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nutritionists in around 16 months . Order the free information brochure here

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And that's a good thing, because losing weight doesn't work

with these so-called "successful diets" . In addition, nonsensical diets can

lead to significant health problems.

Why does losing weight not work? The causes of failure of most diets are many.

Usually it is the excessively low calorie content in combination with unhealthy

food or special weight loss shakes that in the long term slow down the

meta bolism of those affected so that at some point you can no longer lose

weight with minimal amounts of calories.

In addition, there is often a lack of exercise and, in addition, the lack of

enzymes in our food.

For example, the following foods provide few or no enzymes at all:

denatured foods (cooked, frozen, microwave, etc.) in dustrially produced foods (

ready meals, etc.) Foodstuffs with chemical additives sugary foods and much

more At the same time, we rarely eat foods that contain a particularly large

amount of enzymes and that are therefore extremely important for losing weight.

Which includes:

fresh fruit raw vegetables (not only leaf salads, but also raw root and cabbage

vegetables ) healthy salads Peanuts (unsalted) Sprouts The difference between

life forward (not heated, active) and food agents (denaturing strong

in dustrially processed) is primarily focused on the presence or absence of

nutrients and enzymes.

Digestive enzymes support combustion The utili zation of food is a metabolic

process in which many digestive enzymes are involved. They split the food and

chop it up in such a way that it can ultimately be released into the

bloodstream through the mucous membrane of the small intestine.


digestive enzyme has its own specific task:

Lipases are used to break down fat Proteases break down proteins in the body

Amylases break down starch A lack of enzymes makes it difficult to lose weight

Now, of course, our body itself produces the digestive enzymes it needs - e.g.

B. in the oral mucosa, in the stomach, in the intestines and in the pancreas.

However, if enzy matically active foods are consumed (and these are chewed

thoroughly), they can be digested and processed much better.

ANZEIGE effective effective nature Konjac capsules 14.90 EUR Slendier Slendier

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Highly processed and low-enzyme foods, on the other hand, usually

provide too many calories and too little fiber, so that they can only be

in sufficiently utilized and are instead stored in body tissue as fat (waste


Especially people who have a higher percentage of fat cells tend to gain weight 

* Konjac powder can be found here at this link.

Stop cravings for sugar - ways out of sugar addiction Cravings for sweets are

often reminiscent of an addiction. To learn how to combat sugar addiction, see

Please note that a healthy avoidance of 

swell Michael Ravensthorpe, Three supplements that can help eliminate

carbohydrate cravings, Natural News , December 2014, ( Three supplements that

help eliminate carbohydrate cravings ) Lukas Van Oudenhove et al., "Fatty acid-

induced gut-brain signaling attenuates neural and behavioral effects of sad

emotion in humans J Clin Invest. 2011; 121 (8): 30943099. (Fatty acid - induced

intestinal - brain information exchange dampens neural and behavioral effects of

Study offers clues to emotional eating (study provides

insights into emotional eating) Natural Fat Found to Halt Eating Binges (

natural fat appears to stop cravings) Sampalis F, et al., " Evaluation of the

effects of Neptune Krill Oil on the management of premenstrual syndrome and

dys menorrhea" Altern Med Rev. 2003 May; 8 (2): 171-9. (Evaluation of the

effects of Neptune Krill Oil on premenstrual

syndrome and dys menorrhea)