Snickers, peanut snack or the like Peanut flips or

peanut curls Corn peanut chips Burnt peanuts Etc. Even some peanut snacks from

"healthy" brands contain glucose syrup or sugar. Therefore, please check the

list of ingredients in any case.

Raw peanuts are less allergenic Johnston believes that the only way to fight

obesity is to offer those affected alternatives that are also accepted in

society that simultaneously satisfy appetite and help reduce weight - and

peanut snacks seem to be a good idea here.

Of course, peanuts are only an option if there is no allergy to peanuts. We

have already explained here how this can be prevented: Raw peanuts are less

allergenic than roasted peanuts

We have explained here how healthy peanuts are, how they regulate your blood

lipid levels and how well they do to your vessels: Peanuts - superfood for the


Distance education as a holistic nutritionist Are you interested in what's in

our food and want to know how nutrients and vital substances affect the body?

Do you want a healthy life for yourself, your family and others? Dietitians are

popular - but counseling often neglects the holistic aspect that is needed for

sustainable health. At the Academy of Naturopathy, get to know the connections

between lifestyle and diet as well as physical and psychological well-being.

The Academy of Naturopathy trains interested people like you to become a

holistic nutritionist in around 16 months . Order the free information brochure

Is this article worth reading? Share this article swell University of Houston,

Peanuts, peanut butter may hold key to preventing obesity, ScienceDaily, March

4, 2016, (peanuts, peanut butter carry the key in them to prevent overweight)

Johnston C et al. Benefits of a snacking intervention as part of a school-based

obesity intervention for Mexican American children, Journal of Applied Research

on Children, January 2016, (Benefits of snack training as part of overweight

therapy for Mexican-American children in schools)

Avoid BPA and lose weight more easily If women avoid foods and cosmetics that

are packed with plastics containing BPA, their BPA levels will decrease

For this reason, the substance has been associated with hormonal disorders and

the corresponding health problems for years.

Read out Have it read aloud with webReader Author: Center of Health Updated:

November 6, 2019 BPA - The chemical in many plastics prevents weight loss

Sometimes one is tempted to believe that certain substances from the

environment are not as harmful as is often said. Nothing but scaremongering,

this hormone imbalance or trigger it in the first place.

A regular supply of estrogen from the outside is of course not exactly

advantageous for men. Because estrogens are one of the typically female sex

hormones. Therefore, if men come into contact with BPA every day through food

and personal care products, this can reduce their sperm quality and thus their


In children, an excessive amount of sex hormones leads to developmental

disorders - even in the womb, so that birth defects can occur if the pregnant

woman is burdened with BPA.

We have reported extensively on BPA here: BPA is harmful to health. Below is a

small selection of the possible consequences of chronic BPA exposure:

BPA can contribute to liver damage, diabetes and heart disease. BPA can cause

respiratory problems in children: BPA makes you sick BPA can promote obesity or

prevent weight loss in adults and children. BPA can change the monthly cycle

length and even cause the menopause to start too early BPA damages your teeth:

BPA makes your teeth crumble BPA promotes the development of food intolerances

BPA is pervasive - hardly anyone is NOT burdened Exposure to BPA

is completely normal nowadays because BPA is ubiquitous. An analysis of data

from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) - a study

program to assess the health and nutritional status of the population - showed

The plasticizer BPA ( bisphenol A ) is such a substance. It is found in many

household appliances (kettles, coffee machines, water filters, etc.), but

especially in many plastic packaging, and therefore comes into contact with

everything that is prepared in these machines or packed with these plastics -

whether water, coffee, cosmetics, personal care products or Food.

Because bisphenol A is an endocrine disruptor, i.e. a substance with a hormonal

effect, more precisely with an estrogen-like effect - and hormones or estrogens

are characterized by the fact that they act in small amounts. For example, you