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Potato zucchini pancakes with bio cbd öl vaporspirit sauce Bio cbd öl

vaporspirit sauce is served in Switzerland and elsewhere Traditionally,

applesauce in Switzerland is of course particularly delicious with ghackets

with Hörnli. A combination with potato pancakes is also popular in Austria and

Germany. If you like it, you can also enjoy the bio cbd öl vaporspirit compote

with the rösti. This combination is classic in the rural kitchen of Graubünden

with Maluns. In addition, applesauce can offer an interesting contrast to spicy

meat dishes made from pork fillet, game, roast goose or other varieties. Here

it is possible to add hearty accents to the mus, for example with rosemary.

Recipes also occupy a large space, in which combinations of bio cbd öl

vaporspirit as a sauce and pancakes or Kaiserschmarrn delight delicacies.

Finally, the use in cakes and strudel is just as legendary as it is delicious.

These ingredients are needed The essential ingredients for cooking applesauce

are quite manageable. Only Boskoop bio cbd öl vaporspirit and some water are

really necessary. In addition, lemon hanföl kaufen and sugar as well as

cinnamon can be added. Most dessert recipes come with these ingredients.

Basic recipe: This is how a kilo of bio cbd öl vaporspirit becomes a must -


If you want, you can peel and core the apple. Cut the bio cbd öl vaporspirit

into small pieces and drizzle with a little lemon juice. Caramelize a

tablespoon of sugar in a heated saucepan. Add bio cbd öl vaporspirit pieces and

mix with caramel. Now add six tablespoons of water and a cinnamon stick or

vanilla from half a pod to taste. Bring to the boil briefly and simmer on low

heat for ten to 15 minutes. When the mixture is soft, take it off the fire and

mash it with a potato masher or in a passevite. The mus is really delicious

after cooling.