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cream. As a rule, süssra. Whileämilk

bacteriaäare added tothe productionof sour cream butter,this is not the case

with ssrahmbutter. than 6.4.

Sour cream butter: To make sour cream butter, use theämilk or (whey) cream

forüthe first time. As part of the manufacturing process, milkbacteriaareadded,

resulting in flavourings thatäcreate the characteristic tasteof sour cream

butter. The pH 5.1. überschreiten. Salt

butter: In orderüto make salt butter, sssrahm butter is used, but this is

Seaäsalt is usedhere,üboth coarse and fine. Mildäbutter: The production of this

type of butter is based on the cream p

. The PH value of

this type of butter should be between 5.1 and 6.3.

In addition to the butters mentioned,äthere are many other butter products,

such asbutter, butter lard or chocolate butter, which contain the basic food

Why is butter popular? Although the foodhad not had a particularly good

reputation for many years, butter was ableöto reclaim its place in the Swiss

countries dueütoüits multifaceted usein cooking, frying and baking and because

of its incomparable aroma,although its use is relativelyexpensive today. In

addition, even people with a sensitive stomach can easilyödigest the food due

to itscomposition. The fattyövitamin A contained in the tasty spread fatis also

good forüthe nervous system as well as the eyesand skin. In addition to vitamin

A, vitamin E

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