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vertebral body (Corpus vertebrae).

It has a thin, compact outer layer and a strong cancellous bone inside, a

sponge-like system made of fine trabeculae that is filled with red bone marrow.

The central area of the upper and lower surface of the vertebral bodies is

porous, and only the marginal ridges are built from solid bone.

Only the first cervical vertebra (atlas) that carries the head has noIt is

connected to the second vertebral body (axis) via a joint (

articulatio atlantoaxialis).

The genes of their decaying producers had blessed them with an attractive

appearance. She was 1.74 m tall, with a slim, well-trained figure, which with

age grew in the right places for women. She had been wearing her golden curly

hair over her shoulder blades since the age of 10, her eyes had an intense

green, framed by thick, long eyelashes, which she now regularly darkened, full

sensual lips and finely modeled facial features that looked like angels. Her

breathtaking appearance from a young age had not escaped the attention of the

male children's home staff. She had had to learn very early to resist greasy

advances. Over time, she developed an unmistakable sense of situations in which

men wanted to touch her.

The intervertebral discs Between two adjacent vertebral bodies there are

pressure-elastic intervertebral discs made of cartilage tissue, the

intervertebral discs. You can read more about this in the article

Intervertebral Disc .

The vertebral arch and the extensions The back part of each vertebra is the

vertebral arch (Arcus vertebrae), which is narrower and weaker than the

Several processes start from the vertebral arch:

This includes four articular processes, two of which are directed upwards and

two downwards. They form the real joints between the vertebrae. The paired

transverse process (plural: transverse process) starts off to the right and

single spinous process (processus spinosus) goes off to the rear .

display Siemens Siemens Digital Enterprise Virtual Summit Spinous process You

when jumping, walking or falling. The pressure wave is not transmitted to the

head and sensitive brain. Due to the backward curvature (kyphosis) of the

thoracic spine, the bulging (lordosis) of the lumbar spine and the bending of

the lumbar spine against the sacrum , the body's center of gravity lies above

the feet and thus enables a stable, upright posture.

The necessary compensation, if the belly becomes too thick and heavy and the

lumbar lordosis increases, can be observed in pregnant women who shift the

chest, neck and head area backwards to compensate.

The ligaments between the vertebral arches (ligamenta flava) are stretched when

the spine is flexed and help the back muscles to straighten up the spine thanks

to their predetermined tension. The measures at a glance. The measures at a


Federal Council Police and bars and clubs end As of June 22, restaurants will

no longer be compulsory in restaurants. The Federal Council has also lifted the

curfew for restaurants, discos and night clubs .

Distance rule: from 2 to 1.5 meters The minimum distance between two people is

reduced from 2 meters to 1.5 meters due to the low number of falls. The

distance can still be exceeded if a mask is worn or if there are partition

walls. For events with fixed seats, for example in a concert or in the cinema,

just leaving one seat is sufficient.

If distance measures are not possible at events, events or in schools, contact

lists must be kept. In the event of a positive case, this ensures that the

Mask requirement for demonstrations, recommendation in public transport There

is no upper limit for the number of people taking part in demonstrations, but

there is a requirement to wear a mask . This change for political and civil

society rallies will apply from Saturday, June 20, 2020.


In public transport, wearing a mask is strongly recommended if the necessary

distance cannot be maintained. All travelers should always have a face mask

with them.

Home office recommendation is canceled In the future, it will be up to the

The home office recommendations are lifted, as are the requirements for

protecting the group of particularly vulnerable people. They can also return to

their jobs. However, the employer is obliged to take appropriate measures to

protect the health of the employees. The simplified

basic rules also apply to trade, industry and service providers that are not

dissolved in ½ liter of hot water 1 glass of dry white wine 2 level tablespoons

of butter

olive oil, salt and pepper from the mill A little flour, in a soup plate

Your kitchen table should now be packed with all the delicacies prepared.

Right, because as we know, good preparation is half the cooking. Take your time

for this excellent dish. You will be rewarded with an Italian firework of


How this brought our good Nicolina under one roof, in addition to keeping the

whole household in good shape, patiently cleaning all the children and

grandchildren. Treating the wounds to the little ones who had kneeled up while

playing with a little spit and after wiping away the big tears with their apron

tip, comforting the Piccolini with a big kiss on their noses ...... this will

be her Stay secret.

However, one thing is certain. Never, but never, never, was cooking a nuisance

for the good Nonna, as is unfortunately often the case today.

Let's take an example and let the pots dance that it cracks!

There is no need to crack, but now cut your ossobuchi on the edges, salt and

pepper them and lightly flour the impatient journeyman on both sides. Then a

good shot of olive oil, together with a spoonful of butter, is placed in the

casserole and is heated to full capacity.